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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi – A Project of RMRSCO (Pvt) Limited

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Rudn Enclave is a rapidly developing housing society, present on the main Adyala Road in Rawalpindi. Rudn Enclave was launched back in 2018; the developers are focused on providing an affordable yet high standard of living in Rawalpindi City. Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi managed to engage numerous investors and potential customers, due to its affordable payment plan and good features.

It is a mega project spanning over multiple blocks, which come with unique features and offer a wide array of plots. Some of the top development and architectural firms are working on this project. The neighborhood of Rudn Enclave is also unique, as it lies between two natural Dams. Furthermore, It is the only housing project, present at 0 Kilometers from Rawalpindi Ring Road.

On this page, you will get the latest information about Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, from the developers, and location to development status and balloting updates.


Location of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

The developers of Rudn Enclave chose an ideal location in the society that is accessible from multiple routes of Rawalpindi City. Generally, the society lies in Mauza Khasala Khurd in Rawalpindi.

Rudn Enclave is present on the main Adyala Road, around a Kilometer ahead of Khasala Khurd Village. It lies in an area on Adyala Road known as Dhalla. From another perspective, Rudn Enclave is present just before the Jarar Camp Road, which leads to Jarar Army Camp Rawalpindi.

Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension is present adjacent to the society’s location, and another big player named DHA River View South has also moved to the neighborhood of Rudn Enclave. As mentioned before, natural Dams, Jawa Dam is present in the South-West, and Khasala Dam is located in the North-East land area of this society.

Furthermore, Rudn Enclave extends towards Chakri Road Rawalpindi, further improving the accessibility and adding value to the location feature. Islamabad International Airport, Saddar, Kutchery Chowk, and Khawaja Corporation Chowk are some locations that are easily accessible from Rudn Enclave.

In addition to this, the development of Rawalpindi Ring Road in society further enhances the location’s importance. It will be discussed in the dedicated section “Rudn Enclave and Rawalpindi Ring Road” on this page.

Location Map

Here is a location map of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, which helps you understand the location better:

Location Map Rudn Enclave

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Accessibility

The accessible landmarks along with the required time are mentioned below:

  • Almost 40 to 45 minutes drive from Saddar Rawalpindi
  • Almost 35 minutes drive from Kutchery Chowk Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 25-30 minutes from Khawaja Corporation Chowk
  • Approximately 35 minutes from main G.T Road
  • Around 20-25 minutes from Islamabad International Airport
  • Almost 15-20 minutes from Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension
  • Approximately an hour from Islamabad City

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Developer, Planner and Design Consultant

RMRSCO Private Limited owns Rudn Enclave Housing Society, and the name Rudn is kept after the Owner and Chairman of RMRSCO, Mr, Rahim Ud Din Naeem. The name RSRCO stands for Rahim Ud Din Naeem Bin Muhammad Razaque and Sons Corporation.

Multiple firms are collaborating with RMRSCO Private Limited to design and develop Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi as follows:

About RMRSCO Private Limited

RMRSCO Private Limited is a registered organization which comprises a team of highly qualified engineers and professionals having vast experience in the field of housing & project development. The team has delivered several small-scale private development projects in the past, and also worked in collaboration with big developers like HRL.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi RMRSCO

Initially, the company itself got involved in development work at Rudn Enclave, however after the change of ring road alignment and huge potential created due to this change, the company decided to withdraw from development work and award development contract to a reputable developer. RMRSCO is now mainly focusing on land acquisition and project management. 

About NESPAK Private Limited

NESPAK is the premier consultancy organization of Pakistan and it ranks in the top engineering consultancy organizations in Asia and Africa. It was established as a private limited company by Government of Pakistan in 1973 in a bid to become self-reliant on engineering projects. Currently it has a total strength of 4500 employees.


NESPAK has been involved in designing mega infrastructure projects, which include Kalma Chowk Flyover Lahore, Lahore Ring Road Project, Lahore Metro Bus System, Narowal Railway Station, Neelum Jehlum Power Project, New Islamabad Airport, Orange Line Metro Train Lahore, and a lot more.

RMRSCO Private Limited has engaged Disaster Management & Reconstruction (DM&R) Division of NESPAK for providing consultancy services for development on Rudn Enclave Housing Scheme.

NESPAK Rudn Enclave Agreement

The scope of work includes seismic hazard micro-zonation, master planning, detailed design and preparation of bidding documents of about 10,000 kanal area. The contract was signed between the two companies on January 01, 2020, and contract period is 24 months.

About UPDL Private Limited

Urban Planning and Design Limited (UPDL) is owned by Mr. Abdullah, who has wide experience of working with government institutions and abroad as town planner and management consultant.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi UPDL

UPDL is the chief project consultant of Gulberg Islamabad. The quality of planning and development including the horticulture work at Gulberg is a feather in cap of UPDL. M/s Al-Haq builders & developers is the subsidiary of UPDL which undertakes the development tasks, whereas M/S New Leafs is another subsidiary of UPDL which specializes in Horticulture and Arboriculture.

Rudn Enclave and Rawalpindi Ring Road

As we’ve told you at the start, Rudn Enclave is benefitting the most from Rawalpindi Ring Road. In this section let’s see how.

  • Firstly, Rudn Enclave is present at 0 Kilometers from the Adyala Road interchange of Ring Road, which is developing in Khasala Khurd. Future residents will exit Ring Road at Adyala Road, and enter into the society without any hassle. Similarly, they will be able to access different areas such as the M-2 Motorway via Ring Road.
  • Secondly, Rawalpindi Ring Road passes through the General Block of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. This means that large chunks of traffic will pass through society, hence, giving it more exposure and fame. This will result in higher prices and excellent returns on investments.
  • Lastly, the Chakri Road Interchange of Rawalpindi Ring Road is also present close to Rudn Enclave’s entrance. Therefore, members can also access the society via Chakri Road. Furthermore, the government has plans to develop commercial centers and industrial areas around Ring Road, therefore, Rudn Enclave will be present in a well-developed and demanded neighborhood.

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This location got extremely attractive after Rawalpindi Ring Road finalized map came out which shows the road passing through Rudn Enclave and its planned interchange right in front of the society.

You may check the finalized route of Rawalpindi Ring Road below:

Rawalpindi Ring Road Route

As you can see on the map above, the complete route of Rawalpindi Ring Road is given and a marker is placed at Adyala Road Interchange which is the exact location of Rudn Enclave.  

You may check the drawing of Adyala Road Interchange on Google map below:

Rawalpindi Ring Road Adyala Interchange

As you can check on the map, the ring road is passing through the land of Rudn Enclave, while interchange will be placed right next to its access 1 Gate.

You can get better understanding of the ring road route from the map attached below:

Ring Road Plan through Rudn Enclave

As you can see on the map above, Rawalpindi Ring Road will pass along its first entrance area, i.e. Block A. The society will have 3 entrance gates on Adyala Road as can be seen on the map above, while fourth entrance is expected from Chakri Road provided that it manages to acquire that land.

Once Rawalpindi Ring Road connects Rudn Enclave to GT Road and Motorway, it will be one of most prime locations for living in Rawalpindi. Due to having a central location with almost equal distance from Motorway, Saddar and Rawat, it will be the most convenient address at few minutes drive from all parts of Rawalpindi.

  • New Islamabad International Airport will be about 10 minutes drive
  • T-chowk along with Giga mall will be about 10 minutes drive
  • Zero Point via Kashmir Highway will be about 30 minutes drive

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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi NOC and Approval

No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a legal document awarded to any housing project when the administrative authorities approve it. NOC is an integral part of any housing society, and it not only makes a project legal but also boosts the confidence of potential buyers and investors to put money.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi LOP PhATA

It is important to mention, that obtaining the NOC is a hard nut to crack. Before the final NOC, the developers of a housing project need approvals from various government entities such as WASA, WAPDA, SUI Gas Supply companies, Environmental Control, and others. Therefore, it takes a considerable amount of time.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi NOC is yet to be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). However, The Layout Plans (LOPs) of the Executive and Overseas Block have been approved by PHATA, and the administration delivered this news to customers at various events. According to the administration, the final NOC will be awarded to Rudn Enclave after the formation of a stable government.

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Land Area of Rudn Enclave

Rudn Enclave is a large-scale housing society; therefore, it expands over a large land area. According to a rough estimate, the developers own almost 25,000 to 30,000 Kanal of land in Mauza Khasala Khurd and other areas. Upon visiting the site, you will notice that the developers have put flags, which identify that Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi owns the land area.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Latest Development Status 2024

The block-wise development update of Rudn Enclave is given below:

General Block Development Status

The development is slow in the General Block as compared to the Executive Block. However, it would be wrong to say that there is no development in this block. The developers are carrying out development in the backward areas of this block.

Machinery is working daily and carrying out development. The main reason behind this slow development is Section 4 imposed by the government due to the construction of the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Executive Block Development Status

The most rapidly developing block of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is, without a doubt, the Executive Block. The developers, in the start, announced that Executive Block will be developed first, and upon visiting the site, you will notice that it is developing steadily.

The main boulevard is carpeted; the site office is ready along with the park. Furthermore, the mosque is ready and it hosts 5 prayers daily. Moreover, Rudn Enclave coffee shop is also developing fast. Developers have extended the development in other areas of this block as well.

Overseas Block Development Status

RMRSCO Private Limited announced, that the construction of Overseas Block will start soon after its launch. While preliminary development is already underway, the large-scale development will start soon. The roads leading to the location of the Overseas Block have been developed temporarily, they are not carpeted but vehicles can easily access the Overseas Block using the route.

Development Pictures

Following are the latest development images of Rudn Enclave Executive Block:

Executive Block Development Video

Following video will show you the current development activities in Executive Block:

Rudn Enclave Master Plan

Rudn Enclave is present in the Potohar Region of Punjab, therefore the land is uneven, and it means that the society has both plain land and hilly areas. After development, the society will become beautiful with an attractive mix of low and high residential areas. Rudn Enclave master plan is designed by NESPAK, a leading design consultancy in Pakistan.

The master plan includes residential areas, commercial areas, parks, mosques, entertainment spots, and much more. An all-inclusive master plan was designed for Rudn Enclave, and all the development is being carried out as per this plan.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Master Plan

Overall, the society is divided into 3 blocks, General, Executive, and Overseas Block, and General Block is further divided into smaller blocks. The roads and streets are wide; Rudn Enclave includes one of the widest main boulevards of any housing society in Pakistan.

Special areas are left out in all blocks dedicated to greenery, which will further improve the charm of this project. Developers have plans to establish entertainment spots at the banks of both Khasala and Jawa Dam. Future residents will get everything necessary for a comfortable life within the society. 

Rudn Enclave General Block Master Plan

The master plan of General Block is attached below:

Rudn Enclave General Block Map

Rudn Enclave Executive Block Master Plan

Initially, the society released a master plan for the Executive Block, however, a new master plan was revealed for this block. The new master plan is attached below:

Rudn Enclave Executive Block Map

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block Master Plan

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block is a new addition to the project, therefore, its master plan map is not currently available nor has it been released by developers. We will add it to this page after it is officially revealed.

Stay tuned!

You may download the complete map of Rudn Enclave in High Quality PDF format below:

Blocks of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Rudn Enclave is a grand housing project that spans multiple big blocks, each block comes with its own specifications, plot sizes, and prices.

Following are the blocks of Rudn Enclave:

General Block

General Block was the block of the society, and it was launched back in 2018. It is a large block offering multiple residential and commercial plot options. The entrance of the General Block is separate, and it comes almost a kilometer before the Executive Block entrance. This means that it is an independent block, that spreads over a large chunk of land within the society. General Block is quite big, therefore it is divided into multiple smaller blocks for a better layout and understanding.

The following blocks are part of Rudn Enclave General Block:

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block G
  • Block H
  • Block I
  • Block J

Executive Block

After the General Block, the developers went ahead and launched the Executive Block. This block comes with an improved development and features as compared to the General Block. The prices were also higher as compared to the General Block. Executive Block was not divided into different blocks, however, districts were introduced here. Executive Block is considered the best block of the society according to the development status.

The Executive Block is divided into the following parts:

  • Executive 1
  • Executive 2

Overseas Block

The newest addition to Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is the Overseas Block, which was launched in the last of 2023; it brings to the table, a good variety of small and large-sized plots. The developers claim that Overseas Block is the one and only block of any housing society in Pakistan, which came with an approved LOP. The Overseas Block lies at the backside of the Executive Block and extends until Chakri Road. Furthermore, it also features an independent entrance from Chakri Road, adjacent to Capital Smart City.

Overseas Block is planned to provide international standards of living to the overseas community as well as the local people. It comes with some exceptional features that have never before been seen in a housing project.

Rudn Enclave Olive Homes

This is a major update related to Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, Rudn Enclave and Olive Homes have joined forces for the development of Olive Homes in society. These will be 7 Marla ready-to-move villas and will be developed in the Executive Block. The MOU has been signed between the two parties and construction will start soon. Only 50 villas will be developed by Olive Homes, further details and payment plans will be revealed soon.

Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates on Rudn Enclave Olive Homes!

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Plot Variations in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Rudn Enclave offers a wide variety of plots to meet the requirements of both small and large-scale investors. Furthermore, the plot variations here can fill in people belonging to both lower, middle, and upper classes.

Rudn Enclave General Block Plot Sizes

Residential Plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 01 Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 01 Kanal

Rudn Enclave Executive Block Plot Sizes

Residential Plots

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 01 Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block Plot Sizes

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 01 Kanal

Rudn Enclave Farmhouses

  • 02 Kanal
  • 04 Kanal
  • 08 Kanal

Rudn Enclave High Point Commercials

  • 5 Marla

Payment Plan

It is important to tell you that, all of the old prices of General and Executive Block are discontinued, the same is the case with Overseas Block plot prices. New prices have been introduced for all of the blocks.

The new payment plan of General, Executive, and Overseas Block is given below:

Following are the prices and payment schedules of residential and commercial plots, and farm houses at Rudn Enclave General Block:

Plot SizePlot PriceDown PaymentMonthly InstallmentsPossession (10%)
Residential Plots
5 Marla12,00,000240,00017,500120,000
7 Marla15,60,000312,00022,750156,000
10 Marla21,65,000433,00032,573216,500
1 Kanal35,28,000705,60051,450352,800
Commercial Plots
4 Marla26,40,000528,00026,400264,000
8 Marla45,00,000900,00065,625450,000
1 Kanal150,00,00030,00,000218,75015,00,000
Farm Houses
4 Kanal92,00,00018,40,000134,167920,000
8 Kanal160,00,00032,00,000233,33316,00,000

Following are the prices and payment plans of residential and commercial plots in Rudn Enclave Executive Block:

Plot SizePlot TypeTotal PriceDown Payment (20%)48 Monthly InstallmentsOn Possession
7 MarlaResidential18,00,000/-360,000/-26,250/-180,000/-
10 MarlaResidential23,70,000/-474,000/-34,563/-237,000/-
14 MarlaResidential35,00,000/-700,000/-51,041/-350,000/-
1 KanalResidential39,50,000/-790,000/-57,604/-395,000/-
2 KanalResidential70,00,000/-14,00,000/-102,083/-700,000/-
4 MarlaCommercial40,00,000/-800,000/-58,333/-400,000/-
8 MarlaCommercial72,00,000/-14,40,000/-105,000/-720,000/-
5 Marla (highpoint)Commercial65,00,000/-13,00,000/-94,791/-650,000/-

Features and Amenities

Rudn Enclave is planned to be a modern housing project, therefore the company has hired top consultancy firm “NESPAK” which is currently finalizing the project developer from among the top companies in Pakistan.

The wide array of amenities offered by Rudn Enclave are as follows:

  • 24/7 Electricity, water supply and gas
  • Underground provision of basic utilities
  • Wide roads and streets
  • International standard schools
  • Markets and commercial areas
  • Mosques in all blocks
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Sewerage and waste management system
  • The wide and beautiful main entrance
  • Community centers
  • Rudn Enclave community clubs
  • Walking and jogging tracks
  • Hospital and healthcare centers
  • Food courts
  • Parks and children’s playgrounds
  • Water activities
  • Sports complexes
  • 24/7 maintenance services
  • 24/7 foolproof security services
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Society graveyard
  • Theme park
  • Zipline
  • Organic food farms
  • Open safari park
  • Highest skywalk of Pakistan
  • Farmhouse living

We have attached the official brochure of Rudn Enclave below so you can download and go through the official details:

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Rudn Enclave Latest Updates

Overseas Block Launch

One of the major updates of the society is the launch of Overseas Block, this is a mega block that comes with state-of-the-art architecture and unique features and amenities.

Files Cancellation

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi has canceled all files of General and Executive Block with just a 20% down payment and no installments.

File Shifting to Rudn Enclave Overseas Block

Canceled files can be saved only by shifting General and Executive Block files to Overseas Block by paying the difference of down payment.

New Prices of All Blocks

The developers have introduced new prices for all the blocks of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. These prices are now effective, and no files will be available at old rates. The new prices of Overseas Block will be applicable from 5th March 2024.

Balloting Updates

2 ballots of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi are already done by the society. Both of the ballotings were done for the plots of Executive Block.

Possession Updates

As per the latest updates, Rudn Enclave is all set to award the possessions of ready plots in the Executive Block. The possessions will be awarded in the middle of 2024. Most probably, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla, and 01 Kanal possessions will be awarded to the owners.

Investment Potential

Rudn Enclave is one of the top 3 housing schemes which are going to get maximum advantage of upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road. After formal start of work by the Government this year, property prices are likely to increase in a matter of few weeks, hence it is one of the top recommended investment options in Rawalpindi in 2022.

If we make a cautious estimate of expected average return on investment in Rudn Enclave at current prices, residential plots are expected to grow by 20 to 30% per annum, while commercial plot prices are expected to grow by 50% per annum.

Another major benefit of investment in Rudn Enclave is that the society sells plots on map rather than files. And it offers registry transfer of plots after full payment, which shows that the society owns the land which it is selling, and you have least risk of fraud which is more likely in case of files.

Market Sentiments

As the investment trend is shifting towards Chakri & Adyala Road due to upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road, sentiments are quite positive and investment volume is increasing day by day. Thousands of new investors have entered the giant housing projects like Blue World City, Mivida City, Capital Smart City and last but not the least “Rudn Enclave”. 

Property gurus expect an average increase of 25% to 35% per annum in property prices for the next 3 to 4 years in this area after the start of ring road, hence we have a lot higher investment potential in this area as compared with the expensive housing projects on GT road and Islamabad Highway.

Another important point is the installments option. As Rudn Enclave offers 4 years installment plan at quite low prices, the number of potential buyers is much higher. So it requires minimum investment, while expected gain is higher.

How to Book Your Plots in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi?

Rudn Enclave is the best investment around Rawalpindi Ring Road, it is perfect for long-term investments. Manahil Estate is not only the authorized but also the most experienced consultancy of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. Feel free to contact us if you need any further information or if you want to book your plot here.

Our contact details are mentioned in below attached image:

Booking Procedure

It is quite simple to book a residential or commercial plot, or farm house in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. All you need to do is choose your plot, submit documents and down payment, and your plot file will be ready within 15 working days.

If you are in Pakistan, you can do the following procedure:

  • Visit our office in Bahria Town Phase 7 Rawalpindi
  • Fill your booking application form
  • Attach CNIC Copies of Applicant and Nominee
  • Attach 2 Passport Size Photos of Applicant
  • Pay Down Payment via Check or Pay order in favor of “Rudn Enclave”
  • Cash Payment also accepted
  • Submit Your Documents and Payment and Get Receipt
  • Collect your file after 7 to 10 working days or Get it dispatched to your address

If you are living outside Pakistan or any other city within Pakistan, you can do the following procedure:

  • Contact us via email, whatsapp or phone call to discuss options
  • We will share available plot numbers to choose from
  • Choose your plot and reserve till you complete your booking process
  • Deposit down payment in registered company account of Rudn Enclave and share receipt
  • Send us scanned copy of application form, CNIC copies of applicant & nominee, and Passport size photo of applicant
  • Once payment is verified, your payment receipt will be issued
  • Your file will be ready within 7 to 10 working days and will be dispatched at your given address


Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is an excellent housing project in the city that offers all the features of any expensive housing society at affordable prices. It is located in a wonderful location, close to nature, and offers a luxury and comfortable lifestyle. It is a wonderful mix of modern living and natural environment.

The prices are still very affordable as compared to other housing projects offering the same features. It is an ideal opportunity for both investors and potential customers. The development timeline may be long, but the returns on investments will be spectacular and Rudn Enclave will be one of the most sought-after projects in Rawalpindi.

Feel free to contact us for any kind of information/assistance related to Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi!

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Is Rudn Enclave NOC Approved?

Rudn Enclave still awaits the final NOC from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). However, as per the management, the LOP of the Executive and Overseas Block is approved by PHATTA.

Q- Why Rudn Enclave General Block is not developing?

Development is underway in different areas of the General Block, the development pace is slow and it is due to Section 4 imposed by the Government.

Q- Did the society carry out any balloting?

Yes, the developers already have conducted two ballots of Rudn Enclave Executive Block.

Q- When will Rudn Enclave give the possession of plots?

Hopefully, Rudn Enclave will start awarding possession in the middle of the year 2024.

Q- Does Rudn Enclave have an entrance from Rawalpindi Ring Road?

No, Ring Road does not offer any entrance to any housing society; however, Rudn Enclave is present right next to Ring Road’s Adyala Interchange.

Q- What is the future of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi?

Looking at it from different angles, especially, Ring Road, the society will become a hotspot destination in Rawalpindi and offer excellent returns on investments.

Q- How does Rawalpindi Ring Road Benefit Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi?

Two Interchanges of Rawalpindi Ring Road i.e. Adyala and Chakri Interchange benefit this society. Furthermore, the Ring Road is also passing from its General Block.

Q- Should we hold the files or sell them and exit?

Our opinion is to keep your files and keep submitting the installments, chances are, society will improve exceptionally after the development of Ring Road.

Q- What are Olive Homes?

Olive Homes are 7 Marla villas which will be constructed with the cooperation of Rudn Enclave and Olive Homes in the Society.

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