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Upcoming Developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

upcoming developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley is a large and affordable project in the premises of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Aside from the ongoing development, different upcoming developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad are also introduced by the developers. It was launched under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP) to provide affordable and luxury housing for low-income people. The society is duly approved by Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). Kingdom Valley Islamabad is present at an attractive location on M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a project by Kingdom Group and it is owned by Mr. Ghulam Hussain Shahid.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a diverse housing project that has different blocks and sectors. As of now, the society has a General Block, Farmhouses Block, Kingdom Villas, and commercial sectors. However, society is not just limited to these mentioned blocks. Kingdom Valley Islamabad has also announced the upcoming projects within the society.

Upcoming Developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

This article will guide the upcoming developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Following are the upcoming developments of the society:

Kingdom Valley Corporate Office

Every housing project needs to have an adequate site office at the location of the society to provide different services on-site to the customers. The developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad understand the importance of a site office very well; therefore they will develop a fully-equipped and functional head office at the site of kingdom Valley close to M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway.

upcoming developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Corporate Office

Currently, the society has run the head office and compact-sized offices running in different areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and provides services to customers and visitors. However, the development of a corporate office at the site is a must. Kingdom Group has already proposed the site and development plan for this corporate office and development is underway. This office will be opened to the public as soon as the development is complete.

Kingdom Valley Executive Block

Similar to other leading housing societies such as Rudn Enclave, Park View City, and Capital Smart City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad also consists of a dedicated Executive Block. Generally, the Executive Block of any housing project provides an improved lifestyle to the residents and the same is the case with Kingdom Valley Executive Block.

Kingdom Valley Executive Block

The developers have already launched Kingdom Valley Executive Block, and the development is happening at a fast pace. Although the Executive Block offers residential and commercial plots, only commercial bookings are offered at this time by the administration. The residential bookings for Executive Block will open shortly and interested people can book their plots with a down payment and easy installment plan. If we talk about the location of this block, it is placed close to the Chakri Road Entrance society.

Kingdom Valley Overseas Block

One of the most noticeable upcoming developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad is without a doubt, the Overseas Block. Kingdom Valley Overseas Block will offer international standards infrastructure and lifestyle to fulfill the requirements of Overseas Pakistanis. This block will come with improved facilities and amenities to provide a comfortable and peaceful living experience that an overseas community looks for in a housing project.

upcoming developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Overseas Block

Kingdom Valley Overseas Block is not yet launched by the society, however, the developers are planning to launch it shortly. Many details are not yet available to as what this block will provide. What will be the location? And will this block offer commercial bookings? But looking at the previous blocks we can expect multiple residential and commercial bookings in the Overseas Block. As always, the administration will offer plots at affordable prices, and introduce convenient installment plans.

Kingdom Valley Apartments

Kingdom Valley is not just limited to residential and commercial plots; they are also planning to launch a fully-equipped residential complex named Kingdom Apartments. We will hear the news of the launch of Kingdom Valley Apartments sooner than expected. They will be one of the most noticeable developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad after the Overseas Block.

Kingdom Villas

This will be a purely residential project that will fulfill the requirements of vertical/apartment living enthusiasts. Different sizes of apartments will be introduced in Kingdom Apartments, and there will be a wide variety for investors and end-users to choose from. Furthermore, the official apartment sizes and the payment plan will be disclosed after the official launch.

Kingdom Valley Heights

Kingdom Valley Heights

Kingdom Heights is yet another marvelous project that will be launched in society. This project is inspired by the twin towers of Malaysia. It’s hard to say now, whether this will be a residential or commercial project or whether it will offer both. Most probably it will be a residential project similar to Kingdom Apartments. Further details will be available soon, and we will share them with you timely.

Kingdom Valley Safari Garden

There is no shortage of entertainment facilities in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. One of the upcoming developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad includes a large-scale Safari Garden. Kingdom Valley Safari Garden will sprawl over a large land area and include a variety of wildlife.

Kingdom Valley Safari Garden

It will provide realistic and up-close day and night wildlife safaris. It will act as an entertainment spot for the residents of the housing society but also a tourist spot for the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Kingdom Valley Golf Arena

The developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad are leaving no stone unturned to make the society filled with different entertainment and sports facilities. For this purpose, an international standard golf arena is planned by Kingdom Group in the society. The land is already specified for the development of this fully-equipped golf course. Moreover, it will be at a central location in Kingdom Valley Islamabad; therefore, it will be accessible from all blocks.

upcoming developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Golf Arena

It is also important to note that this golf arena will also host different national and international events. Furthermore, it will be an 18-hole golf course and it will be the most desired spot for golf enthusiasts in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Kingdom Group will soon onboard a professional company for the construction of Kingdom Valley Golf Arena.


As you can see, Kingdom Valley is not just limited to residential blocks but it also consists of different entertainment, residential and other projects that will be launched in the future. The upcoming developments in Kingdom Valley Islamabad include Kingdom Apartments, Kingdom Heights, Golf Arena, Kingdom Valley Apartments, Safari Garden, Overseas Block, and Kingdom Valley Overseas Block. These new additions to society will make it even more attractive for investors and end-users.

You can contact Manahil Estate for any kind of information related to Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Furthermore, you can also get in touch to book your residential or commercial plots in Kingdom Valley Islamabad!