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AWT D-18 Islamabad Latest Plot Prices

AWT D-18 Islamabad is a developed housing scheme by Army Welfare Trust. AWT is a branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces that deals with finance, agriculture, real estate, and many more sectors. AWT D-18 housing scheme is located near Sangjani Islamabad with seamless access from Motorway M-1 Islamabad.

The society features a good location near Sangjani and is almost 15 KM away from Islamabad. It lies on the main M-1 Motorway. Block A of the society is located on the right side and the rest of the blocks are situated on the left side of Motorway M-1.

AWT D 18 Islamabad Prices are higher mainly due to its ideal location. Another factor contributing to the price increment is its closeness to Motorway M-1 and New Islamabad International Airport. Some neighboring societies include ECHS, Wapda Town, Gulshan-e-Sehat and Margalla View Housing Scheme.

Plot prices in AWT are quite reasonable for the location of the society as compared to the neighboring counterparts. There is huge room for growth as more construction activities start in this area, and especially after Rawalpindi Ring Road is connected to this area.

AWT D-18 Islamabad is ideal for long-term investment as the profit potential is much higher in the long run. We have given below the prices of all categories of plots available in the society for your convenience. Keep in mind that these are the average market prices and may change on daily or weekly basis.

You can contact Manahil Estate to confirm the latest AWT D-18 prices and availability of plots!

AWT D-18 Islamabad Plot Prices as on 31st July 2023

BlockPlot SizeDimensionsMinimum PricesMaximum Prices
A1 Kanal50 * 9060.00 Lac85.00 Lac
B10 Marla30 * 7540.00 Lac60.00 Lac
B1 Kanal50 * 9085.00 Lac1.10 Crore
C10 Marla30 * 7545.00 Lac55.00 Lac
C1 Kanal50 * 9075.00 Lac85.00 Lac
D10 Marla30 * 7560.00 Lac70.00 Lac
D1 Kanal50 * 9080.00 Lac1.10 Crore
E10 Marla30 * 7550.00 Lac60.00 Lac
E1 Kanal50 * 9085.00 Lac1.00 Crore
F10 Marla30 * 7535.00 Lac55.00 Lac
F1 Kanal50 * 9060.00 Lac90.00 Lac
F2 Kanal75 * 1201.00 Crore1.50 Crore
G10 Marla30 * 7520.00 Lac40.00 Lac
G1 Kanal50 * 9050.00 Lac60.00 Lac
G2 Kanal75 * 12080.00 Lacs1.50 Crore
H10 Marla30 * 7535.00 Lac50.00 Lac
H1 Kanal50 * 9060.00 Lac80.00 Lac