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Mayfair Villas Khanpur

mayfair villas khanpur

Khanpur Dam and its surroundings are a major tourist spot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa known for its diverse beauty and waterfront. The landscape of Khanpur is witnessing an amazing development, Mayfair Villas Khanpur is a luxury project launched by Ehtesham Malik and Co. It offers multiple sizes of Villas, at the bank of the widely famous Khanpur Dam. Mayfair Villas comes with a wide range of facilities with a beautiful waterfront location, offering magnificent views.

Mayfair Villas Khanpur is a comprehensive residential complex, comprising different sizes of Villas to cater to the requirements of people with different tastes and lifestyles. The villas are designed to provide an elegant and comfortable lifestyle, with plenty of space. The main highlight of Mayfair Villas is the extraordinary location; residents will enjoy a life full of mesmerizing views from the waters while being in the comfort of luxurious villas.

The developers are offering villas at affordable prices, to enable all classes of people, who search for a peaceful and out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle. The project is a perfect combination of luxury, elegance, and comfort. Furthermore, the serene surroundings further improve the charm of Mayfair Villas Khanpur.

Mayfair Villas Khanpur Location

The location of a project is important, as it not only describes the surroundings but also the travel time from different areas. Usually, Investors and residents want such a location that is peaceful, away from hustle and bustle, and easy to reach.

The location map of Mayfair Villas Khanpur is given below:

mayfair villas khanpur location

Mayfair Villas are located at the bank of Khanpur Dam, just behind the famous Mabali Island known for beautiful views and a wide range of water sports facilities. It is present on the main Old Khanpur Dam Road It can be accessed easily from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, via N-5 Highway and then N-125, Khanpur Dam Road.


Mayfair Villas are present at an easily accessible location; it can be accessed from different places as follows:

  • Present at a serene location on Old Khanpur Dam Road
  • Only a 2-minute drive from the tourist destination, Mabali Islamabad
  • Approximately 35 minutes away from Islamabad
  • Almost 45 to 50 minutes away from Rawalpindi
  • Almost 60 minutes from New Islamabad International Airport
  •  Almost 10 minutes drive from Khanpur City
  • Approximately 5 minutes away from Orange Lake Resort
  • Just 15 minutes away from Lakeshore City Khanpur

Total Land Area

According to the developers, the total land area of Mayfair Villas is approximately 350 Kanal; the total area is divided into sections for different-sized luxury villas.

Developers and Owners of Mayfair Villas Khanpur

Mayfair Villas Khanpur is a peaceful and luxurious residential complex by Ehtesham Malik and Co. The company was established back in 2010, under the leadership of Ehtesham Malik, who is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The primary services of Ehtesham Malik and Co. revolve around the real estate and hospitality sector.

Developers and Owners

Developers have launched this magnificent project to provide a new kind of living experience to the residents of Islamabad and other surrounding cities. A peaceful and private location is chosen for Mayfair Villa to provide a calm and quiet environment for residents. Aside from Mayfair Villas, developers have also worked on multiple projects including Holiday Homes.

In addition to Mayfair Villas, Ehtesham Malik and Co., also plans other projects near Khanpur Dam:

NOC and Approval Status

Currently, no accurate information is available about the NOC and approval status of Mayfair Villas. It is also important to mention, that the project lies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, therefore, it is out of the administration of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Either Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Housing Authority (KPHA) or Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Haripur will approve the project. Moreover, the developers claim to have purchased 350 Kanal of land right next to Mabali Island.

Mayfair Villas Khanpur Master Plan

mayfair villas khanpur master plan

Mayfair Villas are planned to act as a perfect living or holiday destination, it is a complete residential complex with all basic and modern facilities. The total land area is divided into different sections, and one of the sections is dedicated to small and large size villas. This project will offer a perfect blend of nature and modern living. Mayfair offers a variety of villas to choose from, and each villa has a unique layout plan.

Villa Sizes

The following variations are available in Mayfair Villas Khanpur:

  • 1 Bedroom Villas
  • 2 Bedrooms Villas
  • 3 Bedrooms Villas

Layout Plans

The layout plans of all variations and their specifications are discussed below

1 Bedroom Villa Layout

Mayfair offers cozy and stylish 1 one-bedroom villas, the total area is 400 square feet and single story. The total open area of these villas is 150 square feet. The specifications of 1 Bedroom Villa includes:

  • 1 Bedroom
  • Attached Washroom
  • Spacious Living Area
  • Open Kitchen
  • Guests Welcome Area
  • Jacuzzi
  • Swimming Pool

The layout plan of 1 Bed or Studio Villa is attached below:

mayfair villas khanpur 1 bed layout

2 Bedroom Villa Layout

As the name indicates, this is a larger variation of Villas, with 2 well-designed bedrooms, having a total area of 1145 square feet. These are 2-floor villas, with the ground floor having 672 square feet, and the first floor having 437 square feet. Moreover, 250 square feet is the open area.  This villa is comparatively larger and offers plenty of space to relax. The specifications of 2 Bedroom Villas are as follows:

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Attached Washrooms
  • Spacious Living Area
  • Modern Open Kitchen
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi

2 Bedroom Villa layout plan is given below:

mayfair villas khanpur 2 bed layout

3 Bedroom Villa Layout

The largest variation is 3 3-bedroom villas, and each villa spans 1290 square feet. There are 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The ground floor spans 672 square feet, the first floor comprises 618 square feet, whereas 250 square feet is open area.  The specifications of 3 Bedroom Villas are as follows:

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Attached Washrooms
  • Comfortable Living Area
  • Open Kitchen
  • Dedicated Family Dining Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi

Following is the layout plan of the Mayfair 3 Bedroom Villa:

mayfair villas khanpur 3 bed layout

Mayfair Villas Khanpur Payment Plan

The developers of Mayfair Villas understand the importance of affordable real estate; therefore, they have disclosed a convenient payment plan. So that, a maximum number of investors and potential homebuyers can get maximum benefit. Furthermore, installment plans are also available with low installments that make it easier to buy dream villas in Mayfair.

The payment and installment plans are discussed below in detail:

1 Bedroom Villas Payment Plan

mayfair villas khanpur 1 bed Payment Plan
  • The total price of 1 bedroom villa is PKR 3,500,000
  • The down payment is 20%, which is PKR 700,000
  • 10% confirmation charges are PKR 350,000
  • The monthly installment of 1 bedroom villa is PKR 16,000
  • Quarterly installments are 77,000
  • 20% transfer charges are PKR 700,000

2 Bedroom Villas Payment Plan

mayfair villas khanpur 2 bed Payment Plan
  • 2 bedroom villa has a total price of PKR 5,200,000
  • 20% down payment is PKR 1,040,000
  • 10% confirmation charges are PKR 520,000
  • The monthly installment is PKR 30,000
  • Quarterly installments are PKR 95,715
  • 20% transfer charges are 1,040,000

3 Bedroom Villas Payment Plan

mayfair villas khanpur 1 bed Payment Plan
  • The total cost of 3 bedroom villa is PKR 7,500,000
  • 20% down payment is PKR 1,500,000
  • 10% confirmation charges are PKR 750,000
  • Monthly installments for 3 bedroom villa is PKR 45,000 each
  • The quarterly installment is PKR 132,860
  • 20% transfer charges are PKR 1,500,000

Terms and Conditions

  • The mentioned prices do not include government taxes and duties.
  • Installments should be submitted on the 1st of each month.
  • Payment should be made through cross-check, pay order, or bank draft.
  • A membership fee of PKR 25000 is payable at the time of purchase/booking.

Extra Charges for Prime Location

  • Lake Facing: 20% extra
  • Forest Facing: 10% extra

Amenities of Mayfair Villas Khanpur

The following amenities are offered in Mayfair Villas:

  • All basic amenities including electricity, gas, and water supply
  • Reliable sewerage system
  • International standards resort
  • Secure and gated community
  • Restaurant on site
  • Lake Club
  • Hunting
  • Mud racing
  • Lake access
  • Scuba diving
  • Fishing resort
  • Paragliding
  • Jacuzzi
  • Dense forests
  • Swimming pools
  • Rock climbing
  • Family meadows
  • Top-up shelter
  • Hiking/trekking
  • Emergency services
  • Fun gateways
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Zipline
  • Archery range
  • Shooting range
  • Cycling track
  • 24/7 safety and security
  • Eco-nest
  • Mayfair lakefront hotel

Mayfair Villas Khanpur Brochure

You may view or download the brochure below:

Booking Details

Mayfair Villas is a one-of-a-kind project, that is offering waterfront villas for the first time in Pakistan. It is an excellent place to live, away from the fuss of the busy city and in the lap of nature. If you need any kind of information about Mayfair Villas, or if you want to book your luxurious villa. Feel free to contact us!

Our contact details are mentioned below:


Mayfair Vilas Khanpur is a residential complex brought to you by Ehtesham Malik and Co. The main purpose of this project is to provide a luxury villa living close to nature and a natural water body i.e. Khanpur Dam. The villas are full of majestic views of the water and surrounding hilly landscape.

Furthermore, the prices are affordable and a convenient installment plan is also available for customers. Mayfair Villas will become a bespoke living and holiday destination in one of the most famous tourist destinations. Book your villas now, to become the owner of a luxury and in-demand property in the best location.

Contact us for further information about Mayfair Villas Khanpur!