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Nova City Islamabad ESPORTS Block

Nova City Islamabad Esportes Block Cover


Nova City Islamabad Esports Block was recently launched and caught attention after its inauguration. It is not only going to provide a luxurious living to the residents, but it is also going to provide an avenue for sports activities. Nova City Esportes Block was officially launched to provide a healthy lifestyle to those who are opting to live in sports-oriented surroundings. 

Esportes Complex Nova City Inauguration

Nova City Islamabad Esports block was recently inaugurated by the superstar cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar. He graced the occasion with his presence along with other dignitaries of the Nova City. He spoke about the necessity of a healthy lifestyle in any human being’s life and how Esportese Complex helps to achieve it.

The developers of Nova City were also present on this occasion, and they express their thoughts on how Nova City is fulfilling its promise of a healthy lifestyle for the residents of Islamabad. On this occasion, the chairman of the group, also distributed certificates of excellence to the staff members of the company who are helping in the development of Nova City.

Check out the inauguration of Nova City Islamabad Esports Block.

Esportes Block Location 

One of the highlighting features of Nova City Islamabad Esportes Block is its location. People can easily access this in only 15 minutes from Nova City M2 access point.

Esports Block Developers

Nova City Esports Block is a sub-project of Nova City housing society. This block is owned by the Nova Group and the same entity is responsible for its development. The society aims to improve the standards of living in this life and introduce different sports for the residents.

Esports block will be environment friendly and special attention from the developers will improve the luxury and living standard of this block.

Esports Block Nova City NOC

As mentioned earlier, this block is a sub-project within the Nova City housing society. So, the NOC status of the society is also applicable to this block. As of now, Nova City’s NOC is under process and aims to acquire it soon. Nova City is striving hard to get its NOC approved.

Esportes Block Master Plan

One of the main reasons for the development of Esportes Block is to provide a dynamic sports-filled living to the residents. And this luxury living is not going to cost them a healthy lifestyle as the people are given a chance to enjoy their lives along with sports activities.

For this purpose, Esportes Complex is built that also consists of a football ground and a badminton court. It is one of its kind projects in the real estate market of Pakistan which would promote sports activities in a community.

Plot Sizes Offered in Esportes Block

Plot sizes offered in Esportes Block are only in two categories. It is going to focus on those looking forward to living in a residential housing society that can provide a healthy lifestyle to them. The plots that Esportes Block has to offer are in sizes of: 

  • 8 Marla
  • 14 Marla 

Esportes Block Payment Plan

Nova City Esportes block offers the following plot sizes:

8 Marla 

The price of an 8 Marla Plot is PKR 4.04 million and the booking is going to start from only 10% of the total price of the plot. This 10% amounts to approximately PKR 405,000 and the confirmation will be given to the investor after submission of another PKR 405,000. So, the total down payment comes down to PKR 810,000.

The possession will be given to the investor after they have submitted PKR 1,131,200. Monthly payment of PKR 20,870 can be paid for 40 months. The investors can also offer the option of eight half-yearly payments of PKR 158,000.

14 Marla 

14 Marla plots are comparatively on the higher side but the price for this plot is comparatively less. The total price of this plot is 6.75 million which is a bargain offer for anyone looking to purchase a 14 Marla plot in Islamabad. A total of PKR 1,425,000 will be submitted as a down payment including the booking and confirmation amount.

The possession will be given to the investors after they have submitted PKR 1,890,000. If anyone is going for half-yearly payments, they will have to submit PKR 275,000 for every half-yearly payment. Whereas the person opting for 40 months installment will have to pay PKR 30,875 every month.

Payment Plan

Following is the payment plan of Nova City Esports Block:

Features of Nova City Esportes Block

The reason for the development of Esportes Block is to provide additional luxurious features to the people opting to live in Nova City. It is going to be equipped with all the necessary features alongside additional healthy lifestyle features that are as follows:

  • Badminton Court
  • Football Ground
  • Eco-Friendly Environment for All the Residents
  • Children Play Areas
  • Parks
  • Other Recreational Areas


For all the healthy lifestyle aspirants, Esportes Block of Nova City is a unique offering. It is also going to be largely beneficial for investors. The reason behind it being a successful block is the level of expertise that has gone into the designing of this project. People who believe in a healthy lifestyle will be looking forward to it.

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