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Daily Updated Plot Prices in Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad

B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad prices have shown tremendous growth since the first quarter of 2021. The overall investment trend in B-17 Islamabad has been positive over the past few years due to multiple factors including pace of development, construction activities, increase in population as well as launch of Margalla Avenue.

Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad is a fully developed housing society with high-end residential, commercial, and investment opportunities. The latest facilities, highly accessible location, and quality infrastructure make it a famous and desirable housing society in Islamabad.

The market value of B-17 Multi Gardens remained consistent over the years. The prices have incredibly increased in the past year and continue to increase with time. Society bears the potential to provide good returns on investments. We suggest our clients invest in the new blocks of the society such as G and F Block.

If we look at the market index, all categories of plots, i.e. residential & commercial have gone up in terms of prices. The prices of these plots have exponentially increased and rendered tremendous returns on investments. If we observe 10 Marla plots, the prices have increased up to 243.07% from 2013 to 2021.

B-17 Multi Gardens is currently ideal for long-term investment because short-term investment potential is comparatively much lower at present due to recent hikes in prices.

We have added prices of all categories of plots in all blocks of the society. Keep in mind that these prices reflect the average market values, so a particular plot price may vary slightly depending on plot features. Contact us at 03330166664 without any hesitation to confirm B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad Prices and availability of plots in various blocks.

B-17 Multi Gardens Plot Prices as on 25th of June, 2022

Block NamePlot SizeDimensionsMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Block A1 Kanal50 * 901.95 Crore3.10 Crore
Block A2 Kanal80 * 1105.20 Crore5 Crore 60 Lac
Block B10 Marla35 * 701 Crore 70 Lac2.00 Crore
Block B14 Marla40 * 801.95 Crore Lac2 Crore 15 Lac
Block B20 Marla50 * 902.10CRORE3.20CRORE
Block B2 Kanal80 * 1203 Crore6 Crore 30 Lac
Block B-15 Marla25 * 5070 Lac80 Lac
Block B-110 Marla35 * 701.45CRORE1.85CRORE
Block B-114 Marla40 * 801.90CRORE2.20CRORE
Block B-120 Marla50 * 902.30CRORE2.70CRORE
Block C7 Marla30 * 601CRORE1.5CRORE
Block C10 Marla35 * 701 Crore1 Crore 70 Lac
Block C14 Marla40 * 801 Crore 50 Lac2 Crore 25 Lac
Block C1 Kanal50 * 902 Crore4 Crore
Block C1 Kanal60 * 903 Crore3 Crore 50 Lac
Block C-15 Marla25 * 5070LAKH85LAKH
Block C-17 Marla30 * 601CRORE1.20CRORE
Block C-110 Marla35 * 701.20CRORE1.5CRORE
Block C-114 Marla40 * 801 Crore 50 Lac2 Crore
Block C-11 Kanal50 * 901 Crore 90 Lac2 Crore 50 Lac
Block C-12 Kanal75 * 1203.25CRORE5 Crore 50 Lac
Block D7 Marla30 * 6050LAC95 Lac
Block D10 Marla35 * 7090LACK1.50CRORE
Block D14 Marla40 * 801.20CRORE1.30CROR
Block D2 Kanal50 * 901 Crore 50 Lac2 Crore 50 Lac
Block E7 Marla30 * 6070 Lac1 Crore 20 Lac
Block E10 Marla35 * 7095 Lac1 Crore 50 Lac
Block E14 Marla40 * 801.20 Crore1 Crore 70 Lac
Block E1 Kanal50 * 901.20 Crore2 Crore 70 Lac
Block F5 Marla25 * 5060 Lac1 Crore 10 Lac
Block F7 Marla30 * 6050 Lac1 Crore 30 Lac
Block F14 Marla40 * 8090 Lac1 Crore 50 Lac
Block F1 Kanal50 * 901 Crore 80 Lac2 Crore 10 Lac
Block G5 Marla25 * 5045 Lac 60 Lac
Block G7 Marla30 * 6050 Lac80 Lac
Block G10 Marla35 * 7080 Crore1Crore 20 Lac
Block G14 Marla40 * 801 Crore Lac1 Crore 50 Lac
Block G1 Kanal50 * 901 Crore 10 Lac1 Crore 70 Lac
Block G2 Kanal80 * 1121 Crore 80 Lac2 Crore 60 Lac