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Daily Updated Plot Prices in DHA Valley Islamabad

DHA Valley Islamabad has a volatile market where plot prices keep changing mainly due to market news and investment trends. Since prices keep changing from time to time, we recommend this area as a short-term investment opportunity where you can buy and sell frequently in order to earn a quick profit.

Normally these files are quoted in the market with just profit rates, so it is confusing for most people as they can’t understand how much they will need to pay as a principle amount added to the profit rates. We have simply added principle amount and profit to give you total buying and selling prices of 5 and 8 marla plots in all blocks of DHA Valley Islamabad including DHA Homes.

The given prices are average market rates for all blocks, however for more details, exact prices, and plots availability in certain blocks, please contact us via phone or email.

Please note that the given prices apply on general files with 11 installments paid with fresh open status and complete documents and receipts.

Note: Sunflower Block is Merged into Boganvelia Block. The prices of Boganvelia Block are applied on Sunflower Block

DHA Valley Islamabad Plot Prices as on 22nd of February, 2024

DHA Valley BlocksPlot SizeMinimum PriceMaximum Price

Residential Plots (Balloted)

Bluebell (Balloted)5M25.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
Bluebell (Balloted)8M35.00 Lacs55.00 Lacs
Rose (Balloted)5M22.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs
Rose (Balloted)8M30.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
Lilly (Balloted)5M22.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs
Lilly (Balloted)8M30.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
Oleander (Balloted)5M22.00 Lacs26.00 Lacs
Oleander (Balloted)8M30.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
Daffodils (Balloted)5M22.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs
Daffodils (Balloted)8M30.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
Magnolia (Balloted)5M22.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs
Magnolia (Balloted)8M30.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
Bogenvelia (Balloted)5M22.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs
Bogenvelia (Balloted)8M30.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs

Residential Plots (Unballoted)

Bluebell (Unballoted)5M15.00 Lacs18.00 Lacs
Bluebell (Unballoted)8M18.00 Lacs22.00 Lacs
Rose (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs17.00 Lacs
Rose (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs21.00 Lacs
Lilly (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs17.00 Lacs
Lilly (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs21.00 Lacs
Oleander (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs17.00 Lacs
Oleander (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs22.00 Lacs
Daffodils (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs17.00 Lacs
Daffodils (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs21.00 Lacs
Magnolia (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs17.00 Lacs
Magnolia (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Bogenvelia (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs17.00 Lacs
Bogenvelia (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Tulip (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs17.00 Lacs
Tulip (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Daisy (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
Daisy (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Eglantine (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
Eglantine (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Jasmine (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
Jasmine (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Marigold (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
Marigold (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Zinnia (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
Zinnia (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Gloxinia (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
Gloxinia (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Snowdrop (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
Snowdrop (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Iris (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
Iris (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Lotus (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
Lotus (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Lavender (Unballoted)5M14.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
Lavender (Unballoted)8M17.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs

DHA Homes

DHA Homes (Ready Home)5M60.00 lacs75.00 lacs
DHA Homes (Ready Home)8M1.30 crore1.60 crore

DHA Valley Commercials

DHA Valley Commercial (Balloted)4M80.00 Lacs100.00 Lacs
DHA Valley Commercial (Balloted)8M1.50 Crore1.80 Crore
DHA Valley Shops (12x15)0.7MNANA


  • There might be a slight change in the above-mentioned prices due to different factors and market conditions.
  • Contact us to get the latest and most accurate plot prices of DHA Valley Islamabad!