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Ring Road Rawalpindi – Latest Construction Updates, Route and Work Progress

Ring Road Rawalpindi - Latest Construction Updates, Route and Work Progress

Rawalpindi Ring Road is a transforming infrastructural project for Rawalpindi and Islamabad, which is often a matter of discussion among the masses. Not only this, Ring Road was announced a number of years ago, and it has been facing controversies ever since. Rawalpindi Ring Road is a multi-expressway, that stretches about 38.8 kilometers and provides an alternate route for distant areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The main of developing Ring Road was to tackle the traffic issues in Rawalpindi, as traffic coming from motorways and Grand Trunk (G.T) enters the city to reach different areas. Currently, the traffic uses the main roads of the city, which results in congestion and traffic problems. Ring Road will provide an alternate and wide route for people coming from other cities specifically northern Punjab. They will use the ring road, instead of the roads of Rawalpindi. Hence, decreasing the traffic congestion noticeably. Not only this, but RRR will also provide convenient access to numerous housing societies developing outside of the city.

The history of RRR is quite long, the project was initiated multiple times in the past, but it stalled, due to different reasons. Sometimes there were budget issues, while other times layout issues resulted in the halting of the RRR project. Contrary to Rawalpindi, Ring Roads in other cities such as Peshawar and Lahore are already developed and functional. But when it comes to Rawalpindi Ring Road, issues began to arise as soon as the authorities moved forward with it.

Recently, progress has been seen in this project, as the authorities and development firms have once again hinted at starting this project. The new layout has also been announced by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and certain steps have also been taken for the commencement of the development of Ring Road Rawalpindi.

In this blog, we will give you all the necessary details of Rawalpindi Ring Road, the approved layout, and progress in terms of development, so stock to the end to get complete information on the RRR project till September 2023.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Latest Development Update Video

Revised Route of Rawalpindi Ring Road

As mentioned earlier, Rawalpindi Ring Road is almost 38.8 kilometers long, in the past, it was around 65 kilometers but the route was revised by RDA.  The width of R will be almost 350 feet and multiple lanes will be developed for a smoother traffic flow. It will consist of different bypasses and interchanges, one bypass will be developed on the motorway, which will directly connect the Ring Road with the motorway, and traffic will use it to access far-off areas.

This way, the traffic congestion on G.T Road will decrease significantly, as only the residents of Rawalpindi will use it for commuting. Furthermore, there are a lot of areas of Rawalpindi where there is limited access, but a lot of housing societies are developing. Rawalpindi Ring Road will also provide a second route to such areas such as Chakbeli Road, Rawat, Thalian, and Chakri.

Phases of Rawalpindi Ring Road

There are a total of 2 Phases and Phase 1 will be developed first, furthermore, it will be extended further in the future.

The details of Rawalpindi Ring Road sections are discussed below:

Phase 1

The first section of Rawalpindi Ring Road is from Grand Truck (G.T) Road to the Motorway. This section will be developed from Baanth to Thalian Interchange. This means that the first Ring Road Interchange will established in Baanth. The current development will be carried out for section 1, which is 38 kilometers long and a total of 5 interchanges will be developed in this section.

  • Baanth comes on G.T Road, which is located around 5-6 kilometers while going towards Gujar Khan from Rawat.
  • Chakbeli Road is the first area in the route of RRR, and the second interchange will be established here.  
  • The third area in its route is Khasala on Adyala Road, An interchange will be developed here right next to the General Block of Rudn Enclave and close to DHA Phase 4 River View South Block.
  • The next area in Rawalpindi Ring Road Route is Chakri, It will pass through Maira Shareef, and an interchange will be built here.
  • The final interchange will be the Thalian Interchange on the M-2 Islamabad – Lahore Motorway, which is already developed.

Phase 2

As mentioned earlier, the total length of Rawalpindi Ring Road will be around 65 kilometers, with 38.5 kilometers portion coming under Phase 1 described above. As per the resources, the route for Phase 2 is not yet confirmed and authorities are focusing on options

  • The first option is a new road from Margalla Avenue, connecting with the New Islamabad International Airport and leading to the M-1 Motorway.
  • The second option under consideration is to connect the M-1 Islamabad – Peshawar Motorway with the M-2 Islamabad Motorway.

Interchanges of Rawalpindi Ring Road;

The following interchanges will be developed in the 38.5-kilometer-long patch of Ring Road Rawalpindi:

  • Baanth (Channi Sher Alam Bridge) interchange
  • Chakbeli Road Interchange
  • Khasala (Adyala Road) Interchange
  • Maira Shareef (Chakri Road) Interchange
  • Chakri Interchange

Housing Societies Benefitting from Rawalpindi Ring Road

Benefits of Rawalpindi Ring Road

Here are some of the benefits of Rawalpindi Ring Road:

Smooth Traffic Flow

The Rawalpindi Ring Road project will create a smooth flow of traffic and reduce travel time ultimately. The seamless traffic flow will ensure the on-time arrival of people from different areas, as Rawalpindi is a hub of commercial activities.

Reduces Traffic Congestion

The project is very important for Rawalpindi because severe traffic loads on city roads, particularly the G.T. Road, cause gridlocks on the city’s major routes. The Ring Road’s construction benefits the housing societies located near the route, which is one of the people’s primary concerns.

Boosts Real Estate Development

The construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road will drive real estate development in the surrounding areas. Housing societies stand to gain a lot from the Rawalpindi Ring Road project. It will create new opportunities for businesses and investors alike in twin cities.

Connects Twin Cities

Since its construction will help promote the integration of the twin cities, it will be easier for people to travel between Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The Rawalpindi Ring Road will also provide space for public transport and commuting vehicles within the twin cities.

Benefits Housing Societies

RUDN Enclave is one of the societies that is benefitting most from the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project. The project will benefit the housing societies located near the route

Development Update

As per the resources, the authorities have already acquired most of the land for Phase 1 of Rawalpindi Ring Road. The initial funding has been provided to Rawalpindi Development Authority. It is important to mention that CDA, RDA, and FWO are working on this project, In addition to this, a consultant named Botek Corporation has also been hired for the layout, planning, and designing of the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project.

As per the latest updates, the landmarking work has already been initiated and workers are marking the acquired areas from where Ring Road will pass. Furthermore, Frontier Works Organization (FWO) has also set up camps at different locations of the projects, especially Adyala Road. Reports tell, that FWO has also installed containers at the site of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Project Stalled Again?

As per the latest news, the RRR project has faced yet another major obstacle which might prevent the development once again. According to RDA officials, the land record for layout in Tehsil Gujar Khan has surprisingly gone missing. The disappearing record had the details of land acquisition in the Gujar Khan Area. This will now generate complications in the development process of Ring Road. However, Rawalpindi Development Authority and Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) have started the inquiry for missing documents. To stay on the safer side, the authorities have already started a survey to determine the lane acquired for the Rawalpindi Ring Road project.

Final Remarks

So, these were the latest updates of Rawalpindi Ring Road till September 2023, hopefully, the development of this project will now carry on smoothly. It is an important project, as it doesn’t only solve the traffic issues, but also provides an alternative route to far-off areas and housing projects of the twin cities.

Stay tuned to Manahil Estate for more timely updates on the Rawalpindi Ring Road project!

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