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Ideas One Tower B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad

Ideas One Tower Main Image

Ideas One Tower is a new mixed-use landmark commercial project by Ideas Real Estate Marketing Pvt Ltd in Sector B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad. Situated close to Gate no. 2 of MPCHS B-17 Islamabad, it offers a lucrative investment opportunity for individuals and businesses alike. It offers a variety of residential and commercial units at affordable prices with a flexible installments plan.


Ideas One Tower features modern architecture coupled with latest facilities and magnificent residential, corporate, and business opportunities. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of futuristic consumers.

Ideas One Tower acts as a world-class shopping mall, entertainment spot, and top-of-the-line residential project in the twin cities. It offers multiple units and floors to serve different purposes like eating, shopping, entertainment, and more.

This high-rise project resides at an ideal location of Islamabad, neighbored by the mesmerizing views of B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad and Main GT Road. It is an all-inclusive project in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Ideas One Tower isn’t just built according to international standards but also stands fit for all purposes like residential, commercial, or corporate. It aims to become the next major attraction of Islamabad.


This attractive landmark occupies an excellent location in the heart of B-17 Multi Gardens, a leading society of Islamabad. Ideas One lies right next to street 11 of Block B, just a few minutes away from gate 2 of the B-17 Multi Gardens society.

Ideas One Tower is situated just by the Rehamtulil Alameen Mosque and Levitation Store Pk. Moreover, B-17 Lake lies adjacent to the project that adds to its value. The location of this project is indeed irresistible due to its easy accessibility and attractive surroundings.

Following is the location map of Ideas One:

Location Map of Ideas One B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad

Total Land Area Covered

The building spans over 8.5 Kanal land and comprises a 12 story multipurpose building with 3 separate basement floors.

Nearby Places within B-17 Multi Gardens

The project resides in a decent and facilitative neighborhood. Many necessities like parks, shopping centers, and more significant spots are located nearby.

Following spots are located nearby Ideas One:

  • Jamia Masjid Rehamtulil Alameen
  • Levitation Store PK
  • Sector A Lake View Park
  • Dorrance Café
  • B-17 Lake
  • Family Park
  • Multi Gardens Aviary and Zoo
  • Football Ground
  • Sir Syed – Case Institute of Technology
  • Capital Square Shopping Mall

Moreover, Ideas Tower and Mellow Mall are two other projects by Ideas Marketing located within B-17, near Ideas One Tower.


Ideas Tower is highly accessible from numerous major places of Rawalpindi and Islamabad as follows:

Approximately 28.7 Km from New Islamabad International Airport

Only 500m from gate 2 of B-17 Multi Gardens

Approx Km from Sangjani

Just Km from Wapda Town

Located at Km from Faisal Hills and Km from Faisal Margalla City Islamabad

Legal Status

Ideas One Tower is approved by the Multi-Professional Co-Operative housing society. B-17 Multi Gardens is already approved by Capital Development Authority, and it is safe to invest in. Ideas One is highly demanded, and booking of apartments, offices, and shops are already announced.

Owners and Developers

This high-rise project is owned by Ideas Real Estate Marketing, and development responsibilities are handed over to the Banu Hashim Builders and Developers. Both the entities behind Ideas Tower are aimed to introduce a futuristic landmark with varied options.

Ideas Marketing delivered multiple successful past projects like Aimal Tower and Mellow Mall located in B-17 Islamabad. Banu Hashim Builders and Developers have displayed immense professionalism in their domain. Now, they aim to introduce this high-end project in Multi Gardens Islamabad.

Development Status

The development of Ideas One is in the initial stages, digging and bedding is complete, and Raft work started recently. However, booking of shops, offices, and apartments is available.

Following video shows the latest development update of Ideas One Tower:

Features and Amenities

Ideas One is packed with all the amenities for a peaceful life and business. State of the art facility and futuristic features contribute to creating a luxurious lifestyle and growing business atmosphere. Moreover, there are plenty of entertainment facilities.

Following are the amenities offered by the Ideas One Tower:

  • Uninterrupted supply of Water, Gas, and Power
  • Earthquake Resistant Building Structure
  • High-Quality Construction
  • High-Speed Elevators
  • Spacious Corridors and Living Areas on All Floors
  • Fitness Centers, Gym and Spa
  • Snooker and Indoor Sports Club
  • Kids Play Areas
  • 24/7 Undisrupted Security and CCTV Surveillance
  • Swimming Pool
  • In-house Mosque for Religious Practice
  • Entertainment, Dining, and shopping options
  • Stylish and equipped corporate offices
  • Luxurious Apartments
  • Varied Size Shops
  • Ample Parking for Residents
  • Adjacent to B-17 Lake
  • Dependable Fire Fighting System
  • Laundry and Maintenance Services
  • Dedicated Food Court and Café

Introductory Video

You may watch the introductory promotional video of Ideas One Tower B-17 Islamabad below:

Master Plan

Ideas One is a 12 story building with 3 basements spread to 8.5 Kanal. Overall, the building is divided into shopping, entertainment, residential, and office areas.

Floor Division

  • The Lower Ground, Ground, First, and Second Floor are entirely dedicated to the commercial section and divided into shops of various sizes.
  • The third floor comprises a food court with different food outlets, similar to the Centaurs Mall.
  • The fourth, Fifth, and Sixth floors are reserved for office spaces.
  • Seven to Twelve Floors of the building are separated for residential purposes and divided into apartment units of different sizes.

Shops Division

  • Four Floors of the building comprise shops of various sizes.
  • The minimum size of shops is 150 sq ft, and the maximum size is 343 sq ft, and all the shops lie between these sizes.

Food Court Shops Division

  • The Third Floor of the building is entirely dedicated to a food court with multiple food outlets.
  • The minimum shop size in the food court is 153 sq ft and reaches a maximum size of 420 sq ft.

Office Space Division

  • 3 Floors are specified for large and small scope startups, corporate and business offices.
  • The minimum office size is 335 sq ft, and the maximum size is 1242 sq ft.

Apartment Plan

A large area of the building that is 6 floors in total is specified for the residence. Ideas One offers apartment units of different sizes to meet the needs of customers. It offers Studio Apartments, One Bed, Two Bed, and Three Bed Apartments.

  • The size of Studio Apartments is 450 sq ft.
  • The size of One Bed Apartment is 620 sq ft.
  • The size of Two Bed Apartment is 1300 sq ft, 1250 sq ft, and 1125 sq ft.
  • The size of Three Bed Apartment is 1800 sq ft and 1580 sq ft.

The apartments Layout are attached below for better understanding:


Apartments, shops, and office spaces can be booked with a 30% down payment. However, a 10% extra price is charged for category units. The rest of the amount can be paid in 4 quarterly installments of 4 years.

The detailed floor wise payment plans are attached for your convenience:

Apartment payment plans are as follows:

Booking Details

Contact Manahil Estate today to easily book your apartment, shop, or office at Ideas Tower hassle-free and in less time. We ensure that you get the best option for your requirements and stick by your side to the end.

You can contact us via phone/Whatsapp: 03330166664/03318628394. leave us an email at marketing@manahilestate.com, or visit our office for further information and booking!


Ideas One Tower is an approved real estate project that offers different options for different niches of people. It is easily accessible from the twin cities with business, corporate, and residence sections. It is expected to become a highly demanded landmark in Islamabad due to the elite construction, state-of-the-art amenity, and best investment options in the vicinity!

Contact us now to get your favorite office space, shop, or apartment at Ideas One Tower, B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad.

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