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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Latest Plot Prices

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is one of the new housing projects in Twin Cities which has quite an active resale market, hence it is important to stay current with the latest plot prices and profits so that you can make a smart investment or divestment decision.

The society offers a variety of property types which include residential plots, commercial plots and farm houses. There are different booking prices available in the market, and each booking price has different profit rates, so we find it important to list down different prices with their current profits for the better understanding of our visitors.

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If you need to buy or sell any particular plot, file, farm house in Rudn Enclave, feel free contact at 03455222253 for quick assistance.

Rudn Enclave Plot Prices as on 4th of August, 2023

Property TypePlot SizeBooking PriceMin. PriceMax. Price

General Block

Residential Plots5 Marla8.00 Lacs50000/- Own1.00 Lacs Own
Residential Plots5 Marla10.00 LacsLevel100,000/- Own
Residential Plots5 Marla12.00 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots5 Marla15.75 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots7 Marla11.00 Lacs50,000/- Profit1.00 Lacs Profit
Residential Plots7 Marla13.00 LacsLevel100,000/- Profit
Residential Plots10 Marla15.00 Lacs50,000/- Profit1.00 Lacs Profit
Residential Plots10 Marla18.00 Lacs30,000/- Profit60,000/- Profit
Residential Plots1 Kanal24.20 Lacs100,000/- Profit4.00 Lacs Profit
Residential Plots1 Kanal29.40 Lacs50,000/- Profit200,000/- Profit
Commercial Plots4 Marla18.00 Lacs4.00 Lacs Profit8.00 Lacs Profit
Commercial Plots4 Marla22.00 Lacs2.00 Lacs Profit6.00 Lacs Profit
Commercial Plots8 Marla28.00 Lacs7.00 Lacs Profit15.00 Lacs Profit
Commercial Plots8 Marla35.00 Lacs5.00 Lacs Profit10.00 Lacs Profit
Commercial Plots1 Kanal1.00 Crore10.00 Lacs Profit15.00 Lacs Profit
Commercial Plots1 Kanal1.10 Crore5.00 Lacs Profit10.00 Lacs Profit
Commercial Plots1 Kanal1.20 CroreLevel5.00 Lacs Profit

Executive Block

Residential Plots7 Marla18.00 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots7 Marla19.80 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots7 Marla22.50 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots10 Marla23.70 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots10 Marla26.07 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots10 Marla29.00 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plot14 Marla35.00 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots1 Kanal39.50 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots1 Kanal43.45 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots1 Kanal49.00 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots2 Kanal70.00 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots2 Kanal85.00 LacsDiscountDiscount
Residential Plots2 Kanal1.00 CroreDiscountDiscount
Commercial Plots4 Marla40.00 Lacs2.00 Lacs Profit3.00 Lacs Profit
Commercial Plots4 Marla48.00 LacsDiscountDiscount
Commercial Plots8 Marla72.00 Lacs2.00 Lacs Profit4.00 Lacs Profit
Commercial Plots8 Marla84.00 LacsDiscountDiscount
High Point Commercial5 Marla65.00 LacsDiscountDiscount

Farm Houses

Farm House Plots4 Kanal65.00 Lacs15.00 Lacs Profit25.00 Lacs Profit
Farm House Plots4 Kanal80.00 Lacs5.00 Lacs Profit10.00 Lacs Profit
Farm House Plots4 Kanal92.00 LacsLevel2.00 Lacs Profit
Farm House Plots8 Kanal1.10 Crore15.00 Lacs Profit20.00 Lacs Profit
Farm House Plots8 Kanal1.35 Crore5.00 Lacs Profit10.00 Lacs Profit
Farm House Plots8 Kanal1.60 CroreDiscountLevel