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Nova City Peshawar

Nova City Peshawar Cover Image

Nova City Peshawar is yet another signature housing project by the Nova City Developers after the huge success of Nova City Islamabad in the twin cities. The society has initially launched its limited residential plots measuring 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal with 3 years easy installments plan at introductory prices.

Peshawar is the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but it lacks master-planned housing schemes. There is hardly any notable private housing scheme operating in Peshawar, hence there is huge demand for modern housing projects like Nova City.


Nova City is an approved housing society in Peshawar sponsored by Nova Group. The society is located adjacent to the M-1 Motorway near Charsada Interchange.  The project introduces plenty of lucrative investment opportunities in KPK, specifically for the people of Peshawar and Charsada.

Previously, Nova Group launched its housing project with the same name in Islamabad. Nova City Islamabad managed to grab the attention of potential investors and residents of twin cities alike. Nova City Peshawar, on the other hand, is likely to do the same for residents of Peshawar and its surroundings.

Looking at the past stats of Nova City Islamabad, investors can also expect Nova City Peshawar to become a top real estate investment hotspot.


Nova Group took a big step and launched the society in the vicinity of Peshawar and Charsada. The society is ideally located in front of M-1 Motorway, close to both of the mentioned cities. Nova City Peshawar follows the same values as Nova City Islamabad.

Nova City Peshawar Newspaper Ad

Nova City Peshawar features a nature-enclosed lifestyle with premium security and high-end amenities. Society promises high investment returns and much more. As of now, the property rates of society are very reasonable, so it is the best time to make a fruitful investment.

Investors looking for highly beneficial investments should not miss out on this opportunity; the luxury you’ve been waiting for in KPK is here in this housing project. The project is currently under process by the concerned development authorities, but we can accept the NOC soon. The management of society is working hard to fulfill all requirements.

This one-of-a-kind project in Peshawar will not only provide a great investment option but also high-standard luxury and value to the residents. Currently, the society has launched residential plots of various sizes and also plans to launch commercial plots in the future.

The plot sizes are thoroughly given in the master plan section. We will update you as soon as the society launches commercial plots. Keep in touch to stay updated on any news regarding Nova City Peshawar.

Introductory Video

Following is the introductory video of the project:

Owners and Developers

Nova Group is developing this project following the standards they used in Nova City Islamabad. Nova Group is an old player in Pakistan’s Real Estate sector. Unlike the new and inexperienced developers, Nova Group has been serving the industry for many years.

The developers of Nova City have many residential and commercial projects under their name. They believe in fulfilling the commitments and delivering the projects within proposed deadlines. Multiple projects are currently under development under Nova City Developers, Nova City Islamabad and Peshawar being top of them.

It is designed by keeping an eye for unmatched luxury, top-of-the-line facilities along excellent investment options. Moreover, a highly accessible location is chosen by Nova Group to develop the society.

Development Status

Nova City Peshawar is recently announced; therefore it is currently in the pre-launch phase. There is not much information about the society as of yet but Manahil Estate brings all the available information for you in one place.

Similarly, the rates of the plots here are also pre-launch prices. Now is the best time to invest in this society to get affordable prices and massive outcomes.

Nova City Peshawar NOC

Nova City Peshawar is under review by the concerned authority for NOC. The management has already applied for NOC, Nova Group understands the importance of NOC for gaining the attention of investors and prospective residents and the success of society.

Nova City Developers are making noticeable efforts to fulfill the approval criteria of the concerned development authority. Looking at the current progress, we can expect the NOC to be granted soon to society.

Another factor that guarantees the approval soon is the diverse expertise of Nova Group since they have been working in the real estate sector for years. They understand the bits and pieces of the approval procedure very well. So, we can say that they will acquire the NOC soon.

Nova City Peshawar Location

Without any doubt, location is the main feature of a housing society that contributes to its success and market value. If we look at its location, it resides adjacent to the M-1 Motorway, near Charsada and Peshawar City. To be accurate, the project lies very close to the Charsada Interchange of Peshawar.

The project features a highly-accessible location and that is one of the main reasons for its attraction.

It is easy to reach not only Peshawar and Charsada but also from other surrounding areas and Islamabad and Rawalpindi as well. It is located just 5 to 7 minutes away from the M-1 Motorway.


Nova City Peshawar offers high accessibility from multiple points near Peshawar and Charsada but also from other cities including Islamabad.

Following is the accessibility of the society:

  • 7 Minutes from M-1 Motorway
  • 10 Minutes from DHQ Hospital
  • 10 minutes from Charsada Road
  • 15 minutes from Bacha Khan University
  • 19 minutes from G.T Road/N-5
  • 19 minutes from main Peshawar City
  • 20 minutes from Peshawar Northern Bypass
  • 23 minutes from Mardan
  • 35 minutes from Risalpur
  • 36 minutes from Nowshehra
  • 40 minutes from Bacha Khan International Airport  
  • 40 minutes from Peshawar Ring Road

Nearby Landmarks

Following are the nearby landmarks surrounding Nova City Peshawar:

  • Peshawar City
  • Charsada Interchange
  • Charsada City
  • Mardan
  • Risalpur
  • Risalpur Airbase
  • M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway

Nova City Peshawar Master Plan

Society follows an international standard master plan for development. The vast experience of Nova Developers guarantees a perfect balance of nature and modernity, along with top-class features. Moreover, the project boasts eye-opening infrastructure and architecture.

Nova Group has deployed architects and planners with years of development, design, and planning experience. This ensures the implementation of all national and international standards. Not only this, but close attention to detail by the developers will balance the luxury, facilities, and affordability.

Society aims to provide the best living experience at considerably low rates. Furthermore, developers are putting hard work into meeting the requirements for approval, in addition to making the society a complete package for the people of Peshawar and other surrounding cities.

Plot Sizes

Nova City is offering the following plot sizes at the present time:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Nova City Peshawar Amenities

Nova City Peshawar is packed with all the basic as well as modern amenities for a well-balanced lifestyle. The best thing about society is that it provides a boatload of facilities at pocket-friendly rates. The perfect combination of prices, luxury, and contemporary amenities make it an all-in-one housing scheme for residents.

The master plan of the society has been developed to include plenty of open and green spaces. Moreover, special spots are also identified to develop parks and children’s play areas. Nova City is on its way to becoming an extravagant society in the vicinity of KPK.

Following are the amenities offered by the society:

Environment Friendly

The society will be environment friendly and nature enclosed. It means that there will be plenty of greenery, trees, and green belts to keep the environment of the society clean and healthy for the residents. Nova City Peshawar will be amongst the few housing projects of Pakistan to present a perfectly balanced lifestyle.

Health Facility

Health and wellness is the primary concern of residents of any housing society or area. Nova Group understands this, which is why they have included a state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure within the society. Residents will get access to the latest health facilities without leaving the comfort and premises of Nova City Peshawar.

Secure Community

Security is a non-compromised factor of a housing society. Nova City Peshawar is a properly secured community with help of a boundary wall and closed gate community. Moreover, security personnel of the society will ensure foolproof security. The premises of the society will be further secured by 24/7 uninterrupted CCTV surveillance.

High-quality Infrastructure

As mentioned earlier, Nova Group has put to work a team of highly professional individuals to design and plan the society. They will work hard to make sure all the national and international standards are followed during the development of Nova City Peshawar. The roads, homes, and commercial areas will be developed perfectly to meet the expectations of investors and prospective residents.

Special Commercial Areas

Nova City Peshawar would be incomplete without commercial areas. The developers plan to construct special commercial areas in the different sectors of the society that would serve as markets to the residents. Moreover, these commercial spaces will be home to leading national and international brands. They will host shopping malls, marts, shops, and outlets for meeting the daily needs of the prospective residents.


Mosques will be developed in all the neighborhoods of the society to elevate the relationship of the residents with Allah Almighty.


Nova City Peshawar will include the branches of leading educational institutes of the country. Residents will be able to give quality education to their children in society. Moreover, the society is close to many educational institutes like Bacha Khan University.

Wide Carpeted Roads

Road structure is of the utmost importance and ensures smooth traffic flow. Nova City Peshawar features wide and carpeted roads with green belts and functioning traffic lights so that residents can commute to and from society.


Following are some of the extensive features of Nova City Peshawar:

  • Secured Entrance
  • Quality Planning and Development
  • Underground provision of electricity
  • A gated community
  • The boundary wall at all sides
  • 24/7 uninterrupted security ensured by security personnel and CCTV screening
  • Medical Facilities
  • High-quality maintenance services
  • Environment-friendly master plan
  • Sufficient Water Resources
  • Affordable and High ROI scheme
  • Latest sewerage management system
  • Intelligent water disposal system
  • All basic utilities including water, gas, and power supply
  • Sports Facility
  • Mosques and Religious Centers

Nova City Peshawar Payment Plan

Currently, a pre-launch payment plan is released by Nova City Peshawar for the residential plots. Bookings are now available for these plots. The plots are already very reasonable, but to facilitate the customers, even more, society introduced an easy installment plan.

Following is the latest available payment plan for Nova City Peshawar:

Nova City Peshawar Prices

Booking Forms

Booking forms of the society are available at different branches of the following banks:

  • JS Bank
  • HBL (Habib Bank Limited)
  • The Bank of Khyber

Have a look at the following document to identify which branches of the above-mentioned banks are offering booking forms.

Nova City Peshawar Booking Details

The booking procedure is very simple and anyone can book their plot with ease. The procedure is similar to other housing societies like Capital Smart City and Nova City Islamabad. Application forms are easily available at the mentioned banks.

However, we advise our beloved customers to collect all the necessary information before opting for the booking process. Get an application form and simply follow the steps below to book your plots at the society:

  • Acquire the booking application form and fill the form completely. Re-read the form to make sure that you entered all the details correctly.
  • Attach the CNIC photocopies of the applicant.
  • Pay the down payment of your plot in favor of Nova City Peshawar. Confirm the bank account details before making a payment.
  • You can also opt for cash payment after confirmation from the management of society.
  • Submit the application form, along with all required documents to get a booking receipt from society.

Why invest in Nova City Peshawar?

There are plenty of reasons to invest in this society. The reasons for investing here are given below:

Experienced Developer

Society is being developed by Nova Group. It is an old name in the real estate market of Pakistan. Previously, the Nova group delivered numerous successful residential and commercial projects. Nova City Islamabad is also under development under the same developer. They are experienced with developing high-quality projects and delivering them on time.

Ideal Location

The location of Nova City is another fine reason to make investments in society. The project resides at a wonderful location near the Charsada Interchange of Peshawar and provides accessibility to many cities around Peshawar. Moreover, the G.T Road and M-1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway also provide access to Islamabad.

Affordable Prices

If you compare the prices of Nova City Peshawar with other similar projects, you will find a noticeable difference between them. One of the main reasons for low rates is that the society is currently in the pre-launch stage and development has not officially started yet. But we can expect the rates to sky-rocket with time as we’ve seen in Nova City Islamabad.

World-Class Features and Amenities

Nova City Peshawar provides a wide range of amenities in addition to all basic utilities. This makes society stand out from the crowd. Moreover, the developers combined modern amenities with a green environment to make society an ideal place to live and invest.

Secure Community

Security is a major concern for developers. To fulfill the need for security, the society is surrounded by a boundary wall and secure entry and exit points. Furthermore, on-duty security personnel and CCTV surveillance remove any doubts about security in society.

High Returns on Investment

As we witness the high investment returns of Nova City Islamabad. We will also see the rates of Nova City Peshawar after some time. Society is in such a way to become an investment hotspot of Peshawar and surrounding areas. In simple words, the society is destined to become a top housing project just like its sibling in Islamabad.

All Basic Facilities

Every resident or investor looks out for the basic utilities before putting their hard-earned cash into any residential project. Luckily, Nova City Peshawar is offering all of these facilities along with other high-end amenities. The society offers water supply, gas supply, and underground provision of electricity.

Healthy Surroundings

Nova City Peshawar is very smartly planned to give rise to a green a healthy living environment. Special spaces are kept in the master plan of the project where the developers plan to plant trees, develop green spaces and parks.

Pros and Cons

When talking about the pros and cons of Nova City Peshawar, the pros take the lead, although there are some cons as well.


  • Uninterrupted Water Supply
  • 24/7 Gas Supply
  • Undisrupted Power Supply
  • Top-notch security ensured by CCTV Screening
  • A gated community with boundary walls on all sides
  • Offers great accessibility and closure to major landmarks
  • Well planned and designed architecture
  • The wide carpeted road network
  • Environmental friendly housing society with plenty of green spaces and parks
  • Smart Water Disposal System
  • Quality Sewerage Management System
  • Quality Healthcare services


  • Perception of Faraway Location
  • Perception of High Prices

Nova City Peshawar – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nova City Peshawar?

It is a newly launched housing society by Nova Group. It is envisioned to become a leading housing society with a perfect balance of nature, amenities, and affordable prices.

How is Nova City Peshawar different from other housing societies?

Nova City Peshawar is a unique and one of its kind residential society in Peshawar. The society aims to provide international standard life to residents without getting heavy on the budget. Highly-qualified teams of Nova Group are working to make this project successful.

What is the location of Nova City Peshawar?

It is ideally located on the opposite side of M-1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway. Moreover, it is very close to the Charsada Interchange and G.T Road/N-5.  It is easily accessible from the surrounding of Peshawar and also Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Is Nova City Peshawar Affordable?

Nova City Peshawar is offering residential plots of different sizes at very reasonable prices. The prices are expected in the future and give great returns upon investments. If you compare the society with other similar projects, you’ll find a noticeable difference in the prices.

Is Nova City Peshawar Approved or Illegal?

The project is neither approved nor illegal. Instead, it is under process by the concerned development authority. The efforts and expertise of the developers will ensure the acquisition of NOC very soon.

Who are the developers of Nova City Peshawar?

Nova Group is a developing society. Nova Developers are very experienced developers. They have been delivering quality real estate projects for many years now. Previously they developed Nova City Islamabad.

What are the plot sizes at Nova City Peshawar?

As of now, only residential plots are released by society. Following sizes of plots are available at the society:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Are there any commercial plots in Nova City Peshawar?

Currently, there are no commercial plots available in society. But the management plans to launch the commercial plots soon. We will inform you when they release the commercial sector plots.

Is Nova City Peshawar a good short-term investment?

As of now, society is not as beneficial for short-term investments because the official development has not started yet and society is in the pre-launch phase.

Is Nova City Peshawar a good long-term investment?

Nova City Peshawar is one of the best long-term investments in the vicinity of Peshawar and Charsada. Society has the potential to give high returns on investment in the long run.


Nova City Peshawar is a new residential society launched by Nova Group after the immense success of the project in Islamabad. Society follows a goal of combining luxury, amenities, and accessibility, that too, at highly affordable prices. Nova City Peshawar features a great return on investment just like Nova City Islamabad.

The society offers residential plots of different sizes ranging from 3.5 Marla to 1 Kanal. The management will launch commercial plots in the future as well. At Nova City Peshawar, the residents will not only find all modern amenities but also a secure and healthy environment.

Now is the Right Time to Invest in Nova City Peshawar!

Manahil Estate highly recommends Nova City Peshawar as it serves as a golden investment opportunity for investors. Contact us today for further details of this project and to book your plots here. We will not only guide you but also help you get the plot that suits you best.

Contact us now via our phone numbers +92-345-5222253/ +92-335-8700072, email marketing@manahilestate.com, or submit your query through our website and one of our experts will get back to you ASAP!

You may also check out Nova City Islamabad and other housing societies like Silver City and 7 Wonders City Islamabad.