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Rudn Enclave Overseas Block

rudn enclave overseas block

Rudn Enclave is one of the most lucrative and rapidly developing housing societies in Rawalpindi. It is a multi-faceted housing project that offers affordable residential plots, commercial plots, as well as luxury farmhouse plots, which are suitable for investments and personal use.

Recently, the administration announced the launch of Rudn Enclave Overseas Block, which is the latest addition to the society. Rudn Enclave is divided into different blocks like General, Executive, and the upcoming Overseas Block. This is the only society in the twin cities that is present at 0 KM from Rawalpindi Ring Road.

On this page, we will give you all the available information about Rudn Enclave Overseas Block like the overview, location, accessibility, LOP approval, plot sizes, plot prices and payment schedule. Scroll through this whole page to get fully informed about the Overseas Block.

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block Overview

In Pakistan, Overseas Blocks are considered an important part of housing projects; therefore, almost every leading housing project has one. The main purpose of this block is to facilitate the overseas communities by providing an international standard lifestyle. Recently, the administration announced good news, Rudn Enclave Overseas Block is coming soon and it will be a milestone for the developers.

Overseas Block will be one of the most demanded additions in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. Developers will develop this block as per the requirements of Overseas Pakistanis. They will make sure; it is developed according to the highest standards. Furthermore, different sizes of residential plots will attract investors and potential customers. Furthermore, similar to other blocks, plots here will be offered in easy installments.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Overseas Block Detailed Video

Here is a detailed video about the Overseas Block of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi; you can view it to gather useful information about the upcoming block:

Comprehensive Guide to Overseas Block

This video gives you a detailed insights into the Overseas Block of the society:

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block Location

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block sprawls over a beautiful landscape of the Potohar region, near the Jawa Dam. It will have its entrance on Chakri Road, while it will be connected to the existing General and Executive Blocks of the society through internal roads network.

rudn enclave overseas block location

The location is ideal because there will be 3 major access routes in the future,i.e. Chakri Road, Adyala Road and Ring Road. Overseas Block will be easily accessible from different areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, so the residents will be able to travel to and fro on daily basis without any hassle.


Rudn Enclave is going to have 3 entrance points with separate entrance gates, i.e. General Block & Executive Block on Adyala Road, and Overseas Block on Chakri Road.

Accessibility of Overseas Block

Now, let us discuss the accessibility of Rudn Enclave Overseas Block from different places of the twin cities:

It is accessible in the following ways:

  • Main entrance on Chakri Road Rawalpindi
  • 0 kilometers from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Connected to Adyala Road through Executive & General Blocks
  • Approximately 35 minutes from Khawaja Corporation Chowk
  • Approximately 40 minutes from main G.T Road
  • Approximately 25 minutes from Bahria Town Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 32 minutes from DHA Islamabad – Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 45 minutes from Rawat
  • Approximately 55 minutes from Islamabad International Airport
  • Approximately 40 minutes from Kutchery Chowk
  • Approximately 55 minutes from Islamabad City
  • Approximately 21 minutes from Bahria Town Phase 8

Developers and Owners of Rudn Overseas Block

RMRSCO, which stands for Rahim Ud Din Naeem Bin Muhammad Razaque and Sons Corporation, is the owner of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. Similarly, the term RUDN also stands for Rahim Ud Din Naaem Enclave. They are also the developers of this project, but other development firms are also working in cooperation with RMRSCO.

National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) is the designer of this housing society. Furthermore, Urban Planning and Design (UPDL) is the planner of Rudn Enclave Overseas Block and the rest of the project. Moreover, New Leafs and Al-Haq Builders and Developers are also providing services for the development of Rudn Enclave.


For Overseas Block, the developers have decided to onboard with additional development firms. The main objective behind this initiative is to develop the Overseas Block ahead of time and deliver it in record time. Different areas of the Overseas Block will be given to different developers so that it can be completed on a priority basis.

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block will be developed according to the latest international standards. It will offer an improved living experience to the residents. Furthermore, the administration is also paying special attention to this block; hence, it will be developed timely.

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block NOC and Approval

A duly approved NOC is a must for housing projects, it not only makes it legal but also gains the trust of investors and potential customers. NOC was the major allegation faced by Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, but now, this allegation is removed as the administration has successfully acquired the LOP from Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA).

The administration of Rudn Enclave applied for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). This means that the developers have completed all the requirements of PHATA. Now, a duly approved LOP has been awarded to the society.

Furthermore, it also means that the NOC will be granted soon to society. Moreover, according to administration, Rudn Enclave Overseas Block is launched with a duly approved NOC from PHATA, which is good news for members and investors. You can also check the legal status of Rudn Enclave yourself but visiting the official website of PHATA.

For further information of NOC, please read: Rudn Enclave NOC To Be Approved Soon By PHATA.

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block LOP

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block comes with a duly approved LOP from PHATA, this means that the initial map of this upcoming block will be available to members. Furthermore, it will also show the overall layout of the Overseas Block and will help understand the structure.

This is another good news for the already existing members and people who are interested in purchasing plots in the Overseas Block. The LOP will be shared on the official website of Rudn Enclave after the official launch. The PHATA LOP number of Rudn Enclave is: DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/84/2023.

Master Plan

Since Rudn Enclave Overseas Block is being launched with an approved LOP (Layout Plan), we will get a copy of the official map from the society office in next few days. At present, we can share some basic information about the master plan as given below:

  • Overseas Block will have its own entrance gate on Chakri Road
  • It will be a comprehensive block with exclusive features & amenities planned for overseas Pakistanis
  • It will comprise multiple residential blocks that will be named after modern cities of the world, i.e. London Block, Paris Block, Dubai Block etc.
  • It will feature a large open safari park, a zip line, organic farm, artificial beach and a sky walk (glass bridge) over Java Dam
  • The overall land area of Overseas Block will be above 3000 kanals
  • Overseas block will be connected to Executive Block at Java Dam so the entire area of Rudn Enclave including General Block, Executive Block and Executive block will be connected though a network of wide internal roads.
  • All basic and modern amenities will be offered in the master plan. Furthermore, mosques, schools, commercial areas, and parks will be parts of the Overseas Block master plan.

The master plan of Overseas block will be unveiled very soon, so we will be able to discuss more specifically about its features after its official release.

Plot Sizes offered Rudn Enclave Overseas Block

A variety of plot sizes is offered in the Overseas Block of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, however initially it will offer 5 marla (25×50), 10 marla (35×70) and 1 kanal (50×90) residential plots as mentioned below:

Residential Plots

The residential plot sizes include:

  • 5 Marla (25 * 50)
  • 10 Marla (35 * 70)
  • 1 Kanal (50 * 90)

Commercial Plots

The commercial plots have not yet been launched by the administration. Hopefully, they will be launched in the future. We will share the details, sizes, and payment plans as soon as they are released by the Rudn administration.

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block Booking Categories

The administration of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi has introduced different categories for bookings:

  • The normal booking can be done with just a 20% down payment; such plots will be delivered on scheduled delivery dates.
  • Customers can also go for plots with numbers, for these plots, a 30% payment is applicable for booking.
  • The third category is early possession plots, 40% down payment is mandatory for these plots.

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block Payment Plan

The official payment plan of Overseas Block has been unveiled. It is a very affordable payment plan and offers easy installments in order to facilitate the customers. You can book your 5 marla, 10 marla or 1 kanal residential plot in Overseas Block by paying 20% down payment, while remaining amount is payable in 4 years through equal monthly or quarterly installments.

The official payment plan of Rudn Enclave Overseas Block is attached below:

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block Payment Plan

Payment Plan Explained

The overall payment plan is divided into 3 categories comprising regular bookings, balloted plots, and early possession plots.

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block 5 Marla Plots

5 Marla Simple Bookings

  • Total Price: PKR 1,890,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 378,000
  • Monthly Installments: PKR 27,563
  • At Possession: PKR 189,000

5 Marla Balloted Plots

  • Total Price: PKR 1,890,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 567,000
  • Monthly Installments: PKR 27,563
  • At Possession: PKR 189,000

5 Marla Early Possession Plots

  • Total Price: PKR 1,890,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 756,000
  • Monthly Installments: PKR 27,563
  • At Possession: PKR 189,000

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block 10 Marla Plots

10 Marla Simple Bookings

  • Total Price: PKR 3,570,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 714,000
  • Monthly Installments: PKR 52,063
  • At Possession: PKR 357,000

10 Marla Balloted Plots

  • Total Price: PKR 3,570,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 1,071,000
  • Monthly Installments: PKR 52,063
  • At Possession: PKR 357,000

10 Marla Early Possession Plots

  • Total Price: PKR 3,570,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 1,428,000
  • Monthly Installments: PKR 52,063
  • At Possession: PKR 357,000

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block 1 Kanal Plots

1 Kanal Simple Bookings

  • Total Price: PKR 5,450,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 1,090,0000
  • Monthly Installments: PKR 79,479
  • At Possession: PKR 545,000

1 Kanal Balloted Plots

  • Total Price: PKR 5,450,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 1,635,0000
  • Monthly Installments: PKR 79,479
  • At Possession: PKR 545,000

1 Kanal Early Possession Plots

  • Total Price: PKR 5,450,000
  • Down Payment: PKR 2,180,0000
  • Monthly Installments: PKR 79,479
  • At Possession: PKR 545,000

Booking Details and Further Information

Rudn Enclave Overseas block is going to have a limited number of plots in its first launch. About 2000 plots have been launched at this introductory price which includes 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal plots, so interested people should act fast to book a plot in Overseas Block. It is an excellent investment opportunity, as Overseas Block comes with an approved LOP from PHATA.

Feel free to reach out to us, if you need more information about the Overseas Block or about Rudn Enclave generally.

Our contact details are as follows:

When is Rudn Enclave Overseas Block Launching?

Rudn Enclave Overseas Block is officially launched by the developers. A mega event for revealing the Overseas Block and LOP was held on 15th November 2023. This was grand event, and numerous investors and realtors attended it. The administration shed light on the features of this block in the event.

Exquisite Features of Rudn Enclave Overseas Block

Following are some exquisite features, in addition to other basic and modern amenities in Rudn Enclave Overseas Block:

Open Safari Park

For the first time in Pakistan, an Open Safari Park will be incorporated in the Overseas Block of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. It will offer an exquisite close to close-to-nature recreational spot for the residents of the society. A variety of wildlife will be brought to this Safari park, where residents can immerse themselves in wildlife.

Artificial Beach

To further improve the standards of living, an artificial beach will be established at the bank of Jawa Dam. It will act as a leisure and entertainment spot in a landlocked setting. A taste of coastal living will be incorporated into the Overseas Block.

Pakistan’s Highest Sky Walk

Pakistan’s highest skywalk will also be established in Rudn Enclave Overseas Block. The skywalk was initially planned on Khasala Dam, but the land is not solid, therefore it requires more work. Now, it will be developed on Jawa Dam. It will offer thrilling activities for the residents of Rudn Enclave.

Zip Line

The developers have also planned to incorporate a long zip line in the Overseas Block. According to the details, it will pass over the Open Safari Park, offering thrill and views of the wildlife. It will be an attraction for the people of Rawalpindi.

Organic Food Farms

Organic food is becoming rare, as the demand for food is increasing with an increase in population. However, Rudn Enclave cares for the health of residents, therefore, Organic food farms will be developed to ensure a steady supply of organic fruits and vegetables for inhabitants.


After the groundbreaking of Rawalpindi Ring Road project by the care-taker government, this project is leaping towards completion with over 25 contractors working under the supervision of FWO. This is the right time to invest along Rawalpindi Ring Road, and more specifically around the planned interchanges so that you can gain maximum return on your investment.

Rudn Enclave boasts of its prime location right next to Rawalpindi Ring Road Adyala Interchange, while the Overseas Block is ideally placed right next to its Chakri Interchange. Hence, Rudn Enclave enjoys a special location that gets 2 interchanges of Rawalpindi Ring Road, and therefore, it is one of the best housing and investment options available to you today.

Overseas Block is destined to be the feather in the cap of Rudn Enclave due to its prominent location among a cluster of private housing schemes on Chakri Road. Having been pre-approved from PHATA, the society has no restrictions whatsoever on development & sales of this particular block. Therefore you can confidently invest in Rudn Enclave Overseas Block in any plot size, and you will ultimately heap manifold return from this investment.

Contact us for further information related to the Overseas Block of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi!