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Capital Smart City Farmhouses

Capital Smart City Farmhouses Cover Image


Capital Smart City Farmhouses are a great way to visualize modern luxury. Capital Smart City Farmhouses are going to appeal audience on a large scale because it not only offers big luxurious living spaces but it also offers every smart city feature.

So, these farmhouses are going to provide a unique combination of a pastoral farmhouse and smart amenities. These farmhouses are located in an approved housing project. Farmhouses are away from the hustle and bustle of the city and offer a great living experience with all its modern features.

There are many reasons that the Capital Smart City farmhouses are the best way to invest in a property that has got a promising future.

Location: Well Connected with the Capital City

Capital Smart City has recently acquired its dedicated interchange from M2 approved which means that the accessibility is a huge advantage for these farmhouses. The prime location near Islamabad International Airport and Motorway is the highlighting feature of these farmhouses and they are well connected with the city.

They are also planned in a good location with quiet and calm surroundings. With access to Chakri Road, the farmhouses provide an ideal living place.

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Plot Sizes: Spacious Living Spaces

The farmhouses in the society are spacious as they provide adequate space for the construction of the house and other leisure activities. The plot sizes on offer at Capital Smart City Farmhouses are 4 Kanal and 8 Kanal.

The owner of the house will have more than enough space to construct their dream house and they will be able to enjoy the advanced smart city features of the housing society.

Feature-Rich Amenities

Capital Smart City Farmhouses are unique from any other farmhouses that are being built in different housing societies around the city. There are many features of the farmhouses coupled with the smart city features of the Capital Smart City that make it stand apart from the competition. The features offered here are as follows:

  • Great Location within the Housing Society
  • Motorway Interchange
  • Basic Utilities (Water, Gas, and Electricity)
  • BBQ Area
  • Modern Kitchen with fitted cabinets
  • Swimming Pools
  • Furnished Rooms
  • Luxurious Interior and Exterior Space with Modern Architecture
  • Riding Clubs and Racing Tracks
  • Garden (Green Environment)
  • Golf Course
  • Maintenance Systems
  • Community Club
  • Gaming Zones
  • Football Stadium
  • Sports Facilities

Smart Features Add Value to Capital Smart City Farmhouses

Some of the smart city features are also worth mentioning to better understand the value of Farmhouses:

  • Smart Education City
  • State-of-the-art Health Facilities
  • Solar Parks
  • Load Shedding Free Area
  • WAPDA’s 1MW Feeder Operational
  • Automated Street Lights
  • Financial Square
  • Smart City Security 24/7 (CCTV Cameras with Facial and Object Recognition)


Please visit our Capital Smart City Price Page to get the latest payment plan for these farmhouses.

Well Planned Landscaping

Another reason for investing in the Capital Smart City Farmhouses is the developers of this beautiful housing project. It is a project of Future Holdings Developments (FDHL) and Habib Rafiq (Pvt), who are working immaculately to bring great value to their residents.

This is the reason that Capital Smart City is one of the earlier housing societies to get their WAPDA’s 1MW feeder operational. They are also working to enhance the living experience with Capital Smart City being the first smart city in the country.

Owning a Farmhouse in Capital Smart City will be like a dream come true for the residents as the developers are putting every effort to make it a great living experience.

Good for Investment

Capital Smart City Farmhouse is an amazing project from an investment point of view as well. The project will bring huge returns on investment (ROI) because it is only being made luxurious but all the modern amenities are included as standard.

Moreover, the electricity plant is now operational and Capital Smart City has gotten its interchange approved as well. All these advancements and fast-paced development work are a guarantee for great returns in the future as well.

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Capital Smart City Farmhouses are far ahead of their competition and there is no match for the luxury and smart city features of these farmhouses. It is a no-brainer for anyone looking to experience a luxurious living with all the amenities available to them.

Moreover, its ideal location makes it an even easier recommendation for anyone looking for a farmhouse. There is not a single competitor in the market that comes close to them. Contact us now to get your dream farmhouse at Capital Smart City!

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