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Awais Block – Safari Valley – Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Awais Block Safari Valley

Bahria Town is a diverse housing project of Malik Riaz Hussain in Rawalpindi, which acts as a hotspot investment and living destination in the twin cities. Bahria Town is divided into different phases, and one of the major phases is Phase 8. Awais Block Safari Valley is a dedicated residential sector present in Phase 8, which offers contemporary living and investment opportunities.

Awais Block is a part of Safari Valley, a master-planned community that offers a range of residential and commercial properties. Awais Block, also known as Awais Qarni Block, specifically, is a residential sector within the premises of Safari Valley.

On this page, we will give you valuable insights into Awais Block Safari Valley, Bahria Town Rawalpindi, so that you can understand it better and take improved investment decisions.

Awais Block Safari Valley Location

Location is a primary aspect of a property or a housing project, which is considered by customers, as it determines the neighborhood, accessibility, and overall market value. Awais Block Safari Valley is blessed with a magnificent and strategic location within Phase 8, Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

It is ideally located at the rear side of Usman Block, in front of Sector E and right next to Sector I of Phase 8. Roots Millennium Campus, Bahria Work Shop, and Sector C mini-commercial are present right next to its location.

Awais Block Safari Valley Location

The location of Awais block is the most appealing factor since it gives you easy access to all blocks of Bahria Town Phase 8 and Safari Valley. The only residential plot size in this block is 8 Marla (30×60) and the commercial plot size is 5 Marla (30×40). Development work has been completed in this block, and plots are ready for construction.

Development Status

Bahria Town Private Limited is the developer of Awais Block Safari Valley, just like the rest of the phases, sectors, and blocks of the society. Bahria Town is known for developing well-planned and modern communities that offer a high standard of living.

If we talk about the development, Awais Block has been completely developed and delivered by Bahria Town. All of the residential and commercial pot cuttings have been developed, and possessions are granted to the rightful owners. Furthermore, the road network of Awais block is fully developed, and residents use it for daily commutation. The main entrance of this block is also ready and security personnel are present here.

Here are some images that show the latest development status of this block:

This a comparatively smaller block, therefore, the development has been completed at a fast pace, some of the neighboring commercials are completed, however, some commercial strips are developing, and multiple grey structures have been finished. The parks and open spaces are also ready, in addition to this, numerous homes have been constructed and people are living here. Further structures are being constructed and families are moving here. Houses are built on almost all of the streets, and there are a few plots in Awais Block.

Development Video

You can see the video attached below to get a better understanding of the development status of Awais Block Safari Valley:

Awais Block Safari Valley Master Plan

The master plan of Awais Block is designed by a team of professionals working under the supervision of Bahria Town. Its master plan enables Awais Block to act as a comprehensive residential community within Bahria Town Phase 8. The central Avenue of this block is 80 feet wide, whereas the streets are 50 feet wide. There is a grand mosque for the residents of this sector along with spacious parking. Furthermore, 2 parks and a dedicated mini-commercial are also a part of Awais Block.

Awais Block Safari Valley Master Plan

Awais block is the smallest block of Safari Valley which consists of only 86 residential plots and a few commercial plots in the center. Awais Qarni block is situated at a very prime location on Bahria Expressway just at the back of Usman D block, next to Phase 8 E block and opposite Phase 8 I and H blocks.


Plot Sizes

It is a comparatively smaller block, therefore there are limited residential and commercial plot cuttings, this not only makes Awais block desirable but also more valuable.

The plot sizes of this block are discussed below:

Residential Plots

Residential plot sizes are as follows:

  • 8 Marla

Commercial Plots

Commercial plot sizes are as follows:

  • 5 Marla

Awais Block Safari Valley Plots Price Range

The price ranges of plots in Awais Block are as follows:

Residential Plots

  • The average prices of 8 Marla plots in Awais Block range from PKR 95 Lacs to PKR 1 Crore 55 Lacs depending on the location and specifications.

Commercial Plots

  • The average prices of 5 Marla plots in Awais Block range from PKR 1 Crore 80 Lacs to PKR 2 Crore 15 Lacs.

Buying Details

Due to its compact sizes, limited plots inventory, and magnificent location, Awais Block acts as a fine investment option and a brilliant living community. If you are interested in learning more about this block of Safari Valley or if you have made up your mind to purchase property here, contact Manahil Estate today for authentic and reliable consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Awais Block Safari Valley

Q- Is Awais Block a dedicated sector of Bahria Town Phase 8?

Yes, Awais Block is a part of Safari Valley, it is a residential sector and offers a small number of commercial plots.

Q- What is the location of Awais Block Safari Valley?

It is present at the backside of Khalid Block in Safari Valley, It is neighbored by Sector C, and Sector I and features connectivity to all blocks and sectors of Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Q- What are the residential plot sizes in this block?

8 Marla residential plots are available in block

Q- What are the commercial plot sizes of this block?

5 Marla plots are offered in the commercial category of Awais Block.

Q- What is the development status of Awais Block?

This block is fully-developed, the road network is complete, plot cuttings are delivered and numerous houses are built and families are residing here.

Q- Is this block good for investments?

Yes, due to various factors such as accessibility, limited inventory, and location, this block acts as one of the finest investment destinations of Bahria Town Rawalpindi.


Awais Block offers a desirable residential living experience within the larger Safari Valley community. wais Block is located within Safari Valley, which is part of Bahria Town Phase 8. It is surrounded by other blocks such as Khalid Block, Sector C, Sector E, and Sector I. The development work in Awais Block has been completed.

As part of Safari Valley, Awais Block benefits from various facilities such as mosques, parks, and other basic and modern amenities. Awais Block Safari Valley offers a convenient and well-developed residential community within Bahria Town Rawalpindi, making it an attractive option for individuals and families looking for a comfortable living experience.

Feel free to contact us for any kind of information related to this block, or for purchasing residential/commercial property!