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Daily Updated Plot Prices in Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City is gradually becoming a frequently traded commodity, and a large number of investors/dealers are engaged in buying and selling of its residential and commercial plot files.

Due to volatility in property prices due to fluctuating demands, profit rates keep moving up and down from time to time, so we thought it important to create a dedicated page to share latest profit rates.

Since booking prices for residential plots have been increased a number of times over the past 2 years, profit rates for same size of plot with different booking prices will vary significantly.

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Following is the list of latest prices of residential and commercial plots at Capital Smart City: (Updated on 15th October 2019)

Plot SizePlot TypeBlockBooking PriceMin. ProfitMax. Profit
5 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas17,00,000/-130,000/-150,000/-
5 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas18,00,000/-50,000/-80,000/-
5 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas19,50,000/--50,000/-100,000/-
5 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas21,00,000/--100,000/-50,000/-
7 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas25,90,000/--50,000/-50,000/-
7 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas27,40,000/-N/AN/A
10 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas30,00,000/-50,000/-100,000/-
10 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas31,50,000/-25,000/-50,000/-
10 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas33,50,000/--50,000/-150,000/-
10 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas36,00,000/--100,000/-50,000/-
12 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas37,80,000/-25,000/-100,000/-
12 MarlaResidentialGeneral/Overseas39,80,000/-N/AN/A
1 KanalResidentialGeneral/Overseas46,00,000/-100,000/-150,000/-
1 KanalResidentialGeneral/Overseas48,00,000/-25,000/-50,000/-
1 KanalResidentialGeneral/Overseas49,75,000/--75,000/-50,000/-
1 KanalResidentialGeneral/Overseas54,00,000/-N/AN/A
2 KanalResidentialGeneral/Overseas99,50,000/-N/AN/A
2 KanalResidentialGeneral/Overseas106,00,000/-N/AN/A
Commercial Plots
4 MarlaCommercialGeneral/Overseas56,00,000/-500,000/-15,00,000/-
8 MarlaCommercialGeneral/Overseas112,00,000/-Level10,00,000/-

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