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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City FAQs

Capital Smart City is one of the hottest real estate investment options today in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, therefore a lot of people want to know more about the concept, the background, the plan and the development progress. We thought it meaningful to create a dedicated post to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Capital Smart City.

For easy navigation through the questions, we are creating a table of contents below so that you can click on a question and jump directly to the answer you are looking for.

We have endeavored to include all relevant questions about Capital Smart City in the above list, however, if you didn’t find answers to your questions, you can contact us for further assistance.

Let’s start with the answers to the FAQs’ starting from the first one:

What is Future Developments Holdings Private Limited?

Future Developments Holdings Private Limited is a consortium of internationally renowned companies, i.e. Engineering Dimensions Private Limited (EDL) and China Liaoning International Cooperation Group (CLIC) in association with FWO. The international giants have come together to revolutionize the housing and industrial sectors of Pakistan by establishing state-of-the-art projects along the Motorway M-2 and CPEC.

How is HRL Associated with FDHL?

HRL has partnered in the project through their subsidiary “EDL”. HRL’s CEO Mr. Zahid Rafique chairs the executive committee of FDH. HRL’s GM Mr. Aslam Malik is Chief Operating Officer at Capital Smart City, and he is directly in charge of the planning, development and investments in the project. You can find him in almost all the events and meetings of the society.

What is the Concept of Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City is an initiative of FDHL to introduce the smart city concept for the first time in Pakistan. A smart city is any city which uses information and technology to manage its resources efficiently. It uses different types of sensors, and data collection methods to make public services more efficient and produce a secure environment.

For example, Dubai is using smart city technology for parking, transportation, traffic routing and infrastructure planning. Singapore is considered to be a gold standard smart city, as it uses sensors and IoT enabled cameras to monitor the city, the environment and the transport services. It also uses technologies to monitor real time usage of energy, waste production, and water use.

Capital Smart City has been designed by “Surbana Jurong”, a Singaporean Government-owned urban planning firm. The society will use latest technologies and sensors to monitor the environment, security, public safety, public health, waste production, transportation and energy consumption.

How Much Area is Capital Smart City Planned Over?

Capital Smart City is currently planned over an area of about 45 thousand kanals of land, however more land is being purchased for future extensions. Current development work is being carried out over an area of 25000 kanals in the first phase of developments.

What are the Exclusive Features of Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City is not like a normal housing scheme, it is going to be a smart city. Exclusive features of the projects are listed below:

1- A clean and tranquil environment away from the chaotic life of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

2- Use of smart city technologies to ensure public safety, health, security, entertainment, transportation, environmental hazards and air pollution.

3- Provision of luxury lifestyle, including exclusive entertainments arenas, theme parks, golf course, international standard eduction and health institutions and BRT System.

4- Exclusive shopping arcades, and commercial hotspots to attract businesses.

5- Residential blocks include Crystal Lake, Hills Vista, China Village and Overseas Block.

6- Commercial blocks include Financial Square, Aviation Village and FDH Buildings.

7- More amenities include Masjids, Parks, Jogging Tracks, Holiday Park, Healthcare City, Education City, BRT System, Criminal Defence System, Water Treatment Plant, Free WiFi zones and much more.

How Many Plots are There in Capital Smart City?

There is not exact number available as to how many plots are currently being sold by the Company. An estimated figure is around 18,000 plots, however it can be a bit less or more. As per the company’s policy, the society will sell no more than 80% of the planned plots. Remaining plots will be used in future launches at revised prices.

What is the Exact Location of Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City is located in Mouza Chahan and Mouza Mandwal. Current development is taking place in Mouza Chahan near Chahan Dam site, hence you see a big water reservoir on Google Maps right next to the society.

What is the Road Access to Capital Smart City?

Current road access is through Chakri Road. You can either use chakri interchange if you are coming from motorway m-2, or you can use internal roads of Rawalpindi to access Chakri Road. Future access will be much easier through Rawalpindi Ring Road, and a dedicated interchange on Motorway M-2.

What is the Difference Between Overseas Block and General Block?

There is little difference between Overseas Block and General Block. There is no special location difference; both lie opposite to each other, however a few more security features will be enjoyed by the residents of overseas block, i.e. facial recognition cameras, electric bikes and smart security cards. Another difference could be the possession time-frame, as Overseas Block is the first to be developed and handed over by 2020, whereas General Block will be handed over after 2021.

What is the Benefit of Buying in Overseas Block?

The major benefit of Overseas block besides additional security features is, of course, early possessions. It is the first block to be developed in Capital Smart City. If you are buying to build your house by next 3 years, Overseas block is the right choice.

I Live in Pakistan, Can i Book a Plot in Overseas Block?

Well, you cannot book a plot in Overseas Block unless you have residence outside Pakistan. If you can use overseas address and numbers for communication, you can apply for overseas block. Alternatively, you can buy an overseas residential or commercial plot from secondary resale market and get it transferred to your name.

Why Do They Call it Islamabad if It Falls in Rawalpindi?

Actually it lies around Motorway M-2, which is known as Islamabad Motorway, hence it is called Islamabad, and not Rawalpindi. After the revision of the master plan of Islamabad, this whole area alongside the motorway m-2 up to Islamabad Airport is expected to fall under CDA.

Will It be Accessible Through Rawalpindi Ring Road?

If you happen to visit the Society from Chakri Road, you will find a notice board close to the entrance of Capital Smart City, which reads “Proposed Site for Ring Road”. As the Government has already approved the project and released payment for purchase of land, it will take about 2 years to get easy access to the society through Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Can we Approach the Society from Motorway M-2?

Well, currently the access is through Chakri Road only. However, a dedicated interchange is planned on Motorway M-2 for direct and easy access. The society has purchased thousands of acres of land which is stretched along the motorway for about 6 KM. FWO will work on the dedicated interchange after the final design is approved by NHA.

Is Capital Smart City Approved by RDA?

Yes, it is approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority. It has received its NOC on revised and extended area of Capital Smart City in September 2019.

What is NOC Number of Capital Smart City?

As per the approved societies list, Capital Smart City is listed on 45th number in approved housing schemes falling under RDA.

Which Company has Designed the Master Plan of Capital Smart City?

A Singaporean based Government-owned firm “Surbana Jurong” is responsible for the urban planning and designing of the master plan of Capital Smart City. Surbana Jurong is internationally renowned for designing smart cities across the globe in various countries.

Is the Master Plan Map of Capital Smart City Available?

Yes, a broader provisional master plan of Capital Smart City is available and approved but it is not disclosed publicly. Final map will be disclosed to general public after the ballot for plot numbers.

Who is the Developer of Capital Smart City?

HRL itself is one of the biggest private developers in Pakistan. So, all the earth work and basic infrastructure development work is being carried out by Habib Rafique Private Limited.

Does HRL Own Any Other Housing Projects in Pakistan?

Yes, it does. HRL has developed a couple of housing projects by the name of “Royal Orchard Housing” in Multan, Sargodha and Sahiwal. HRL has used another subsidiary company “Royal Builders and Developers” to launch those housing schemes.

What is the Launching Date of Capital Smart City?

The Society launched its Overseas Block in mid 2018 in London, while General and Executive Block were launched on 2nd of May 2019 at the project site of Capital Smart City.

What is the Balloting Date of Capital Smart City?

FDH has not announced any specific date for balloting yet. However, the computerized ballot for plot numbers will be held in November 2019. Those who have booked at 100% and 50% upfront payment will be given plots as per their choice. Remaining eligible members will be included in the ballot for allotment of plots.

What is the Story of Merger of Capital Smart City with DHA?

As per the news circulating in the market, DHA is buying 35 to 40% shares of Capital Smart City. Both parties are having negotiations on financial terms and JV framework, however broader terms have been agreed on by both the parties. Agreement with NDU is being considered as part of the partnership agreement between HRL and DHA. Secondary sources confirm the news, however official announcement will come from DHA only once they finalize their terms.

Why Do Some Agents Call it DHA Capital Smart City or DHA Smart City?

As per the market news, the society name will be changed to DHA Capital Smart City or DHA Smart City after the official announcement of DHA partnership in the project. There is still no official footing of this news, therefore we do not use DHA’s name only to sell Capital Smart City.

Is it Safe to Buy Resale Files of Capital Smart City from Open Market?

Yes, it is safe. All you need to do is find a good company to get you files from the market. Especially, if you want to buy files of overseas block, you have to make sure that you are buying what you are paying for. Some frauds have happened in the market, especially in case of commercials in secondary market. Few dealers sold cheap local files in the name of overseas block, and looted the naive customers. Therefore, if you want to buy from secondary market, double check what you are buying before you pay.

What Will be the Return on My Investment in Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City is a medium to long term investment opportunity. It is more preferred if you are looking to build your house in a peaceful environment while enjoying modern facilities. Short term gain is expected after the expected DHA Merger, and expected ballot for plot numbers when map will be officially released. If you hold for 3 to 5 years, you can earn as much as 100% to 200% returns due to some major developments.

1- Ring road and motorway access will be ready by then, so access will be direct and much shorter.

2- Overseas block and few other blocks will have possessions, and mass scale construction work will have begun by then.

3- Commercial markets will have been developed, and smart city features will have been implemented.

4- Hospital, University, Golf Course and other amenities will have been ready or near completion.

As the Twin Cities are growing out of their boundaries, and master plans of big cities are being revised by the present Government, you can expect the area along the motorway and Islamabad Airport to be the most valuable for living by next 3 to 5 years.

So if you go for medium to long term, things will have been quite materialized to evaluate the actual worth of plots at Capital Smart City.

Is My Investment at Capital Smart City 100% Secure?

Yes, it is 100% secure. The team behind Capital Smart City has a 6 decades long history of achievements and it is an internationally renowned organization. Moreover, the society has acquired more than the planned land, and its broader master plan is approved by RDA.

Why Capital Smart City Bookings are Open for so Long?

Capital Smart City is one of the biggest housing initiative which launched about a year ago, when property markets in Pakistan were going down. It took some time for people to understand the concept and background of the project, therefore not many plots could be sold in first few months. After the physical development started, and the actual plan unfolded, people started to respond positively and most of the plots were booked over the past few months.

At present, bookings are almost closed for 5 marla and 7 marla plots, while other sizes have limited availability. Bookings will be officially closed very soon, so now is the right time to make a good decision.

What is the Payment Plan of Capital Smart City?

Following is the payment plan of residential plots at Capital Smart City:

Plot SizeBookingConfirmationInstallments x 12 QtrsTotal Price
5 Marla483,000/-NIL160,000/-2,415,000/-
7 Marla630,200/-NIL210,000/-3,151,000/-
10 Marla414,000/-414,000/-276,000/-4,140,000/-
12 Marla457,700/-457,700/-305,000/-45,77,000/-
1 Kanal621,000/-621,000/-415,000/-6,210,000/-
2 Kanal12,19,000/-12,19,000/-815,000/-12,190,000/-

Following is the payment plan of commercial plots at Capital Smart City:

Plot SizeBookingConfirmationInstallments x 12 QtrsTotal Price
4 Marla10,53,000/-10,53,000/-702,000/-105,30,000/-
6 Marla14,04,000/-14,04,000/-936,000/-14,040,000/-
8 Marla17,55,000/-17,55,000/-11,70,000/-17,550,000/-

Following is the payment plan of luxury farm houses at Capital Smart City:

Plot SizeBookingConfirmationInstallments x 12 QtrsTotal Price
4 Kanal29,50,000/-29,50,000/-19,65,000/-29,500,000/-
8 Kanal49,00,000/-49,00,000/-32,65,000/-49,000,000/-

Are the Given Prices Inclusive of Development Charges?

No, the given prices of residential and commercial plots are exclusive of any development charges. It is just the cost of land, which is payable in 3 years. Development charges will be applied near the final stage of development. Farm House prices are, however, inclusive of development charges.

How Much are the Development Charges of Capital Smart City and When Will They be Applicable?

Development charges for residential plots will be around 1 lac per marla, so a 5 marla plot will cost 5 lac development charges. Similarly, development charges of commercial plots will be around 5 lac per marla, so a 4 marla commercial plot will cost 20 lacs development charges. Development charges will be applicable near the final stages of development, i.e. after about 2 to 3 years or so.

Is Capital Smart City Going to Revise Plot Prices?

Yes, plot prices are going to be increased very soon, as very limited bookings are left. Expected revised prices of residential plots are about 30% higher than current prices, while commercial plot prices may be revised by 50% or more. As per market news, DHA has shared its desired price list with HRL, wherein commercial plot prices have been revised by 400%.

What is the Booking Procedure of Capital Smart City?

If you want to book a residential or commercial plot or farm house in Capital Smart City Islamabad, please follow the procedure given below:

  1. Make a Pay Order or Check for 10% down payment in favor of the Developer
  2. Download, print and fill out this Application Form
  3. Attach 3 passport size photographs of applicant
  4. Attach CNIC/NICOP copies of applicant and next of kin (nominee)
  5. Submit your form, documents and pay order to us to confirm your booking.

After the booking process is complete, and your intimation letter is issued from the head office, you can either collect it personally or we can dispatch it your given address.

How Long does it Take to Complete the Booking Process?

Booking process starts after you submit your application form, along with documents and down payment. You will be given a receipt against your documents at the time of booking. It will take around 4 weeks to get your file issued from the head office, and same shall be delivered to you by hand or via courier.

Is My Plot Confirmed if I Pay 10% Down Payment?

Well, you will need to pay another 10% confirm charges after 30 days of 10% booking amount. If you do not pay the confirmation charges within given time, your booking may be canceled. If you pay according to the given payment plan, your allotment will be confirmed after the computerized ballot for plot numbers.

Can I Book a Commercial Plot Now at Revised Prices?

Yes, You Can !. Commercial plots are available in very limited quantity and there is high demand for these commercials. Latest price per marla of commercial plots in Capital Smart City is 19.50 Lacs/Marla. So, a 4 marla commercial plot will cost 78 lacs, and 8 marla commercial plot will cost 1.56 Crore.

How Can I Book a Confirm Corner or Boulevard Plot?

If you want to confirm a category, you will need to pay at least 40% amount as down payment. If you book with 10% down payment, you plot will be included in the ballot for categories. You may get a corner or boulevard plot or not, it is not guaranteed. If you 40% amount, you can get approval of desired category right at the time of booking.

If you opt for confirm category booking, we will recommend that you pay 50% down payment. If you pay half amount, you are eligible for 5% discount. So, you will save good money and get your confirm category booking with 50% payment.

How Long Will it Take for Possessions?

Since HRL is one of the biggest developers in Pakistan, you can witness much quicker delivery. Officially, the society had set the target of possessions by mid 2021 for overseas block, however they are offering early possessions to Overseas and Executive Blocks from the first quarter of 2020.

Is There any Discount Offered if I Pay Full Amount at Booking?

Yes, you have two discount options available at the time of booking. If you pay 50% amount at the time of booking, you get 5% discount from the total price, and if you pay 100% amount at the time of booking, you get 10% discount.

Where Can I Submit the Application Form to Book My Plot?

Application forms can be submitted along with down payment and documents at Manahil Estate’s office in Bahria Town Phase 7 Office, or our side-office at Silver Square Plaza, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad.

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