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Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is a new mega housing project situated on Motorway M-2 Islamabad sponsored by Future Development Holdings (pvt) Ltd. in association with Surbana Jurong, Singapore. It is a unique housing concept in Pakistan which aims to bring housing development standards at par with the modern world. High-end development infrastructure coupled with modern technologies makes a city smart, hence we call it “Capital Smart City”.

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Capital Smart City is one of the biggest housing projects in Islamabad, and the first in Pakistan to introduce “Smart City Features”. It has been launched officially on October 6, 2019. Development work is currently in progress at a rapid pace allowing early possessions of a few residential sectors in its “Overseas & Executive Blocks”.


FDHL is an international consortium of big development companies headed by Habib Rafiq (pvt) Limited, which is a well-known and reputable name in the industry of housing and construction with an illustrious history spanning over 6 decades. Besides HRL’s expertise in mega infrastructure projects, i.e. Motorways, Dams, Power Plants, Highways and Airports; it has developed quality housing projects like Bahria Town and DHA. It has already delivered its own housing projects by the name of “Royal Orchard” in Multan, Sargodha and Sahiwal.


HRL has deployed the best of its professional expertise and resources in planning and development of this first ever smart city housing project in Pakistan. A number of international urban planning & design consultants have also been taken on board in order to carve out an exemplary town planning in Capital Smart City. Some of the local and international consultants include Surbana Jurong, Cracknell, Harradine Golf, Troon Golf, DSA Architects, Arquivio Architects, AIP Studioworks, and Designmen.

What is a Smart City?

As the tagline goes “Smart is the way to live today”, Capital Smart City is an important harbinger of a revolution in the real estate industry of Pakistan. We have come a long way from the era of standard towns and gated communities which have cropped up across the Country over the past 2 decades.

Smart City

Today is the age of technology, hence deploying modern technologies and IT infrastructure for efficient and effective public services is what a “Smart City” is all about.

NOC and Legal Status

Capital Smart City is a legitimate & approved housing project. It has obtained initial and revised NOCs from RDA. The society is planned over an area of 55000 kanals of land, while ample land has been appropriated for future extensions in order to actualize the concept of a Smart City.

Capital Smart City

Initially, the development work has started over an area of about 15000 kanals of land. The development scope will keep expanding over time so soon as initial blocks are delivered and building construction work begins. FDHL has already acquired more than 80% of the total required land, while more land is being purchased for future extensions.

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Eco-Friendly Environment

Capital Smart City is essentially an eco-friendly project. Special attention has been given to the preservation of natural beauty of this verdant terrain, and multiple areas have been earmarked for parks, nurseries and plantation. Additionally, sophisticated technologies are being deployed for automated disposal of refuse, especially hazardous one, and treatment of sewerage water in order to curb pollution.

Smart City Eco Friendly Environment

It is planned on the principles of self-sustainability keeping in view the projected influx of population in Rawalpindi & Islamabad over time. Smart technologies will help maintain sanitary environment by keeping a check on air & water pollution and reducing emission of carbon (CO2) and methane (CH4).

Project Location

Capital Smart City is ideally located close to Thalian Interchange at about 9.2 KM distance from Motorway M-2 Toll Plaza. It falls in Mouza Chahan and Mouza Mandwal with about 6 KM stretch of land facing the motorway.

The society is planned with a futuristic vision. The land is fertile with ample reservoir of water in the form of Chahan Dam, hence availability of natural resources and planned connectivity to major road networks is driving people’s attention towards this surburban area of Rawalpindi.

Currently, the society has access from Chakri Road, while 2nd access will be from its dedicated interchange on Motorway M-2. Once the Rawalpindi Ring Road project is completed, it will be directly connected to GT road via Ring Road with easy access to all parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Following is the location map of Capital Smart City Islamabad:

Capital Smart City Location Map

New Islamabad International Airport, coupled with CPEC western route, is going to drive the future of developments in Islamabad. Therefore, the location of Capital Smart City is of vital importance.

Once the connectivity issue is resolved, major chunk of population and businesses will rush towards this newly developing commercial zone along the motorway. Direct access through Motorway M-2 Interchange will make it much easier for the residents to travel to New Islamabad Airport, as well as Islamabad City through Kashmir Highway Interchange.

The Neighborhood

Since this area is going to be the future hub of residential and commercial activities in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, a host of housing projects have emerged over the past couple of years. Close-by housing schemes include Al-Haram City, CBR Town Phase 2, PIA Enclave, Bin Alam City, Blue World City and FGEHF Thalian Housing Scheme. 

The Master Plan

Capital Smart City’s master plan is meticulously designed by a Singaporean government-owned urban planner “Surbana Jurong“, which is renowned for designing smart cities across the World. The consulting companies include Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Ltd. and Engineering Dimensions Ltd.

The master plan map of Capital Smart City is attached below:


The master plan can be divided into several districts with respect to planned activities including education, health care, recreation, residence, and business. We will share detailed information on planned features of Capital Smart City in the appropriate section of this page.

As you can see on the master plan map given above, there are several blocks dedicated for residential, commercial and recreational purposes. There are over 45000 dwelling units planned in the society that will house over 360,000 people.

Capital Smart City aerial view

Maximum distance to public facilities in each block is approximately 500 meters. This mega development will create over 200,000 employment opportunities including over 90,000 IT related jobs to bolster the economy.

You can go through the brief description of each District of Capital Smart City below:

Panda District

This is a dedicated area for mixed use residential, commercial and recreational activities. It will have shopping malls, offices, restaurants and retail business.

Health Care District

Quality health care services are of paramount importance in Capital Smart City. Be it a hospital, clinic, laboratory or any other health care services, the society has a dedicated district for such activities.

Health District

A big name “Agha Khan University Hospital” is rumored to have been in negotiations with FDHL to open up a branch in Capital Smart City, so it is a important place.

Aviation District

This area is specifically reserved for logistics warehouses, cold storage warehouses, logistics corporate offices, exhibition halls, technology parks, 3 star hotels, and restaurants.

Education District

This area is reserved for educational activities. National Defence University has already signed agreement to open up its branch. Although each residential block will have its own local schools and institutions, yet this district is solely meant for this purpose.

Education District

More quality schools, colleges, medical colleges, universities, libraries and vocational institutions will be established in this particular district.

Financial Square

Financial square is the major corporate business hub of Capital Smart City. All the banks will be established in this dedicated area. It will also have Financial Square Gate Offices, Conference/Exhibition Halls, Restaurants, 5 Star Boutique Hotels and Residential Apartments.

Crystal Lake

It is a mixed use commercial and retail activity area. It will have crystal water lake with floating village. Other features include Shopping Malls, 3D Cinemas, Concert Arena, Music & Dancing Fountain, Lake Walk, 4 Star Hotels, Restaurants, Offices and Residential Apartments.

Holiday Park

This area is designed for leisure and entertainment activities. It will have street food truck park, birds park, theme park and restaurants.

Executive Block

This is a residential area comprising residential plots and villas meant for native resident Pakistanis. It will have dedicated spaces reserved for Masjid, family parks, and small commercial markets for grocery stores, food shops, etc. It will also have health care and education facilities within the block. Executive Block will be ready for possessions by mid 2020.

Overseas Block

This is a residential block comprising residential plots and villas meant for Overseas Pakistanis. It will have its own commercial markets, Masjids, family parks, school and health care facilities. Overseas District 1 is the first area in Capital Smart City to be developed and handed over by first quarter of 2020, while Overseas District 2 will be developed subsequently and delivered by 2022.

Harmony Park

Quite recently, a low-cost residential block named “Harmony Park” has been launched which offers 3.5 marla residential plots and standard one bed and two bed villa apartments on flexible installment plans. This block lies next to Executive block, and it will be accessible through Gate No.2 of Capital Smart City, i.e. Ex-National Garden Housing Scheme, on Chakri Road.

All residential and commercial amenities including parks, commercial areas, masjid, school and entertainment areas will be developed for the residents of Harmony Park. Master plan of this block is currently being prepared, and development is starting soon. Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block will be ready for living by 2023.

Overseas Prime Block

After the society acquired National Garden Housing Scheme which lies right next to Capital Smart City entrance on Chakri Road, FDH planned an exclusive block in this area for overseas Pakistanis with extra development features and named it “Overseas Prime Block“.

Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block

This block comprises many residential sectors, and it one of the biggest blocks of Capital Smart City. Residential plot sizes in overseas prime block are 7 marla, 10 marla, 12 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal, while commercial plot sizes are 4 marla and 8 marla.

Development work on Overseas Prime block is going on at full swing. The society has also released master plan of Overseas Prime block and allotted plot numbers to those who had booked with half or full upfront payment at the time of booking.

Capital Hills

Capital Hills a special block dedicated for golf loving community. It will have an 18 hole golf course designed by Harradine Golf, and a Golf Club managed by Troon Golf. Cracknell is the planning consultant of Capital Hills.

Capital Hills is planned to have residential plots, luxury villas and apartments. Other amenities include Golf Club, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Sports Facilities and Restaurants etc.

Features and Amenities

Capital Smart City offers a comprehensive and integrated set of facilities and amenities to its residents. A whole range of facilities are planned in different parts and districts of the society including transportation services, seamless connectivity, sporting facilities, community buildings and smart city facilities.

We have briefly described below each of the exclusive features of Capital Smart City:

BRT System

Capital Smart City has planned a comprehensive Bus Rapid Transport service for easy commutation of its residents. A separate lane will be dedicated for BRT that will pass through all parts of the society and across. It will have dedicated BRT Stations and it will commute between Islamabad and Capital Smart City.


Capital Smart City is a gated community, so it will have two main entrances. First one on Chakri Road, and 2nd one on Motorway M-2. The society will be secured by a boundary wall against intrusions.

It will have its own dedicated interchange on Motorway M-2, which is already approved by FWO and construction work will start from June 2020. Smart street lights will be installed on each road and street. Separate cycling and running tracks will be built along the roads.

Capital Smart City Transport System

Central Boulevard of the society will be 400 feet wide and it will have 18 lanes. Internal roads will be 150 ft, 120 feet, 100 feet, 80 feet and 60 feet wide. Streets will be minimum 40 feet wide. All roads and streets are well integrated in a systematic way, so that traffic flow will be uninterrupted.

Garden Parks

The society will have approximately 40% open spaces for landscaping and gardening. A number of small and large family parks will be built across the society.

Capital Smart City Green Parks

Different types of gardens will be developed including Flower Gardens, Linear Gardens and Heritage Gardens.


Each sector will have its sector Mosque for prayers and religious rituals. A grand jamia Masjid will also be built in the society for grand congregations.

Urban Utilities

There is a number of urban utilities which are inherently planned in Capital Smart City, which includes:

  • Grid Stations
  • Solar Parks
  • Potable Water Treatment Plants
  • Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • Irrigation System
  • Solid Waste Management System
  • Security Control
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Police Station

FDH Buildings

It is the society office area planned in Capital Smart City. It will have sales gallery, restaurant and facility management services.

Smart City Features

Capital Smart City is a revolution in the real estate industry of Pakistan. It is introducing an unconventional urban development model that will turn around the concept of housing development in Pakistan. All the modern cities in the World like Singapore and Dubai have worked up a smart management system using modern technologies to improve the efficiency of public services.

Smart technologies will help the management of Capital Smart City to take control of the a number of things, such as environment, security and public services. The society will be able to monitor the quantity of Carbon in the air, and devise ways to decrease carbon emission to ensure a salubrious environment for the residents.

Special sensors and face recognition cameras will be installed at major points of the society to ensure safety and security of the residents. Certain areas/blocks will be accessible through fingerprint/card scans or facial recognition cameras only, so you can make sure that your security will be of paramount importance in Capital Smart City.

Smart City Features

Capital Smart City plans to implement an integrated IT infrastructure to record and maintain an online database of activities within the community. Whether it be the schedule of public transport, or the schedule of events at the community club, the society will maintain up-to-date online record of all activities.

Most of the public services in Capital Smart City will be automated which include automated garbage collection & disposal, automated utilities supply, load-shedding free environment, automated traffic control system, CCTV with facial and object recognition, free WiFi zones, automated street lights and much more.

You can find more information on the project features and planned amenities in the brochure attached below:

Capital Smart City Brochure

Major Attractions

Apart from the intrinsic features of Capital Smart City, it also aims to bring international investors and businesses to Pakistan in order to provide quality services and generate employment. During the initial days of its journey, some recognized institutions have signed agreements with FDHL to open up their branches in Capital Smart City, while more will be coming over time.

MOVENPICK Hotels & Resorts

Capital Smart City has begun to attract major investors and institutions, and a few have inked agreements with FDHL to open up their businesses and campuses in the society. Recently Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts has signed agreement with the society to open up a grand hotel that will be completed by 2023.

Harradine Golf

Harradine Golf has been given the task to design an 18 hole golf course in the Capital Hills Block. The work on the Golf Course project has already started. The urban planning of the Capital Hills has been undertaken by Cracknell.

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National Defence University

FDHL marked another major achievement when National Defence University (NDU) inked agreement with HRL to open up an international university campus at Capital Smart City. The site for the university has already been finalized, while construction work will start in a couple of months.

FREIJ Entertainment International

FREIJ International is a globally renowned travelling operator of amusement parks and rides currently operating in 26 countries. The company has a long history of operating amusement activities, i.e. funfairs, carnival rides, skill games, travelling international circuses and much more.

FREIJ Entertainment International CEO Mr. Freij El Zein has signed an agreement with FDHL in October 2019 to establish first of its kind amusement park in Capital Smart City.

International Medical & Research Institute

Dr. Saeed Akhtar and Partners have planned to establish a world class Smart International Medical Research Institute in the Health District of Capital Smart City.

For this purpose, Capital Smart City has donated 500 kanals of land free of cost to IMRI. It will host multidisciplinary hospital initially 200 bed including medical college, nursing school, smart research center etc.

On April 6th, 2021 a Contract Signing and Ground Breaking Ceremony was held at Capital Smart City Project Site.

National University of Technology (NUTECH)

National University of Technology (NUTECH) and Capital Smart City (CSC), Islamabad has joined hands for establishment of an international standard smart campus of Technology University in the society.

An Agreement signing ceremony between NUTECH and FDHL (CSC) was held on 23 July 2020 at NUTECH campus. As per the Agreement, CSC shall play the role of a key partner to support NUTECH in allotment of land for NUTECH main campus and subsidized necessary support services for its operations.

Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente (ESA)

Capital Smart City is the first housing project in Pakistan to implement smart waste management system. For this purpose, the society concluded Solid Waste Management Implementation program for Overseas District at Capital Smart City with Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente (ESA), Italy.

Initially the society has purchased 348 Garbage boxes along with two Garbage Collection trucks (IVECO) and Solar Powered Garbage compactors. Each basket’s capacity is 3,000 liters and truck can hold 21 Cubic Meter (10 tons) for compacted waste with auto collection of waste, automatic transmission and command based operations. Trucks are equipped with PLC and Trackers with cameras so the work will be monitored from Control room to improve the efficiency of system and manpower resource

Alight School

Capital Smart City and Alight signed an agreement to build the first smart school for Out of School (OSC) Children. The school will be built under the supervision and direction of world renowned British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadeed and operated by Alight.

Trivelles Smart Homes

Trivelles International, a renowned real estate developer from UK, has launched its exclusive residential project “Trivelles Lake Boulevard” offering smart homes in Overseas Block. The company plans to launch more projects in future including commercial high-rise buildings, and residential apartments.

Capital Smart City Villas

FDHL has also launched a limited number of Smart Villas in Overseas and Executive Blocks. Ground breaking of villas has already been done, and construction contract has been awarded to Shangrila Hotels & Resorts

Development Progress

HRL started development work in June 2018, and the fleet and crew kept increasing over time. Currently, more than 400 vehicles are actively working at different sections of Capital Smart City, mostly in Overseas and Executive Blocks.

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Overseas District 1 is the first area to be developed and handed over. There are 5 residential blocks in OS District 1, i.e. A to E blocks. Similarly, there are 4 residential blocks in Executive area, where development work is currently in progress.

Following is the latest development video of Capital Smart City:

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If you look at the development progress, you might not be surprised to know that possessions have started from the first quarter of 2021. Overseas block and Executive block are the first to be developed and handed over, while harmony park block and farm houses will follow soon thereafter.

Plot Prices and Payment Schedule

Capital Smart City offers a variety of options including residential plots, commercial plots, luxury villas and farm houses. Currently, the society is offering 5 marla, 7 marla, 10 marla, 12 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal residential plots and smart villas, 4 kanal and 8 kanal farm houses, and 4 marla and 8 marla commercial plots on 3 years flexible installment plan.

Capital Smart City plot prices are comparatively a bit higher than adjacent housing schemes, and yet there is gradual increase in official prices periodically. The reasons behind higher prices are the revolutionary smart features and the shining track record of HRL, which encourage investors to put their trust in the project.

Following are the prices and payment plans for Capital Smart City:

If you have been looking to invest somewhere with peace of mind, you should look nowhere else but Capital Smart City. This is the only RDA approved housing project on Chakri Road with high-end development features. Since the brand of HRL is behind this entire development, you can rest assured about the delivery of project on time.

There are couple of reasons which determine why you should invest in Capital Smart City, such as:

  • HRL – The Owner & Developer of Capital Smart City
  • Legally secure investment
  • First smart city project in Pakistan
  • Ideal location on main motorway M-2
  • Easy access through Motorway, Chakri Road and Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Master planning by Surbana Jurong Singapore
  • Internationally recognized planners and consultants
  • Pioneering Smart City features in Pakistan
  • Top-notch education and health facilities
  • Most rapidly developing housing project
  • High-end development standards
  • Affordable Prices & Easy Installment Plans

Still, if you have any specific questions about the project, you are most welcome to give us a call at 03455222253 for assistance.

Introductory Video

Watch the detailed video presentation of Capital Smart City Islamabad:

Success Story

Watch this amazing video of the Success Story of Capital Smart City which entails different development milestones achieved overtime by FDH:

Booking Procedure

If you want to book a residential or commercial plot or farm house in Capital Smart City Islamabad, please follow the procedure given below:

  • Pay order of 10% down payment in favor of “Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Download, print and fill out this Application Form
  • Attach 3 passport size photographs of applicant
  • Attach CNIC/NICOP copy of applicant and next of kin (nominee)
  • Submit your form, documents and pay order to us to confirm your booking.
  • Your file will be ready within 30 days and dispatched to your address.

If you need any further details on Capital Smart City, its development plans, exclusive features or you want to visit the site and book your plot, feel free to contact us via email at marketing@manahilestate.com or call/whatsapp us at 0345-5222253.


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