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Capital Hills – Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City – Capital Hills

Capital Hills is an upcoming residential block in Capital Smart City that is present at a magnificent location. Capital Smart City is a majestic and upscale residential venture by Future Development Holdings (FDHL) and Habib Rafiq Ltd (HRL). The developers are putting efforts to make this project one of the top housing societies in not only Rawalpindi and Islamabad but also all over Pakistan. Capital Smart City is the second smart housing project in Pakistan, followed by its ancestors named Lahore Smart City which holds the record of first smart housing society. Both of the development firms behind Capital Smart City are committed to providing the best living experience to prospective residents. Capital Smart City Comprises different blocks, and each block has its unique features and lifestyle.

What is Capital Hills?

Capital Hills is an upcoming block in Capital Smart City that is to be launched by the administration. It is a one-of-a-kind development in Capital Smart City, according to the development plan shared by management; it will be a comprehensive community with some of the most unique features. Capital Hills will surpass traditional living standards and set new trends to stand out from other housing projects. This urban arena will be enclosed by nature and provide never-before-seen amenities and living experiences in Pakistan.

Capital Smart City Capital Hills will be a highly advanced development and living community. The main goal of developers with Capital hills is to create a sustainable economic environment that contributes to the social growth of the real estate sector.  It will be integrated with the highest living standards that we have not witnessed in any other residential project.

Location of Capital Hills

Capital Hills lie at the most prestige location of Capital Smart City. If we talk about the exact location, it is situated in the Overseas Prime Block of Capital Smart City and expands to the extreme north-eastern end of the society. The location of Capital Hills, Capital Smart City is surrounded by a lush green landscape.

Furthermore, similar to the Overseas Prime Block is also present at a higher ground. Therefore, it provides majestic views from other blocks of society. Moreover, it comes slightly adjacent to the 18-Hole Golf Course of Capital Smart City.

Following is the map to better understand the location of Capital Hills, Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City – Capital Hills Location

Developers of Capital Hills

Similar to the rest of society, Future Development Holdings (FDHL) and Habib Rafiq Private Ltd (HRL) are developing this block. Furthermore, the developers’ have also onboarded some other firms for the development of this unique block of Capital Smart City.

Capital Hills Developers

Surbana Jurong is also working with FDHL and HRL for the town planning and designing of Capital Hills, and Capital Smart City. Other development firms including Cracknell, Harradine Golf Architects, DSA, and other specialists are also contributing towards the development of Capital Hills.

Latest Development Status

Capital Smart City – Capital Hills is considered to be an important block of society because it houses the international standard Golf Club. Therefore, the developers are working speedily to develop it as soon as possible. The development is being carried out at a fast pace and multiple vertical developments are constructing at the Capital Hills site. To date, the developers, in collaboration with design consultants have completed the stage 2 development in this block. Meanwhile, the development is continuing at a fast pace.

Following are the latest developments in Capital Smart City – Capital Hills:

  • The Gold Club maintenance building is halfway through in terms of development, the grey structures of buildings are complete and developers are moving towards finishing.
  • Moreover, heavy machinery is deployed on Golf Ring Road, and they are leveling the ground for laying roads and carpeting.
  • Similarly, the development work is in full swing at Gold Community North, currently, groundwork is being done in this part of Capital Hills.
  • The work on the development of Capital Hills Jamia Masjid is also being carried out swiftly, currently; the developers completed the basement and are moving to the ground floor.
  • Furthermore, the development of the Golf Club Arena is also underway, as of now, the groundwork at Golf Club Area is entering the final stages.
  • Also, machines are put to work in Golf Community South; they are making the ground ready for other developments.

Following are the latest development pictures of Capital Smart City – Capital Hills:

Capital Hills NOC Status

Capital Smart City has successfully acquired the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Capital Hills as well as the other extensions from RDA. Furthermore, the management has also cleared the land issues in the Executive Block.

NOC Approved

Overall, the society is duly approved by all administrative authorities. Investors and end-users can invest in this block when bookings are officially launched without worrying about legal issues.

Capital Hills Master Plan

The detailed master plan of Capital Hills is currently under development by Surbana Jurong in cooperation with other design consultants. This is a large block in the society, spanning over 879.74 Kanals of land. Designing a master plan for such a large portion of land is a difficult and time-consuming process. Most of this block will be covered with greenery; moreover, the master plan will be divided into different zones.

Following is a picture of Capital Hills master plan:

Capital Smart City – Capital Hills Master Plan

Zones of Capital Hills

Following are the zones of this particular block of Capital Smart City:

Zone 1 – Golf Community

This zone is dedicated to the international standard 10-Hole Signature Golf Course. Furthermore, an international standard golf teaching academy will also be established in this block. Furthermore, other developments in this block will include a mosque, parks, banquet halls, and Golf Club. Moreover, the location of this block is kept accessible from all blocks of society.

Zone 2 – Lake Views Community

Zone 2 of Capital Hills will be dedicated to comfort and luxury residences. Residential units in the form of apartments and compact villas will be developed in this zone.

Zone 3 – Hills Community

This will be the main residential sector of Capital Smart City – Capital Hills. Zone 3 will offer townhouses and duplexes of different sizes. Furthermore, a commercial area will also be established in this zone that will include retail shops, a shopping mall, brand outlets, and restaurants.

Expected Plot Sizes

The expected plots and residences of Capital Hills, Capital Smart City are as follows:

  • 9 Marla Villas
  • 15 Marla Villas
  • 1 Kanal Villas

It is also important to note that these sizes are not confirmed, the administration may introduce other plot sizes. But one thing is for sure, this block will offer villas, duplexes, golf course villas, and apartment units.


We, at Manahil Estate, keep bringing the latest development and blocks added to Capital Smart City. Capital Hills is yet to be launched block in one of the most desirable locations of Capital Smart City. Stay connected with us, as we will update you as soon as this block is launched and bookings are announced by the management.

For more information and details, kindly contact Manahil Estate via phone at 0345-5222253, email us at marketing@manahilestate.com, or fill out and submit our online inquiry form!

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