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Capital Smart City Harmony Park

Capital Smart City Harmony Park

Capital Smart City Harmony Park is an affordable residential block, announced back in 2020. Capital Smart City is a modern housing project that lies in a rather attractive location and provides investors with different residential and commercial investment opportunities.

Capital Smart City was officially launched in 2018, and since then, the society has managed to grab the attention of investors as well as home builders. The administration of Capital Smart City keeps bringing new and exciting living and investment opportunities for the masses. They have launched Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block with very reasonable prices to facilitate the low and middle-income people of the society.


Introduction to Capital Smart City Harmony Park

Capital Smart City Harmony Park is a dedicated block in the society that offers residential plots at very affordable prices. The administration of Capital Smart City launched this block specifically for low and middle-class people, so they invest on a budget or purchase a plot for constructing their home. Due to the reasonable prices, people with low incomes can also become a part of Capital Smart City and live the life of their dreams. The management has provided all facilities, modern amenities, and a comfortable lifestyle despite the low prices.

If we look at the past bookings and offerings from Capital Smart City, they were a bit expensive and it was not easy for low and middle-class people to afford property here. Therefore, Capital Smart City Harmony Park was launched to encourage low-income people to invest in magnificent housing ventures from FDHL and HRL. Capital Smart City Harmony Park offers compact residential plots of 3.5 and 5 Marla at affordable rates and a convenient installment plan. It is also important to note that the plots offered in Harmony Park are dedicated to Villa Apartments.

Location of Capital Smart City Harmony Park

The locality of a housing project has a visible impact on the success and popularity of a housing scheme. Not only this but the investors and end-users also pay a great amount of attention to the location and neighborhood of society before putting in cash. If we talk about the location of Capital Smart City Harmony Park, is present opposite Executive District 2. Furthermore, it presents right next to the Overseas Central Block of the society and features easy access from all the parts of Capital Smart City.

Following is the map of CSC Harmony Park to give you a better idea of the location:

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Location Map

The surrounding of Capital Smart City Harmony Park consists of Silicon Valley, located north of it. Furthermore, it is also connected with the River View Apartments, Education District, and Hills View Heights of Capital Smart City. Furthermore, Harmony Park also gets easy access from the main Chakri Road Rawalpindi, and it is joined by the dedicated CSC Interchange on M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The location of CSC Harmony Park is very attractive for investors as well as end-users, as it is not only accessible from all blocks of the society but also from 2 of the major routes including Chakri Road and Motorway.

Approval Status of Capital Smart City Harmony Park

Capital Smart City and its entire blocks are duly approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Since Harmony Park also lies within the premises of Capital Smart City, therefore, the overall NOC of the society applies to it as well. The initial NOC of Capital Smart City was approved by RDA in 2017 for 2000 Kanal of land. Later on, the revised and extended NOC was awarded to the society in 2019 for almost 7376 Kanals. Furthermore, RDA processed and approved the final NOC of the society for 13098 Kanals, along with 4490 Kanals extension land was submitted to Rawalpindi Development Authority is will be issued soon.

NOC Status

Kindly visit this link: https://www.smartcitypk.com/nocs for detailed information on NOC and approval of Capital Smart City. People who want to invest in any housing project should make sure that the housing society is duly approved by the administration authorities such as CDA, LDA, or RDA. Capital Smart City is a formally approved housing project and you can put your hard money without any doubt to enjoy maximum benefits and ROI in the future.

Developers and Owners of CSC Harmony Park

Capital Smart City is a joint housing venture of Future Development Holdings Limited and Habib Rafiq Private Ltd. However, it is owned by FDHL, whereas HRL is working in cooperation to develop society. Capital Smart City is a project from the leading real estate developers of Pakistan that have greatly contributed to this sector in the past.

Future Development Holdings is a widely famous developer operating in Pakistan since 1984, furthermore, FDHL is not a single entity but came into existence due to the collaboration of different firms such as CLIC and EDL. Moreover, FDHL focuses on developing smart and fully equipped housing projects across Pakistan.

Capital Smart City Developers

On the other hand, Habib Rafiq Private Ltd is also a top player in the real estate industry of the country and it has also earned the ISO 9000 certification, due to the magnificent services it has provided in the real estate sector. HRL has more than a decade of experience in delivering state-of-the-art residential and commercial projects.

Furthermore, a third development and town planning firm by the name of Surbana Jurong is also contributing towards the development and delivery of Capital Smart City. SJ is a reputable consultancy that is housed in Singapore; it is one of the largest infrastructure and engineering firms in Asia. SJ is also responsible for creating the perfect and fully-equipped master plan for society.  

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Development Status 2023

Capital Smart City is one of the few housing projects, that stand by what they promise and deliver in the proposed time frame. Soon after the announcement of Capital Smart City Harmony Park, the developers began the development work in this block and today, they have completed numerous vertical structures at the site of Capital Smart City Harmony Park.

Following are the latest development updates of Capital Smart City Harmony Park in 2023:

  • The grey structures of multiple Villas are already completed in Harmony Park and developers are now finishing these villas so that they can be allotted to the members.
  • Harmony Park is also home to a multi-purpose banquet hall that will host different events, the grey structure of this banquet hall is almost complete and further work is underway.
  • The grand Jamia Masjid in the neighboring Executive District 2 is also undergoing rapid development; the grey structure is complete along with the dome and minaret.
  • The Harmony Park Residential building is also near completion. As of now, 4 floors of this residential complex are completed and further work is continued.
  • Furthermore, the commercial plaza of Harmony Park consisting of Harmony Shops is also developing rapidly, and 3 floors of Harmony Park Plaza are completed.

Latest Development Pictures of Harmony Park 2023

The following pictures will give you a better understanding of the development progress in Harmony Park of Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Master Plan

The master plan map of Harmony Park as well as the rest of the society was prepared by a team of highly-qualified individuals of Surbana Jurong (SJ). Special attention was paid to devising a master plan for Harmony Park, it was designed in such a way that it provides all the world-class amenities of CSC while keeping the prices reasonable. This block of Capital Smart City offers residential villas, apartments, plots, and commercial units. Harmony Park is divided into two sectors, namely Sector A and Sector B, and they provide 2 sizes of residential villas.

Following is a snapshot of Capital Smart City Harmony Park master plan:

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Master Plan

Harmony Park Sector A

The Sector A of Capital Smart City Harmony Park resides at a premier location within the society. It is present on the northern end of Silicon Valley and connects with the 180 ft. wide main boulevard road. Furthermore, Harmony Park Sector A is also linked with the educational district and Hills View Height.

Harmony Park Sector B

The Sector B of Capital Smart City Harmony Park is located right next to Sector A, and both of these sectors are separated by a strip of commercial area and other amenities such as a central mosque, park, and an international standard school. Harmony Park Sector B features direct access from the CSC Interchange on M-1 Motorway, via the main boulevard of the society.

Plot Sizes in Capital Smart City Harmony Park

The following plot/villa sizes are offered by the administration in Harmony Park of Capital Smart City:

Residential Plots

  • 3.5 Marla Villa Apartments
  • 5 Marla Villa Apartments

Commercial Plots

  • 2.66 Marla Commercial
  • 4 Marla Commercial

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Villas

Smart villa apartments are relatively a new concept introduced by Capital Smart City in Pakistan. Internationally, smart villa apartments have found their way into the lives of private housing. Real estate developers are also increasingly equipping their apartments with intelligent devices. You can read everything you need to know about the Capital Smart City Harmony Park Villas in our overview.

Switching on the devices with your smartphone when you are out and about or opening the door lock with your fingerprint: are just two of the many options that a smart villa offers. The name “villa apartments” summarizes all features of these residences. These apartments would come with the smart design of an apartment and features of a luxury villa.

Capital Smart City villa apartments are offered in three categories: classic, premium, and exclusive. Some of the features are universal and you would find them in every apartment; however, some unique features would differentiate them.

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Villas Amenities

Villa Apartment’s Security

Capital Smart City villas are providing its inhabitants’ security 24 hours a day, making use of a private surveillance service and permanent monitoring of common areas through camera systems. In addition, residents will be using entry and exit passes to distinguish owners and visitors

Green Spaces & Parking

Although, these are apartment buildings all of them are furnished with ample green spaces and parking lots. The best apartments for the family are those that can offer spaces to be in contact with nature breathe fresh air and enjoy the tranquility of nature, without moving too far from the city. And it is that green areas are without a doubt an important resource for leading a healthy life, exercising, and getting free from the stress of hectic modern life.

You would find here a series of amenities and green areas that offer all members of the family the opportunity to recreate and interact with their neighbors.

Let’s have a look at the most attractive features that you can find in Capital Smart City villa apartments.

Smart Technologies

  • CCTV indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Remote access & smart motion sensors
  • Automated door lock
  • Climate control sensors
  • Smart switches

Other Features

  • Personalized windows and doors
  • Imported tiles and cabinets
  • Fully furnished kitchens
  • And luxury utensils

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Villas Variations

Capital Smart City villa apartments are offered in two variations:

3.5 Marla Villa Apartments

Following are the layout plans of 3.5 Marla Villas:

5 Marla Villa Apartments

Following are the layout plans of 5 Marla Villa Apartments:

Each apartment building would have three floors: Ground Floor, First Floor, and Second Floor with personal entry and a lobby on each floor.

Project Brochure

You may view/download the project brochure attached below

Prices and Payment Plan

The prices of residential villas were kept very affordable to facilitate the maximum number of low and middle-class people in society. However, the bookings are closed now, and the plots are already sold out. But, you can purchase the plots available for resale in the market.

Following are the latest market prices of Harmony Park, Capital Smart City:

Plot SizePlot TypeBlockBooking PriceMin. ProfitMax. Profit

Harmony Park Residential

3.5 MarlaResidentialHarmony Block15,00,000150,000400,000
3.5 MarlaResidentialHarmony Block16,10,000Level300,000
3.5 MarlaResidentialHarmony Block17,89,000-50,000150,000

Harmony Park Commercial

2.66 MarlaCommercialHarmony Block45,00,000/-500,0001,800,000
4 MarlaCommercialHarmony Block105,00,000/-1,000,0002,000,000

Booking Details

Harmony Park is an excellent option in Capital Smart City for investors and people who are looking for affordable residences. As mentioned earlier, the bookings of plots in Harmony Park were closed by the administration of the society. However, you can purchase the resale plots from the market.

You can contact Manahil Estate if you are interested in buying a residential or commercial plot in Capital Smart City Harmony Park. We will search for the most suitable options as per your requirements in Harmony Park and ensure that you get them at the best rates.

Get in touch today if you need any kind of information regarding Harmony Park or if you want to purchase a plot here. You can contact us via phone/WhatsApp at 034-55222253, email us at marketing@manahilestate.com or send us your requirement through our online form! We are already ready to help you!

Reasons to Invest in Capital Smart City Harmony Park

There is a wide range of reasons that you should opt for investing in Capital Smart City Harmony Park. Here we will discuss the most significant reasons for investments in this particular block of society.

Here are the most noticeable reasons for investing in Harmony Park of Capital Smart City:

  • First of all, the residential and commercial plots in this block are offered at very pocket-friendly rates. Furthermore, the plots are equipped with all the smart and modern features of a Capital Smart City.
  • Secondly, the investment potential of Capital Smart City is very high; the early investors who purchased plots have enjoyed excellent benefits on resale. Moreover, the prices of plots are gradually increasing, therefore, there are good chances of getting a high ROI on your investment.
  • Furthermore, the location of Harmony Park is ideal; firstly, it is easily accessible from all blocks of society. Also, this block features direct access from the main Chakri Road as well as the dedicated interchange on M-1 Motorway.

Pros and Cons

Every housing society and its blocks have some advantages and some disadvantages, here are the pros and cons of Capital Smart City Harmony Park:


  • All basic and advanced amenities
  • Very accessible block
  • Affordable prices of plots
  • Ideal for investments and home building
  • NOC approved project
  • Smart living features


  • Perception of high prices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Capital Smart City Harmony Park

Q- What is Capital Smart City, Harmony Park?

Capital Smart City is an affordable block of society that was launched back in 2020. This block offers residential and commercial plots of compact sizes.

Q- How is this block different from other blocks of Capital Smart City?

The differentiating factor between Harmony Park and other blocks is the prices, the plots are offered in this block at wallet-friendly rates. The administration of CSC has launched this block specifically to facilitate the low and middle-income people of the society.

Q- Is it NOC approved?

Yes, Harmony Park and the rest of the society are already approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Q- Who are the developers of Capital Smart City Harmony Park?

Future Development Holdings Limited (FDHL) and Habib Rafiq Private Ltd (HRL) are developing this society with the help of Surbana Jurong (SJ), the town planner of Capital Smart City.

Q- Is this block undergoing development?

Yes, the development is going on in this block at a fast pace, developers are fully committed to developing it as soon as possible and allot the plots/villas to the rightful owners.

Q- What is the location of CSC Harmony Park?

Capital Smart City Harmony Park is present opposite Executive District 2, close to Overseas Central and Silicon Valley.

Q- Are new bookings available in Harmony Block?

No, the bookings are officially closed by the administration.

Q- How to purchase a plot for resale?

You can contact Manahil Estate and tell us your requirements; we will search for the most suitable options for you at the best rates.


Capital Smart City Harmony Park is an RDA-approved sub-project intended to improve the quality of life and living of the residents, increase security and increase energy efficiency through monitoring, analysis, and control of the installed intelligent devices. In the smart villa apartments, all processes can be regulated automatically and controlled via an app – even when you’re on the go.

If you’ve come this far, then you are already interested in buying a plot in Harmony Park. However, it is advisable to seek professional real estate advice and visit several options to choose the one that best suits the needs of your family in particular.

Nowadays, Islamabad, and especially the area surrounding the airport has a wide range of housing schemes, with spacious plots and apartments where you can surely find the perfect home for you and your family.

If you are interested to buy a villa apartment/plot, contact Manahil Estate for further details. You can call us at 0345-5222253

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