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Daily Update Plot Prices in Taj Residencia Islamabad

Taj Residencia is a comprehensive housing society located at Lakhu Road Rawalpindi. Society offers premium luxury at very reasonable rates. The market of Taj Residencia is ever-growing and rates keep changing on a regular basis.

Its market is very dynamic and sometimes it becomes hard to track the numerous price changes. However, the prices are somewhat stable as compared to DHA Valley Islamabad and other similar societies. Taj Residencia is preferable for long-term investments.

For your convenience, we have collected the latest Taj Residencia prices and provided them in one place for you to view. We have specified the plots along with rates and blocks of the society they belong to.

Remember, these are average market Taj Residencia plot prices so there is a possibility that they might change. Contact Manahil Estate for the exact market prices of plots.

Following are the updated Taj Residencia Prices as of the 26th of May, 2022

Block/SectorProperty TypePlot SizeMinimum PriceMaximum Price
LillyResidential Plot5 Marla50.00+lacs65.00+lacs
LillyResidential Plot8 Marla68.00 lacs98.00+lacs
LillyResidential Plot10 Marla1.00 crore1.10+ Crore
TulipResidential Plot10 Marla95.00 Lacs1.10+ Crore
TulipResidential Plot14 Marla1.50 Crore1.60 Crore
TulipResidential Plot1 Kanal1.75 Crore185.00+ Crore
ZinniaResidential Plot8 Marla1.00 Crore1.05+ Crore
ZinniaResidential Plot1 Kanal1.50 Crore2.00+ Crore
ZinniaResidential Plot2 Kanal65.00 Lacs90.00+ Lacs
MarigoldResidential Plot5 Marla45.00 Lacs50+ Lacs
MarigoldResidential Plot8 Marla1.70 Crore2.20+ Crore
MarigoldResidential Plot10 Marla70.00 Lacs1.20+ Lacs
JasmineResidential Plot5 Marla45.00 Lacs50+ Lacs
OrchidResidential Plot10 Marla1.05 Crore1.10+ Crore
OrchidResidential Plot1 Kanal1.75 CroreN/A Per SQY
DaisyResidential Plot10 MarlaN/A Per SQYN/A Per SQY
DaisyResidential Plot1 Kanal2.20 Crore2.70+ Crore
DaisyResidential Plot2 Kanal1215000013500000
AsterResidential Plot8 Marla50.00 Lacs60.00+ Lacs
DaffodilsResidential Plot5 Marla50.00 Lacs55.00+ Lacs
DaffodilsResidential Plot8 Marla75.00 Lacs90.00 Lacs
IrisResidential Plot8 Marla50. Lacs60.00 + Lacs
RoseResidential Plot2 Kanal2.50 Crore2.60+ Crore
RoseResidential Plot10 Marla80.00 Lacs85.00+ Lacs
GeraniumResidential Plot14 Marla85.00 Lacs1.00+ Crore
GardeniaResidential Plot5 Marla55.00 Lacs66.00+ Lacs
GardeniaResidential Plot8 Marla85.00 Lacs90.00+ Lacs
GardeniaResidential Plot10 Marla1.00 Crore110.00+ Crore