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One Capital Residences Islamabad

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As the federal capital is expanding and progressing, new high-rise projects can be seen emerging on the map of Islamabad regularly. Out of all these projects, One Capital Residences stands out due to its exceptional features.

This brand new high-rise project is brought to you by Capital Smart City, the first smart housing society in Pakistan. At present, it is fairly difficult to find affordable yet luxurious apartment residences in Islamabad. One Capital is a great option for a peaceful and economical residence.


About the Project

 Islamabad is home to numerous multi-purpose high-rise projects but One Capital Residences are the latest and highly affordable option of them all at this time. This magnificent project is located on the premises of Capital Smart City housing society. The society maintains its position in the top housing projects of Pakistan and with the addition of One Capital Residences, the market status of the society is likely to boom even further.

Capital Smart City made no compromise on the design, architecture, and quality of this project. Not only is One Capital Residences an affordable project but also located in the prime location of twin cities. Another benefitting feature of this project is its location in a leading housing society, which improves its worth.

This unique landmark is a combination of apartments, serviced office spaces, and retail F and B including shops of different brands and restaurants with a comprehensive sports facility. With extraordinary amity and world-class development standards One Capital embarks on a journey of providing unmatched luxury to its future residents.

There’s so much more to this project, with a serene neighborhood along with a crystal lake in front of the building that improves aesthetics and gives a new meaning to luxury living.

One Capital Residences’ Design

Capital Smart City management spared no expense when it comes to the architectural design of the building. FDHL group is one of the leading development firms in Pakistan and has created multiple masterpieces in the real estate sector of the country.

One Capital Residences Designers

For One Capital Residences, FDHL joined hands with an international architecture firm named Arquivio Architecture to create a futuristic and innovative design for the high-rise. One of the leading and award-winning architects Dr. Daniel Fraile created the design of One Capital Residences; Dr. Fraile has been working with Arqiovio Architecture for more than 20 years and designed Different projects like:

  • Hotel and Resorts
  • Multi-Residential Buildings
  • Office Complexes
  • Public Buildings
  • Urban and Landscaping

Judging by the past projects of the designing firm, we might witness a never before seen design. In addition to this, the project follows smart infrastructure and residence principles that will make it not only Pakistan’s but also the world’s first smart apartment living project. One Capital Residences will serve its purpose and most probably exceed the expectations of investors and end-users.

One Capital Residences Location

One Capital Residences are located at rather a promising location within Capital Smart City Islamabad. If we talk about the exact location, it lies in the east region of Overseas Block, between sector H and sector and adjacent to sector C of the Overseas East District. The front of the building is occupied by a crystal lake followed by a wide-open sports area and a mosque close by.

Following is the location of One Capital Residences within the Overseas District:

One Capital Residences Location in Overseas East

Following is the location of the project in Capital Smart City:

One Capital Residences in Capital Smart City

One Capital Residences are easily reachable from the main entrance and boulevard of the society. Moreover, the project will also be accessible from M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway once the proposed interchange of Capital Smart City is developed.

As of now, there are 2 main entrances to the society from Chakri Road, coming from the direction of Lahore to Islamabad; from the first and main entrance, you can reach the project via the gate Precinct Boulevard going right towards Overseas East and right next to sector H.

Another route to reach One Capital Residences is through the secondary entrance next to the main gate, from here you need need to follow the straight main road and you’ll find it adjacent to sector C of the Overseas East District.


You might have guessed the accessibility of One Capital Residences from its location explained above, with already 2 routes leading to the project and one proposed route; it will be easily accessible from all parts of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Following is the accessibility of the project from different places in Rawalpindi and Islamabad:

  • 1 minute from Capital Smart City’s main entrance
  • 3 minutes from Capital Smart City’s second entrance
  • 4 minutes from the proposed M-2 Motorway Interchange
  • 40 Minutes from the main Adyala Road
  • 10 minutes drive from Main Chakri Road
  • 45 minutes from M-1 Motorway
  • 40 minutes away from the New Islamabad International Airport
  • 30 minutes from Chakri Interchange

Nearby Places and Landmarks

Following are the nearby places and landmarks to the One Capital Residences:

  • Islamabad City
  • Rawalpindi City
  • M-2 Motorway
  • M-1 Motorway
  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Chakri Road
  • Jarrar Camp

Nearby Housing Societies

One Capital Residences as well as Capital Smart City is surrounded by many renowned housing projects:

Total Land Area

One Capital Residences spans almost 287 Kanal of Land that is divided between luxury apartments, serviced office apartments, Retail F and B, green areas, waterbody, sports facility, and walkways. It will be a comprehensive living or business project that eliminates the need to leave its premises to the most extent.

One Capital Residences Developers

The project is being developed by FDHL and HRL in collaboration with one of the leading architectural firms. If we talk about exterior and interior design, it is prepared by one of the best architects of Aquivio name Dr. Daniel Fraile. Dr. Fraile has worked at the firm for more than 20 years and designed some of the best and most unique projects around the world.

One Capital Residences Developers

Arquivio Architects is a Spanish company led by Dr. Daniel Fraile and Juanjo Suria. The company has delivered multiple top-notch projects in many countries of the world, One Capital is one of them. Highly-qualified designers and engineers are a part of Arquivio and they brought their extensive experience to Pakistan for the One Capital Residences project. Arquivio Architects specialize in all of the following fields

  • Landscaping
  • Interior and Exterior Designing
  • Urban Designing
  • Architecture
  • Lighting Designs
  • Graphic Design

On the other hand, the development will be done by FDHL. We have already seen the expertise of the developers in many past projects such as Capital Smart City and M2 Smart Industrial Park. HRL, the development partner of FDHl, is also widely-renown for delivering numerous successful public and private sector projects like Shaheen Lahore Complex and Defense Housing Society Phase 2, Islamabad.

As the designers and developers, both have a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects. So you can expect One Capital Residences to be a unique and astounding project. Moreover, the expertise of both these firms also guarantees excellent returns on investments.

The Spain-housed Arquivio Architects have envisioned One Capital to be a comprehensive project with residential apartments, full-serviced office spaces, and a business sector.

Development Status

One Capital Residences is in the preliminary stages of its development. The groundbreaking ceremony of the project was held at its site on 14 May 2022 in an event where all the officials of Capital Smart City, representatives of the designers, developers, and sales partners were present at the ceremony.

Now that the groundbreaking is done, proper construction work is soon to follow. The representatives of Capital Smart City and developers ensured that the project will be delivered on time.

One Capital Residences NOC

The legal status of any project plays a crucial role in making it safe for investment. One Capital Residences is a sub-project of Capital Smart City; therefore it lies under its jurisdiction. Capital Smart City Authority has already approved the project. The possession of approval makes One Capital a safe and rewarding investment.

One Capital Residences NOC Approval

If talk about the overall society, it is duly approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. This leaves no doubt about the project as well as Capital Smart City. It is one of the safest and finest opportunities in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Prospective residents and investors will enjoy all of what One Capital has to offer!

One Capital Residences Master Plan

The master plan of One Capital Residences is designed by professionals from Arquivio Architects. Moreover, the master plan is designed in such a way that makes it a one-stop solution for residential, commercial, and business opportunities.

The project occupies 287 Kanal of land in total that is divided into different sections as follows:

  • 1,738 Residential Apartments
  • 90,000 sq. ft. area reserved for serviced office spaces
  • 131,000 sq. ft. reserved for Commercial Shops and Brand Outlets
  • 160,000 sq. ft. Green Area
  • 30,000 sq. ft. for Water Body
  • 60,400 Sports Facilities
  • 1.75 Km Walkways
One Capital Residences Master Plan Map

The apartments in One Capital Residences are divided into the following categories:

  • Daisy
  • Silver Belt
  • Oleander
  • Emerald
  • Jade
  • Nursery
  • Serviced Apartments
One Capital Residences Residential Complex

Residential Complex

One Capital Residences Apartments

A total of 1738 residential apartments are planned in One Capital Residences with state-of-the-art architecture, world-class amenities, and a healthy living environment. In addition to these, the apartments feature individual galleries, balconies, and green areas that make life fulfilling and peaceful.

One Capital Apartments are divided into the following types:

  • Studio Apartments: 260 Units
  • 1-Bed Apartments: 914 Units
  • 2-Bed Apartments: 450 Units
  • 3-Bed Apartments: 80 Units
  • 2-Bed Duplex Apartments: 10 Units
  • 3-Bed Duplex Apartments: 14 Units
  • 4-Bed Duplex Apartments: 10 Units

Studio Apartments

This is a small yet compact type of apartment that spans over a 401.20 sq. ft. covered area, whereas the total area is around 483.32 sq. ft. 82.13 sq. ft. area is covered by the terrace.

Following are the specifications of Studio Apartments:

  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Washroom
  • TV Lounge
  • 1 Bedroom
  • Terrace

Have a look at the following layout plan for a better understanding:

One Capital Residences Studio Apartments

1-Bed Apartments

These apartments are considerably bigger than the studio apartments with an additional living area and a washroom. a 1-Bed apartment covers a total area of 795.77 sq. ft. However, the covered area is 660.47 sq. ft. The terrace of these apartments covers a 135.19 sq. ft. area.

Following are the specification of 1-Bed Apartments:

  • TV Lounge with Dining Area
  • 1 Bedroom with attached Washroom
  • Dressing Table
  • Kitchen
  • 1 Lobby Washroom
  • Terrace

Following is the layout plan of 1-Bed Apartments:

One Capital Residences One Bed Apartments

2-Bed Apartments

These apartments are comparatively spacious and with additional features like servant rooms. 2-Bed apartments occupy a total area of 1446.13 sq. ft. and the covered area is almost 1229.99 sq. ft. The terrace spans 216.14 sq. ft.

Following are the specifications of these apartments

  • TV Lounge
  • 1 Servant Rooms
  • 2 Bedrooms with Attached Washrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Terrace
  • Dressing Tables

There is a separate entrance for the servant room that neglects the requirement of any attendees to let the servants in or out of your apartment.

Down-below is the layout plan of 2-Bed Apartments:

2 Bed Apartments

3-Bed Apartments

The 3-Bed Apartments are larger and come with an additional maid room. These apartments have a 1974.75 sq. ft. total area however 1636.54 sq. ft. area is covered by the apartment whereas 338.21 sq. ft. is specified for the terrace.

3-Bed Apartment Specifications:

  • Living Room
  • TV Lounge and a Dining Area
  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Maid Room
  • 3 Bedrooms with lined Washrooms
  • Lobby
  • Terrace

Following is the layout plan:

2-Bed Duplex Apartments

This is a double-story apartment and is much bigger than its simpler version. A total area of 1446.13 sq. ft. is specified for this apartment and 1229.99 sq. ft. is the total covered area. The ground floor takes 659.61 sq. ft. whereas the first floor occupies 568.87 sq. ft. The terrace of a 2-Bed Duplex consumes around 216 sq. ft. of the total area

2-Bed Duplex Specifications:

  • 2 Stories
  • Ground Floor: TV Lounge, Kitchen, Terrace, Maid Room with Washroom, Laundry Area and Powder Room, 2 Bedrooms.
  • First Floor: Terrace, Living and Dining Area, Maid Room, Staircase, 2 Washrooms.

Have a look at the following layout plan for details:

2 Bed Duplex Apartments

3-Bed Duplex Apartments

This one is also a double floored apartment with a total covered area of 2751 sq. ft. The ground floor spans over 855.62 sq. ft. and the first floor takes 1202.03 sq. ft. The ground floor terrace occupies 693.52 sq. ft. similarly, the first-floor terrace takes 159.41 sq. ft.

3-Bed Duplex Apartments Specifications:

  • Two Stories
  • Ground Floor: Dining Area, Lobby, Terrace, Kitchen, Living Area, Maid Room
  • First Floor: 3 Bedrooms with Washrooms, Lobby, Dressing, Terrace

Following is the layout plan:

3 Bed Duplex Apartments

4-Bed Duplex Apartments

4-Bed Duplex Apartments are by far the largest category of apartments at One Capital Residences. The apartments are spread over 3908.37 sq. ft. However, the tot area is divided between the two floors such as the ground floor occupies 1717.3 sq. ft. and the first floor spans over 291.84 sq. ft.

4-Bed Duplex Apartment Specifications:

  • Double Story
  • Ground Floor: Terrace, Main Room, Kitchen, Living and Dining Area, 1 Bedroom with Washroom, double-height lobby.
  • First Floor:  Bedrooms with Washrooms, Double Height Balcony, 3 Bedrooms with Washrooms.

Following is the layout plan:

4 Bed Duplex Apartments

Commercial Complex

Commercial Complex

In addition to the residential apartments, a commercial complex is also a part of One Capital Residence. The commercial complex will include shops and outlets of different national and international brands. The location of this commercial section is separate from the residential sector so that the hustle and bustle of shops do not disturb the residents.

The main of developing this complex is to provide the residents will all sorts of daily needs within the premises of the project.  The commercial complex is not limited to one location; instead, it is divided into smaller portions and spread throughout the One Capital Residences.

One Capital Commercial Complex is located within the premises of the project, so the residents can find daily necessities nearby and don’t have to leave the comfort of One Capital Residences.

Following is the division of units in the Commercial Complex:

  • Dining Restaurants: 4 Units
  • Coffee Shops: 2 Units
  • Retail Shops: 18 Units
  • Food Courts: 9 Units
  • Supermarket: 1 Unit
  • Wellness: 1 Unit

Serviced Office Complex

One Capital Residences Office Complex

Aside from a residential complex, One Capital also features serviced commercial complex. This complex will house corporate offices of different types and sizes. The developers have not yet disclosed the information about the office complex. They are likely to be announced soon. We will update in case the project releases the office spaces.

Salient Features

The main features of one capital residence include:

  • 24/7 Dependable Security
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Wide Walkways
  • Swimming Pools
  • Green Areas
  • Premium Luxury Apartments
  • Serviced Office Spaces
  • Commercial Areas
  • Lake Front
  • Spacious Parking
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  • Beautiful Grand Entrance
  • Waste Disposal System
  • Latest Sewerage Management System
  • Highly Accessible

One Capital Residences Amenities

The master plan of One Capital Residences is jam-packed with all the international standard features and amenities. Prospective residents will enjoy a luxury life with plenty of nature around the project. The apartments, commercial units, and office complex will be developed to include the latest technologies. Every type of property in this project is designed to fulfill its purpose perfectly.

Luxury Living

One Capital Residences are the definition of true luxury. The apartment units are equipped with the latest technology to make life easier and much more enjoyable. The project gives a brand new meaning to dream living where you enjoy a nature-enclosed atmosphere, extra-ordinary features, and uncompromised living standards. Moreover, the attention to detail and finishing is enough to wow anybody.

Full Maintained Office Spaces

The work environment is never the same at One Capital’s office complex. The serviced office spaces have everything you need to maintain a smooth workflow. The offices are impeccably designed to house all the necessities like conference rooms, meeting rooms, high-speed internet connections, and varied sizes to meet the needs of small and large size corporations.

Exceptional Commercial Complex

Enjoy a fully maintained life without having to leave the comfort of One Capital. To ensure a comprehensive living, the developers have included a complete commercial complex with shops and outlets that offer all the things needed on daily basis. The commercial units include supermarkets, shops, bakeries, and food courts to serve you in time of need. The commercial sector is divided into smaller sub-sections spread throughout the project.

Environment and Health Friendly

Health and environment is the top priority for everyone when it comes to choosing a residency. Luckily, you won’t be disappointed with One Capital in this regard. The project is surrounded by a serene environment with plants, trees, and green areas. Moreover, there are a central park and roof gardens that ensure you are living close to nature.

Entertainment Facilities

One Capital Residences make your leisure time memorable and enjoyable with multiple entertainment facilities to engage in. Special places are planned where families can enjoy quality time exploring and indulging in different entertaining activities. There are separate playgrounds for kids with numerous rides and other activities. You don’t have to travel long distances to get entertained as all of these facilities are located at your doorstep.

Sports Facilities

Sports are a crucial part of everyday life to keep you active and healthy. Understanding the need for sports and games, developers have included a bunch of enjoyable sports facilities for the prospective residents of One Capital Residences. There are plenty of sports activities ranging from gyms, swimming pools, skate parks, and basketball courts. A special area is allotted for the development of the sports area.

Crystal Lake

To make life even more attractive and fulfilling, a crystal lake is planned in the central region of the project. Whether you live in apartments, own commercial units, or belong to the office community, you will be able to enjoy mesmerizing views of this Crystal Lake 24 hours a day. Furthermore, it improves the living standards and gives you a feeling of living ahead of time.

Premium Security

The developers spared no expense when it comes to the safety and security of the residents. It is a gated project and different access points for apartments, office spaces, and a commercial complex. Moreover, the presence of security personnel is making the project even safer. The walkways and open areas are secured further with CCTV surveillance. In general, One Capital is designed in such a way that it promotes the security and safety of residents.


The brochure of the project is attached below for your convenience:

One Capital Residences Payment Plan

The prices of apartments at One Capital are starting from 10,500 sq. ft. the project is designed and planned to provide the best value to investors and end-users. The prices are economical, and the management is putting efforts to make the project not only affordable but also very rewarding.

Following is the complete payment plan for apartments at One Capital Residences:

One Capital Residences Payment Plan

Jade Tower Payment Plan

Jade Tower Payment Plan

Should you have any queries or doubts, feel free to contact us!

Booking Procedure

The booking procedure of One Capital Residences is quite similar. You can contact Manahil Estate to book your apartment at One Capital Residences. You can contact us via phone at +92-345-5222253/+92-335-8700072 , email at marketing@manahilestate.com, or send an inquiry via the website inquiry form. We will guide you through the process and make it easier for you.

The following documents are required at the time of booking:

  • 3 photographs of the buyer
  • Copy of CNIC of Next to Kin
  • 5% payable down-payment in the favor of Future Development Holdings Pvt Ltd in the form of cash, check or pay the order.
  • Submission of required documents along with payment receipt and forms.
  • The file will be mailed to your address after it’s completed in 30 days

Why Invest in One Capital Residences

They are plenty of reasons to invest in One Capital Residences. The project has all the features and factors that investors look for before investing in any real estate project.

Following are the reasons to invest in One Capital Islamabad:

Unique Project

One Capital is one of its kind and the first smart apartment living project in Pakistan brought to you by Capital Smart City. The project features never-before-seen features and amenities along with a healthy and green atmosphere. One Capital Islamabad takes luxury to a brand new level.

Ideal Location

Location is one of the most sought-out features of any project that not only determines the accessibility but also the success to a large extent. One Capital Residences location is ideal, it is located in the east Overseas district of Capital Smart City near sector C and adjacent to sector H of Overseas Block. It is very easy to reach, hence grabbing the attention of investors.

Experienced developers

The project is being developed by two of the most renowned and successful developers of Pakistan named HRL and FDHL. Moreover, an intentional award-winning firm named Arquivio Architects is the designer of this project. With combined efforts, they aim to make the project stand out from the crowd and become a marvel of twin cities.

Convenient Installment Plan

Capital Smart City Authority understands the needs and status of real estate investors and end-users in Pakistan. To facilitate the customer, the management created an easy installment plan for the apartments. You can book your apartments with a down payment and pay the rest in installments.

High Returns on Investments

Looking at the past projects of developers and the market performance of Capital Smart City, we can expect this project to give high returns on investments shortly. You will get an idea after the bookings are closed and the apartments start selling for profit. It is a highly recommended project for people who are looking forward to making long-term investments.

Frequently Asked Questions about One Capital Residences

Q- What is One Capital Residences?

One Capital Residence is a futuristic and luxury multi-purpose project by Capital Smart City. The project offers unmatched residential, commercial, and office complexes with state-of-the-art amenities and world-class infrastructure. The rates are affordable and the project possesses all the qualities to become successful.

Q- How is One Capital Residences different from other projects?

It is different from other projects in several ways. First of all, this project is a kind project in Pakistan. It is the first Smart Residence project in Pakistan with never before seen features. Secondly, it has the most experienced and famous developers. Lastly, it enjoys a decent location and comprehensive development approach that fulfills all the needs and desires of modern-day consumers.

Q- What is the NOC status of this project?

The project lies within the premises of Capital Smart City; therefore the status of the society applies to this project. As for society, it is duly approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Moreover, One Capital also possesses approval from the Capital Smart City Authority. You can rest assured of the legal status as it is a completely safe project.

Q- Where is One Capital Residences Located?

In short, the project is ideally located in the Capital Smart City Housing society. For the exact location, please read the location section of this page.

Q- What is the investment potential of the Project?

Just like the rest of the Capital Smart City, this project is a golden opportunity for investors and a perfect place to live for people who prefer apartment living. The project holds the potential of returning good gains in a short time. As it is a unique project, it not only grabs the attention of nationals but also the overseas Pakistanis.

Q- Who are the developers of One Capital Residence?

Arquivio Architects are the designers of One Capital Residence whereas HRL and FDHL are the developers. For more details, please read the developers section.

Q- What does One Capital Residence offer?

One Capital Residences offers the following:

  • Residential Apartments
  • Commercial Units
  • Serviced Office Spaces

Pros and Cons

Every project has some pros and cons, in the case of One Capital, the advantages of the project take the lead over the disadvantages. Following are the pros and cons of this project:


Prime Location

One Capital is located at a good location in the overseas district of Capital Smart City.

All Basic Facilities

It features all basic utilities including water supply, gas, and electricity.

NOC Approved

The project is not only approved by the Capital Smart City Authority but also Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).


The project hosts a clean, green, and healthy environment for future residents.

Premium Security

Residents will enjoy dependable security ensured through CCTV surveillance and security guards


The project is located close to all the major places in the twin cities. Furthermore, it is highly accessible from multiple roads.

Waste Management

One Capital has one of the latest and most dependable waste management systems.


Perception of High Prices

The prices of apartments at One Capital are perceived to be very high but in reality, it’s not true.

Concluding Remarks

One Capital Residences is a futuristic and unique project introduced by Capital Smart City in the overseas block. It has been officially launched and apartments are available for booking. Moreover, the project will be developed timely and available for world-class living.

It is designed by a leading and world-famous Spanish architect name Mr. Daniel Fraile of Arquivio Architects. Moreover, the development of the project will be done by FHDL and HRL, two of the most experienced developers of One Capital Residences.

The project is unique in every expect and packed with smart features and international standard amenities. It will be developed with the latest technology. Moreover, the architecture will be eye-catching, and the infrastructure is designed in such a way that it includes all facilities and dependable security measures.

Contact Manahil Estate today to book your luxury apartment at One Capital Islamabad. You can contact us via phone at +92-345-5222253/+92-335-8700072, or email at marketing@manahilestate.com or submit an inquiry through our website form. Our concerned agents will accompany you as soon as possible.

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