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Usman Block – Safari Valley – Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Usman Block Safari Valley

Usman Block is a densely populated residential area in Safari Valley, Bahria Town phase 8 Rawalpindi. It is relatively a bigger residential block with over 2000 residential plots measuring 7 marla (30×55). It lies at a strategic location right opposite to Ali Block and next to Umar Block. It is a comprehensive living community that offers exquisite living options and commercial facilities. This block is widely famous amongst home builders and investors.

Safari Valley is the central location of Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi that is home to thousands of families. It is further divided into smaller blocks, such as Ali Block, Umar Block, Usman Block & Abu Bakar Block., which offer diverse residential and commercial options for the investors and potential buyers of the twin cities.

Usman D Block

Usman D Block is a part of Usman Block that lies right opposite to Ali Block. It is a small residential block spanning over a few streets and a Jamia Masjid. Unlike the rest of Safari Valley, Usman D block comprises 22 Marla residential plots measuring 50×100 that is a unique plot size found only in this block. We will discuss further in detail about Usman D block on this page.

Usman Block Safari Valley Location

Usman Block features a magnificent and strategic location in Phase 8 of Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8. It sprawls over a large land area of Safari Valley, more specifically in the lower part close to Sector E, Awais Block Sector C.

The rear area of Usman Block is connected to the central commercial of Safari Valley; hence residents get all the facilities for a well-maintained lifestyle. It is easily accessible via the main Bahria Expressway, and also the link roads of different sectors. Usman Block is also connected with Bahria Hamlets, Sector G of Phase 8.

The location of Usman Block is very beneficial for the residents as they can commute to different areas of society as well as Rawalpindi within minutes. Usman D Block is present right next to the Roots Millennium School and features a small land area. It is connected with Awais Block and can be accessed directly from the central expressway.

Development Status

The latest development status of Usman Block Safari Valley is discussed below:

  • Usman Block is a fully developed block of Safari Valley Bahria Town Rawalpindi, furthermore, it is inhabited by hundreds of families, which are enjoying the premier lifestyle and all modern amenities Bahria Town has to offer.
  • The road and streets network is carpeted, and residents daily for commutation use it.
  • The residential areas of Usman Block Safari Valley are fully developed, and numerous houses are already built, new structures are being constructed with time.
  • Furthermore, the plot cuttings are ready, and houses are built over the majority of plots, whereas some plots are still present. Streetlights and horticulture work has been completed in Usman Block, along with sidewalks for pedestrians.
  • All basic and modern amenities have been provisioned in this block including water, gas, and electricity; therefore, it is fit for living.

People who want to construct homes can buy plots and start construction immediately. Similarly, investors can also purchase developed properties and enjoy excellent returns on their investments in the future.

Development Pictures

The latest pictures of Usman Block Safari Valley are attached below to give you a better idea of development:

Development Video

Here is a street-view development video of Usman Block, that showcases the actual development progress:

Usman Block Safari Valley Master Plan

The master plan of this comprehensive community features residential and commercial cuttings, as well as recreational facilities and commercial centers. Bahria Town Private Limited created a well-designed master plan with help from leading engineers, town planners, and architects.

The detailed image of the Usman Block Master Plan is attached below:

Usman Block Safari Valley Master Plan

It has been crafted carefully to ensure a comfortable lifestyle for the residents. The master plan offers residential areas, parks, open spaces, green areas, commercial areas, and a wide road structure. A green strip acts as a divider between Usman Block and other sectors of Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi.

The mosques and parks are spread at an ideal distance so that all of the residents have access to them. Most of the land area of Usman Block is specified for residential plots so that maximum houses can be built here. Usman Block offers a total of almost 2100 plots, residential and commercial mix.

Plot Sizes

The following plot sizes are offered in Usman Block Safari Valley:

  • 7 Marla

The following plot sizes are offered in Usman D Block:

  • 1 Kanal

Price Ranges of Plots in Usman Block Safari Valley

The latest price ranges of plots in Usman Block and Usman D Block are given below, to give an idea about the ongoing market prices:

  • The price bracket of 7 Marla plots in the main Usman Block of Safari Valley start from PKR 85 Lacs and go up to PKR 1 Crore 40 Lacs.
  • The prices of 1 Kanal plot in the Usman D block fall anywhere between PKR2 Crore 50 Lacs and PKR3 Crore 30 Lacs.

Note: it is important to mention that these prices are the current market rates, which may change within days, weeks, or months. Contact us if you want to get the latest prices of plots for sale in Usman Block Safari Valley!

Buying Plots in Usman Block Safari Valley

Usman Block is an ideal choice for people who want to construct homes in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Not only this but, it is also an excellent block for investments. If you considering investing, Usman Block Safari Valley is a good option, it has the potential of growing.

Manahil Estate is a real estate agency housed in Bahria Town Phase 7, we specialize in all projects of Bahria Town, specially Bahria Town Rawalpindi. We can help you purchase the plots of your choice in your designated budget.

Feel free to contact us via the following mediums for consultation of Bahria Town Rawalpindi:

  • Give us a call at 0345-5222253
  • Send us an email at: marketing@manahilestate.com.
  • Or visit our office: Office no. 2, 2nd Floor, Plaza # 177, Above Faysal Bank, Spring North Commercial, Bahria Town Phase 7, Rawalpindi

You can also submit your requirements via our online chat, and our representatives will assist you further!

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent location
  • Easily accessible
  • Modern living options
  • Well-planned infrastructure
  • Access to amenities
  • Secure gated community
  • High investment potential
  • Fully developed community
  • Good returns on investments


  • Higher plot prices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Usman Block Safari Valley

Q- What is Usman Block Safari Valley Bahria Town Rawalpindi?

Usman Block is a dedicated residential block in Safari Valley Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It is a significant block and offers residential plots.

Q- Where is Usman Block located?

It is located in the lower part of Safari Valley, next to awais block, Sector E, and opposite the Sector C of Bahria Town Phase 8, it is easily accessible from different routes.

Q- What is the plot size of Usman Block?

Usman Block offers 7 Marla residential, whereas Usman D Block offers 1 Kanal residential plot.

Q- Are there any Sub-Blocks of this block?

Yes, there is a single sub-block of Usman Block, that also offers one size of residential plots.

Q- What is Usman D Block?

Usman D Block is a part of the larger Usman Block that offers 1 Kanal residential plot.

Q- Are there still plots available in this specific block?

Yes, plots are available in Usman Plots, but you have to purchase them by paying the full amount as demanded by the owners and market value.

Q- How to purchase a plot in Usman Block Safari Valley?

Contact us if you are interested in buying a property in Usman Block Safari Valley, we will give you the best options according to your requirements and budget.


Usman Block is an ideal living address in Bahria Town where you can buy a plot or house at affordable prices while enjoying the unmatched luxuries of Bahria Town. The location is quite appealing with multiple access points. It has been a good investment option, but a better living place. Contact us today, if you want more information related to Usman Block or want to purchase a property here!