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Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad Banner


Blue world City Islamabad is an elegant and defining housing society project in the capital of Pakistan is gaining popularity among investors.

In liaison with the world’s renowned construction and engineering company “Shan Jian”, the “Blue Group of Companies” is developing Blue World City as an exclusive and high-class development in the heart of Pakistan.

The society plans to facilitate an unmatched luxurious and exceptional lifestyle for the residents of BWC and a secure eco-friendly environment to build their dream homes.


It is ideally located near Rawalpindi Ring Road and adjacent to Chakriinterchange. The project is very near to the CPEC route, New Islamabad International Airport, and in proximity to M2 Motorway.

Blue World City location is ideal for those who want affordable housing adjacent to major real estate projects that are developing near New Islamabad International Airport. BWC’s location is rapidly developing due to the prime advantage of its nearness from the twin cities.

Blue world City’s location neighborhood includes Capital Smart City, Top City, Mumtaz City, and Eighteen Islamabad, etc. Blue world City’s location map indicates that the project is going to be a huge success for real estate investors as the BWC society is offering the most affordable commercial plots and residential plots at a prime location.

Following is the location map for more convenience:

Blue World City Master Plan

Blue World City’s master plan has been beautifully designed with a mix of commercial and residential areas. The highlights of the Blue World City master plan include General Block, Overseas Block, Awami Residential Complex, Blue World Economic Zone, Blue Hills Country Farms, and Orbital Apartments.

Major landmarks of BWC include BlueMosque, Water Theme Park, Night Safari & Zoo, Corporate Office, Horse Mascots, and Rumi’s Square.

Installment and Booking Plan of the BWC

Blue World City has been offering a very affordable and feasible plan for its investors. The plan includes paying the amount in the form of easy installments in 3 to 4 years.

This is a perfect plan to get affordable properties in the vicinity of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. People who do not have access to the entire amount can purchase a plot and pay for it in due time.

The booking for purchase and investment in the BWC starts with a pre-payment of only 10 percent. The management has allowed for the remaining payments in easy installments. They can either be converted into 40 x monthly installments or 16 quarterly installments.

Blue World City Total Land Area

Blue World City has acquired more than five thousand (5000) Kanal land and it is available for purchase in the form of both commercial and residential use. The plots start from 5 marlas and go up to around 8 Kanal.

Blue World City Residential Plots Price Detail

Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block

It is the first time that any housing project has offered our beloved overseas Pakistanis the opportunity to live in a land filled with affordable luxury in their homeland.

Blue World City OverseasBlock has been dedicated to our overseas Pakistanis so that they can purchase a commercial plot or a home within their homeland.

It is a very safe investment at an affordable rate. The overseas block will be right near the society’s main entrance gate. The project has already started to attract overseas Pakistanis and a huge amount of registration process has begun.

Blue World City Overseas Block Map

Overseas block of the Blue World City is in immense demand. BWC planners launched the Overseas Block Map and which includes all the amenities of modern living.

The map of Overseas Block Blue World City shows a Golf course, Country clubs, a museum, universities, entertainment zones, and state-of-the-art international hospitals.

New Development Projects in Blue World City

There are various upcoming projects in Blue World City. Along with the development of general and overseas blocks, the developers have listed Awami Residential Complex, Blue Hills Country Farms, Orbital Apartments, Blue World Economic Zone, and a Commercial Area near the famed Horse Mascots.

Awami Residential Complex; Blue World City

Awami residential complex blue world city

The latest addition to this defining and massive housing society project is the construction of the “Awami Residential Complex”. This latest complex contains two kinds of units in its construction. The first one is the independent unit and the second type comprises duplex units.

All these two kinds of units have one similarity and that is they contain all luxurious necessities at affordable rates and with amazing views. They are designed in a way to provide a comfortable living to its residents.

If we talk about the location of this Awami Residential Complex, this is in line with the central Blue World City and has direct access to the main Chakri Road.  This area falls under such a significant and most demanded location near the new Islamabad International Airport. 

This mega-development project will be carried out and constructed by the trustworthy Blue Group of Companies. 

In line with the housing vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and to address the housing crisis prevalent in Pakistan, this community-style luxurious living at affordable rates will provide every family an equal opportunity to live a respectable and honorable living.

Like all other projects of Blue Group of Companies, this project will also provide a secure and safe environment to its residents.  The project will be a gated community, equipped with an installed security system. The notable features of this project are the:

  • CCTV Cameras 24/7
  • Prayer areas and Mosques
  • Hospitals inside the complex
  • Water filtration plants for pure and clean water
  • Recreational parks and zoo
  • Gated community

This gated community is a budget-friendly initiative that can cater to all kinds of families. The complex will offer a versatile range of budgeted construction structures including Studio Apartments, Family Flats, 3 Marla, and Duplex Villas. 

An installment plan is set at a very low price with the five years payment plan for the Awami apartments and Plots.

Blue Hills Country Farms

blue hills country farms blue world city islamabad

A superb project by Blue Group of Companies

To relax from a chaotic, hectic, and struggling everyday routine, Blue Group of Companies has introduced “Blue Hill Country Farms”.

We have often seen people dreaming of a peaceful living environment away from the noisy city rush and in a place that is close to natural beauty. Blue group of companies are now fulfilling that dream. 

These farmhouses are located at the most demanded and ideal locations, having their serenity and peace.  This is a dream place for everyone to live an affordable yet luxurious life.

This happens to be a joint venture of Blue Group of Companies and IPG (Imperial Group of Companies). It is an exclusively built farm housing societal project having the first of its kind farmhouses.

The location around Chakri road is an ideal location to spend your vacations away from the hustling and noisy life of the city. The project seems to be an excellent opportunity to spend quality time in nature’s lap.

Orbital Apartments

orbital apartments, blue world city islamabad

Orbital Apartments in the Blue World City are giving its residents no other option but to purchase themselves one. They are affordable luxury flats with incredible interior designs, gyms, spas, swimming pool services. The electricity is guaranteed 24 hours every day and there is a complete guarantee of an exclusively maintained service system.

Blue World City Economic Zone

economic zone, blue world city islamabad

To accommodate the growing needs of the local and international traders, Blue World City has a dedicated special economic zone. Due to its proximity to the CPEC route and a growing international business community, the economic zone of the Blue World City would feature Global trade center, Expo & convention center, Bank street, Five-star hotels, Economy & luxury apartments, Warehouses, Builders mart, Medical mart, and Industrial zones.

Commercial Area

commercial area

Located on 208 wide Orbital Avenue, the commercial area of Blue World City is going to redefine the shopping experience and entertainment sector. The Commercial Area features 208-feet wide Orbital Avenue, service roads, and allocated spacious parking for all plazas.

Blue World City Commercial Plots Price Detail

blue world city commercial plots payment plan

Introductory Video

Following is a project video for a better understanding of Blue World City Islamabad:

The Attraction for Chinese Residents & Chinese Companies

More than 1 million Chinese citizens will be moving Into Pakistan after the completion of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Therefore, Blue World City has taken the responsibility of accommodating the Chinese residents.

This is why futuristic and luxurious international facilities have been ensured to make our Chinese brothers feel at home when they are away from home. This is going to be hugely beneficial for the residents of the Blue World City, as the project is deemed safe for foreigners.

Blue World City would be ensuring the security of its residents with CCTV cameras, scanners, threat alarms, and a team of professionally trained security personnel, all integrated into a state-of-the-art central security and surveillance system.

Blue World City; Development and Progress

The land for the societal mega project has been cleared for the first phase. In addition to that, the sizing and leveling of the plots will also initiate soon. 

Have a look at the following development pictures for a better understanding of development progress:

Latest Development Video

Blue World City Virtual Tour

Blue World City Features & Amenities

Blue world city’s mega plan includes a high standard of residence when it comes to facilities and luxury. It aims to upgrade and enhance the living standard of Pakistanis as well as foreign investors including the Chinese.  

Electricity, Water, and Gas in BWC

Blue World City Islamabad is located in a place where it’s hard to gain access to water gas and electricity. But after the commendable effort of the employees and entire team of Blue World City, access to Gas electricity, and water is guaranteed 24/7.

This mega-city project will ease the stress of many citizens. The provision of electricity water and gas will open vistas of opportunities for the businesses inside the mega-city project. The self-sustainable power plant is being established to ensure no major breakdown of electricity. 

Educational institutions and Islamic Values

 The standard of education has been compromised by many housing societies earlier but not blue world city. The Megaproject is highly dedicated to creating an educational environment and providing standard quality of education.

If education is significant, so are the cultural and religious norms and values.  Blue World City has decided to build the “Blue Mosque” as a tribute to the beautiful blue mosque based in Istanbul, Turkey. This is to attract local and foreign visitors and represent the true culture and values of this beautiful country.

Blue World City: A guarded and safe haven

Blue World City is keen on securing all its residents. The society will be made a gated community where people who aren’t authorized for entrance will have to go through security checks.

Security Cameras systems with a 360-degree angular approach will be fully installed and operational to counter every kind of possible threat.

The security team and control tower will be established to check security arrangements 24/7.

A well-developed Sports Complex

The mega project company BWC is planning to provide an equal opportunity to both genders by promoting sports activities. The sports activities will not only be limited to cricket and football, but it plans to promote and facilitate all kinds of sports activities. 

Public Transport

Public transport is extremely expensive these days but to cater to the needs of the residents of this diverse megaproject, the company is planning to introduce its public transport service.

Hospitals and Pharmacies

Hospitals and pharmacies will be an integral part of the construction of blue world city. This is to make sure that all medical needs of society are fulfilled at the nearest point. The availability of state-of-the-art hospitals doctors and nurses will be ensured by society.

Blue World City Owner and Blue World City NOC

Blue World City is developed by the Blue Group of Companies.  Blue World City’s owner is Saad Nazir. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company a Chinese firm has been hired to plan and execute the design of the Blue World City.

Blue World City has been given planning permission by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Letter no. 532/10/DC Dated: 07-08-2018 and it gives legal status to society. 

It is a dream for many as it provides an affordable safe and luxurious living for all and Blue World City is making it possible.

Blue World City Plots Possession

After planning and balloting, Blue World City developers have moved on to execute the design. The first phase of the BWC project has been planned to deliver in 3 years. 


What is Blue World City?

Blue World City is a residential and commercial housing society project designed in a way to give meaning to the concept of a lavish lifestyle at affordable rates.  The aim behind it is “Providing Luxury in Affordability”.

What is the Blue World City Installment Plan?

Blue World City has been offering a very affordable and feasible plan for its investors. The plan includes paying the amount in the form of easy installments in 3 to 4 years.

The administration of Blue world city has allowed payments in easy installments. They can either be converted into 40 monthly installments or 16 quarterly installments.

What is the Booking Plan of BWC?

The booking for purchase and investment in the mega housing society project starts with a pre-payment of only 10 percent.

Is Blue World City Legal?

Blue World City has got the approvals from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and the society has applied for the renewal of NOC. 

Is Blue World City safe for investment?

Blue World City is a safe project to invest in. The project has fulfilled all the legal requirements and the project developers have partnered with reliable national and international companies to complete it in time. 

Is there any overseas block in Blue World City?

Blue World City Project has for the first time created a completely separate block for Overseas Pakistanis. The project has already started to appeal the overseas Pakistanis and a lot of registration process has already begun.

When Blue World City will give possession of plots?

The management of Blue World City has expedited the development work and they are planning to deliver phase 1 of the society in 3 to 4 years.

If you need any further details about Blue World City, its development plans, exclusive features or you want to visit the site and book your plot, feel free to contact us via email at marketing@manahilestate.com or call/WhatsApp us at 0345-5222253.


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