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Daily Updated Prices of Bahria Town Karachi – Updated 19th January 2018

Since Bahria Town Karachi is the most volatile commodity nowadays, we have decided to create this page where we will be updating prices of residential and commercial plots, bahria homes and apartments. As Bahria Town has made some new launches as well which have seen more demand in the market, we will be updating prices of Midway Commercial, Quaid Villas, Iqbal Villas, Sports City, Bahria Paradise, Golf City, Bahria Heights & Ali Block as well.

These prices include only down payment + profit for old bookings, however only profits rates are given for new launches. Installment amounts, and transfer charges are additional to the given prices.

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You can check actual payment plans and transfer fees of bahria town karachi New & Old bookings at the following link:

You can check actual payment plan of new launches of bahria town karachi at the following links:

Bahria Midway Commercial | Quaid Villas, Bahria Heights and Ali Block | Bahria Sports City Karachi | Bahria Golf City Karachi | Iqbal Villas | Bahria Hills Karachi | Bahria Paradise Karachi

We will do our best to update this page daily in order to provide you with current price information. Since prices can change frequently, you should contact us in order to get exact current market rates and any sale purchase requirements.

Bahria Town Karachi Prices as on 19th January 2018

Project LocationProperty TypeSizeMin. PriceMax. Price
Precinct 1Residential Plot250 SQY70.00 Lacs150.00 Lacs
Precinct 2 - Quaid BlockHome200 SQY175.00 Lacs230.00 Lacs
Precinct 2 - Iqbal BlockHome150 SQY35.00 Lacs55.00 Lacs
Precinct 3Residential Plot2000 SQY150.00 Lacs200.00 Lacs
Precinct 4Residential Plot500 SQY70.00 Lacs120.00 Lacs
Precinct 6Residential Plot250 SQY40.00 Lacs75.00 Lacs
Precinct 7Residential Plot1000 SQY65.00 Lacs1.20 Crore
Precinct 8Residential Plot250 SQY38.00 Lacs70.00 Lacs
Precinct 9Residential Plot500 SQY65.00 Lacs110.00 Lacs
Precinct 10AHome200 SQY85.00 Lacs125.00 Lacs
Precinct 10BResidential Plot125 SQY10.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Precinct 11AHome200 SQY85.00 Lacs125.00 Lacs
Precinct 11AHome125 SQY70.00 Lacs90.00 Lacs
Precinct 11BHome125 SQY45.00 Lacs70.00 Lacs
Precinct 11BResidential Plot125 SQY12.00 Lacs18.00 Lacs
Precinct 12 - Ali BlockResidential Plot125 SQY10.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs
Precinct 12Residential Plot250 SQY25.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
Precinct 14Residential Plot125 SQY24.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
Precinct 15Residential Plot125 SQY18.00 Lacs30.00 Lacs
Precinct 15AResidential Plot125 SQY12.00 Lacs22.00 Lacs
Precinct 15BResidential Plot125 SQY11.00 Lacs18.00 Lacs
Precinct 15BResidential Plot500 SQY25.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
Precinct 16Residential Plot250 SQY32.00 Lacs55.00 Lacs
Precinct 17Residential Plot500 SQY70.00 Lacs100.00 Lacs
Precinct 17Residential Plot1000 SQY1.30 Crore1.70 Crore
Precinct 18Residential Plot1000 SQY1.40 Crore1.80 Crore
Precinct 192 Bed Apartment950 SQFT30.00 Lacs55.00 Lacs
Precinct 193 Bed Apartment2250 SQFT60.00 Lacs75.00 Lacs
Precinct 194 Bed Apartmentn/an/an/a
Precinct 20 - Golf CityResidential Plot500 SQY-6.00 Lacs1.50 Crore
Precinct 20 - Golf CityResidential Plot1000 SQY50.00 Lacs1.80 Crore
Precinct 20 - Golf CityResidential Plot2000 SQY150.00 Lacs4.00 Crore
Precinct 21Residential Plot250 SQY6.00 Lacs14.00 Lacs
Precinct 22Residential Plot250 SQY7.00 Lacs18.00 Lacs
Precinct 23Residential Plot125 SQY6.50 Lacs12.00 Lacs
Precinct 24Residential Plot125 SQY7.00 Lacs13.00 Lacs
Precinct 25Residential Plot125 SQY8.00 Lacs15.00 Lacs
Precinct 25aResidential Plot125 SQY6.50 Lacs12.00 Lacs
Precinct 26Residential Plot125 SQY7.00 Lacs15.00 Lacs
Precinct 26aResidential Plot125 SQY6.00 Lacs18.00 Lacs
Precinct 27Residential Plot125 SQY7.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs
Precinct 27Home200 SQY55.00 Lacs80.00 Lacs
Precinct 27aResidential Plot500 SQY35.00 Lacs60.00 Lacs
Precinct 28Residential Plot125 SQY8.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs
Precinct 29Residential Plot500 SQY25.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
Precinct 30Residential Plot250 SQY15.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
Precinct 31Residential Plot125 SQY7.00 Lacs14.00 Lacs
Precinct 31Home200 SQY50.00 Lacs70.00 Lacs
Precinct 32Residential Plot250 SQY6.00 Lacs15.00 Lacs
Precinct 33Residential Plot500 SQY7.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
Precinct 34Residential Plot250 SQY6.50 Lacs15.00 Lacs
Precinct 35Home350 SQY25.00 Lacs60.00 Lacs
Precinct 36Residential Plot500 SQY15.00 Lacs45.00 Lacs
Precinct 36Residential Plot1000 SQY30.00 Lacs60.00 Lacs
Precinct 37Residential Plot500 SQY12.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
Precinct 37Residential Plot1000 SQY20.00 Lacs50.00 Lacs
Precinct 38Residential Plot1000 SQY5.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs
Precinct 39Residential Plot1000 SQY3.00 Lacs15.00 Lacs
Precinct 40Residential Plot250 SQY5.00 Lacs18.00 Lacs
Precinct 40Residential Plot500 SQY2.00 Lacs10.00 Lacs
Precinct 41Residential Plot500 SQYLevel8.00 Lacs
Precinct 42Residential Plot250 SQY0.50 Lacs5.00 Lacs
Precinct 42AResidential Plot500 SQYLevel 6.00 Lacs
Precinct 43Residential Plot500 SQY-2.00 Lacs5.00 Lacs
Precinct 44Residential Plot250 SQY-2.50 Lacs4.00 Lacs
Precinct 45Residential Plot250 SQY-2.00 Lacs5.00 Lacs
Precinct 46Residential Plot250 SQY5.00 Lacs15.00 Lacs
Precinct 47Residential Plot250 SQY6.00 Lacs17.00 Lacs
Precinct 48Residential Plot250 SQY5.00 Lacs15.00 Lacs
Precinct 48Residential Plot500 SQYLevel4.00 Lacs
Precinct 49Residential Plot250 SQY12.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs
Precinct 50Residential Plot500 SQY3.00 Lacs15.00 Lacs
Precinct 51Residential Plot500 SQY2.00 Lacs15.00 Lacs
Precinct 51Home500 SQY30.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
Precinct 52Residential Plot250 SQYLevel8.00 Lacs
Precinct 53Residential Plot250 SQYLevel5.00 Lacs
Precinct 54Residential Plot250 SQY5.00 Lacs20.00 Lacs
Precinct 55Residential Plot500 SQY3.00 Lacs15.00 Lacs
Precinct 56Residential Plot1000 SQY5.00 Lacs50.00+ Lacs
Precinct 57Residential Plot1000 SQYLevel25.00+ Lacs
Midway CommercialCommercial Plot125 SQY3.80 Crore6.50 Crore
Old Commercial 10ACommercial Plot125 SQY55.00 Lacs90.00 Lacs
Bahria Heights2 Bed Apartment1100 SQFT10.00 Lacs30.00 Lacs
Jinnah Avenue CommercialCommercial Plot500 SQY25.00 Crore35.00 Crore
Bahria HillsResidential Plot500 SQY20.00 Lacs70.00 Lacs
Bahria HillsResidential Plot1000 SQY70.00 Lacs120.00 Lacs
Bahria HillsResidential Plot2000 SQY75.00 Lacs200.00 Lacs
Old UnballotedResidential Plot125 SQY3.00 Lacs3.50 Lacs
Old UnballotedResidential Plot250 SQY5.50 Lacs6.50 Lacs
Old UnballotedResidential Plot500 SQY5.00 Lacs6.00 Lacs
Old UnballotedResidential Plot1000 SQY40.00 Lacs43.00 Lacs
Old UnballotedCommercial Plot125 SQY55.00 Lacs60.00 Lacs
Old Unballoted2 Bed Apartment950 SQFT24.00 Lacs28.00 Lacs
Old UnballotedHome125 SQY25.00 Lacs30.00 Lacs
Old UnballotedHome200 SQY42.00 Lacs45.00 Lacs
Unballoted - Golf CityResidential Plot500 SQY-2.50 LacsLevel
Unballoted - Sports CityResidential Plot250 SQY-1.70 Lacs-1.00 Lacs
Unballoted - Sports CityResidential Plot500 SQY-1.50 Lacs-0.50 Lacs
Unballoted - Sports CityResidential Plot1000 SQY8.00 Lacs9.00 Lacs
Unballoted Open - Bahria ParadiseResidential Plot250 SQY2.00 Lacs2.50 Lacs
Unballoted Open - Bahria ParadiseResidential Plot500 SQYLevel0.50 Lacs
Unballoted Open - Bahria ParadiseResidential Plot1000 SQYn/an/a
Unballoted Open - Bahria ParadiseHome500 SQYn/an/a