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Faisal Town Islamabad Plot Prices

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Faisal Town is an RDA approved and one of the most expensive housing schemes near New Islamabad International Airport. As more and more houses and commercial buildings are being constructed in Faisal Town, the demand for properties is increasing and plot prices are rising across all residential blocks.

There are mainly three residential blocks in Faisal Town:

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C

We will be sharing Faisal Town Islamabad plot prices in each block for reference so that you can plan your buying or selling decision accordingly.

Following are Faisal Town Islamabad plot prices for Block A, B and C:

BlockPlot SizeMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Block A8 Marla (30x60)80.00 Lacs1.25 Crore
Block A10 Marla (35x70)1.30 Crore2.00 Crore
Block A14 Marla (40x80)2.00 Crore2.50 Crore
Block A1 Kanal (50x90)2.50 Crore3.50 Crore
Block B8 Marla (30x60)70.00 Lacs90.00 Lacs
Block B10 Marla (35x70)90.001.50 Crore
Block B14 Marla (40x80)1.40 Crore2.00 Crore
Block B1 Kanal (50x90)1.80 Crore2.50 Crore
Block C5 Marla (25 * 50)60.00 Lacs80.00 Lacs
Block C8 Marla (30x60)75.00 Lacs1.30 Crore
Block C10 Marla (35x70)1.10 Crore1.60 Crore
Block C14 Marla (40x80)1.50 Crore2 Crore
Block C1 Kanal (50x90)2.00 Crore2.80 Crore

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