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Trivelles Smart Homes Launching Lake Boulevard Luxury Villas in Capital Smart City

Trivelles International, a UK based construction company, has launched a multi-million dollar real estate venture in Capital Smart City Islamabad by the name of “Trivelles Lake Boulevard”. The Lake Boulevard will comprise 2000+ residential units, i.e. 1000+ luxury smart villas and 1000+ apartments, and its phase 1 will be located next to the Lake and Golf Course along the Overseas Block.

The project has been officially launched in June 2019, while bookings of limited 5 marla and 10 marla luxury villas are being offered on first come first served basis at affordable prices.

Trivelles is a well-known construction company in the Uk which has a history of successfully delivered real estate projects worth 100+ million USD across 10 major cities in the UK including London and Manchester. The company is entering into the real estate sector of Pakistan by offering luxury residential units, amenities and services to the residents of Capital Smart City in association with HRL, FDH and The Smart Residentia Ltd.

Project Location

Trivelles Lake Boulevard is ideally located in Sector D of Capital Smart City Overseas District 1. It will have the crystal lake on one side, and the 18 hole Golf Course at a few minutes drive.

Following is the master plan of Capital Smart City which shows exact location of Trivelles Lake Boulevard Smart Homes:

As you can see on the master plan, Travelles Lake Boulevard is conveniently placed near the Lake in Overseas Block. Residents will be able to enjoy the ravishing views of the lake and the Golf Course from the terrace. It will be close to the Financial Square of the society, so convenient access to all requisite amenities including shopping malls, schools, and hospitals, etc.

The planned area is currently under speedy development, and this will be one of the first few blocks to be delivered in Capital Smart City. Construction of villas has formally started from December 2019, and villas will be handed over to the residents by mid 2022.

Facilities and Features

Trivelles Smart Homes are built with finest quality of materials and fittings, while some exclusive and smart features have also been introduced as optional add-ons. You will be able to enjoy 24/7 home maintenance facilities, and anti-damping and anti-termite services included in the package.

The homes are classified by features in three different categories, i.e. Classic, Premium and Exclusive. Each category has different sets of features including smart technologies, however some optional add-ons are also available which can be incorporated in your plan on demand.

A classic home will have high quality of tiles, windows, doors, kitchen cabinets and a number of other things. If you need a dozen more add-on features including fitted cupboards in each bedroom, double glazed windows, water boiler on both floors, designer fitted kitchen with white goods and appliances, maid’s room on rooftop and roof garden; you may opt for Premium Home.

Note: Whatsapp at 03455222253 for bookings and more details

An Exclusive Category Home is a Smart Home in its true sense. Besides highest quality of material, i.e. tiles, glass, wood, and fittings, it will be fully equipped with smart technologies. Different types of sensors and smart switches will help you control everything in your home including temperature, appliances, windows and doors from your mobile phone. You will receive instant alarm/sms/email when somebody breaks into your house or gas leakage is detected from your oven.

You can find out complete list of facilities and features of each category of home in the list attached below:

Smart Features

Following is the list of Smart Features of Trivelles Smart Homes:

Smart Switch: It helps you control the lights and appliances through your mobile phone.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor: Adjust your home temperature from your mobile.

Automated Door Lock: Use smart phone app to remotely lock/unlock your main gate without being present.

Gas Sensor: Kitchen Areas are fitted with gas leakage sensor which sets off local alarm and sends warning on smart phone.

Smart Door & Windows: Ground floor windows and door is fitted with sensors which sets off alarm, as well as SMS and Email Alert to warn against any intruder.

Magic Box: Get rid of all kinds of controllers in your house.

Remote Access: Control your electrical appliances through your smart phone/computer.

Smart Motion Sensors: Acts as a warning system against any intrusion in your house. It sets off local alarm as well as sends SMS and Email alert as a warning against any intruder.

CCTV Indoor Cameras: You can monitor all living rooms, drawing room and stair lobby on your smart phone 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

CCTV Outdoor Cameras: You can monitor front and rear of your house through external CCTV cameras linked with monitors installed inside the living rooms, and also on your smart phone if you are away.

Types of Villas

There are two main categories of Villas, i.e. 5 marla and 10 marla. Each category has two different types of villas in terms of accommodation and interiors. Whether you have a small family, or a medium to large family, you will find a variety of housing options tailored to your needs.

Following are the types of 5 marla luxury villas in Trivelles Smart Homes Lake Boulevard:

Following are the types of 10 marla luxury villas in Trivelles Smart Homes Lake Boulevard:

You can find out more details about the types, features, floor plans and interiors of each villa type below:

Abbey Villas

Abbey Villas is a perfect housing solution for a small family. These beautiful one unit terraced villas are planned on 5 marla plots in the Overseas Block of Capital Smart City with plot area 1125 sqft. and built-up area 1672 sqft.

Abbey Villas Capital Smart City

Abbey Villas comprise 3 bedrooms with attached baths, 1 drawing room, lounge, terrace, open kitchen and car parking space. Roof garden and roof BBQ area is included in the floor plan.

Abbey Villas Elevation Capital Smart City

Following are the floor plans of Abbey Villas:

Following are some images of the interiors of Abbey Villas:

Strand Villas

Strand Villas is another beautifully designed piece of modern architecture which is suitable for one or two small families. These villas are built on 5 marla plots in Overseas Block having plot area of 1125 sqft and built-area of 1948 sqft.

Strand Villas Capital Smart City

Strand Villas uses the maximum of available spaces to give you better accommodation. It comprises 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, one drawing room, 2 lounge/living rooms (ground and first), 2 open kitchens (ground and first), one car parking space, a small lawn and a terrace. Rooftop is planned to have a roof garden and roof BBQ area.

Strand Villas Elevation

Following are the floor plans of Strand Villas:

Strand Villas Floor Plans

Following are some images of the interiors of Strand Villas:

Harley Villas

Harley Villas are tailor-made smart homes for one or two families planned in the Phase 1 of Lake Boulevard. These homes are spacious and fully ventilated. Full height windows let you enjoy the views of the mountains and landscapes. It is built on plot size 2275 sqft with built-up area 3084 sqft.

In 10 marla Trivelles Smart Homes, you get 2 parking spaces with a beautiful lawn outside. Accommodation includes 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, one drawing room, 2 lounges/living rooms (ground and first), 2 kitchens (ground and first), powder room, terrace, and a Maid’s room with attached bath on the rooftop accessible from staircase at the back side. Rooftop garden and BBQ area are also included in the plan.

You can check the sizes of rooms and other parts of the house from the floor plans attached below:

Following are some images of the interiors of Harley Villas:

Regent Villas

Regent Villas are double unit modern luxury villas in Lake Boulevard Phase 1. The villas are both spacious and airy. It is a suitable accommodation for one or two medium sized families. It is built on plot size 2275 sqft with built up area 3388 sqft.

Harley Villas

Regent Villas are carefully designed to take the maximum advantage of spaces, hence you have 5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a drawing room, 2 car parking spaces, a beautiful lawn, 2 lounges/living rooms, 2 kitchens, powder room, terrace, and a maid’s room on the rooftop accessible through back stairs. Rooftop is planned to have roof garden and roof BBQ area.

You can check sizes of rooms and other parts of the Regent Villas on the floor plans attached below:

Following are some images of the interiors of Regent Villas:

Prices and Payment Schedule

Trivelles Smart Homes are priced in GBP, however you have an option to pay in PKR. 5 marla villas are priced approximately at about PKR 5500 per sqft, and 10 marla villas are priced approximately at about PKR 6500 per sqft.

If you wan to pay in GBP (£), you can check the following price list which shows prices of each type of villas in all categories:

Villa TypeClassicPremiumExclusive
Abbey Villas49,900 £64,900 £75,900 £
Strand Villas59,900 £74,900 £85,900 £
Harley Villas109,900 £129,900 £144,900 £
Regent Villas119,900 £139,900 £154,900 £

If you want to pay in PKR, the conversion rate is taken at 183 PKR/1 GBP. If we convert the given prices into local currency, following are the prices of each type of villa in each category:

Villa TypeClassicPremiumExclusive
Abbey Villas9,300,000/- PKROn RequestOn Request
Strand Villas9,550,000/- PKROn RequestOn Request
Harley Villas15,900,000/- PKROn RequestOn Request
Regent Villas16,300,000/- PKROn RequestOn Request

Trivelles Smart Homes are available for booking on a 3 years flexible installments plan. Bookings of villas start from 10% down payment, followed by 10% confirmation charges after 30 days. The remaining amount will be payable in 12 equal quarterly installments.

Following is the schedule of payments:

Sr. No.Payment PlanPercentage
3First Quarter7%
4Second Quarter7%
5Third Quarter7%
6Fourth Quarter7%
7Fifth Quarter7%
8Sixth Quarter7%
9Seventh Quarter7%
10Eighth Quarter7%
11Ninth Quarter7%
12Tenth Quarter7%
13Eleventh Quarter7%
14Twelfth Quarter7%

Project Video

You can watch the introductory video of Trivelles Lake Boulevard below:

Booking Procedure

If you want to book your villa in Trivelles Smart Homes Lake Boulevard, do act fast as there is very limited availability of villas in this first launch. Contact us by call or whatsapp at 0345-5222253 or email at marketing@manahilestate.com for availability, bookings and more details.

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