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DHA Valley New Maps

DHA has conducted several re-ballots of residential & commercial plots of DHA Valley Islamabad in order to allot new plot numbers to existing files, in that the society is going to announce possessions of certain residential blocks where DHA has acquired sufficient land and development works are near completion.

Old maps of DHA Valley are redundant now, as the available land and revised development plan necessitated certain changes in the old maps. Therefore, old maps cannot be used for reference any longer.

DHA has released new maps for certain blocks where developments are going on, and where possessions are expected soon. These blocks include Bluebell, Rose, Oleander, Daffodils, Bougainvillea, Magnolia and Lily.

We have attached the latest available maps of these blocks below which include residential as well as commercial maps of DHA Valley:

Rose Block New Map Rose Commercial New Map Oleander Block New Map Lily Block New Commercial Map Daffodils Block New Map Bougainvillea Block New Map Bluebell Commercial New Map Bluebell Block New Map

We will update more latest maps as soon as we get hold of high quality pdf versions of revised official maps of DHA Valley.