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Citadel 7 Blue Area Islamabad


Citadel 7 is a futuristic landmark ideally placed in the most demanded Blue Area of Islamabad. It is a CDA-approved high-rise building in the heart of the capital city; Citadel 7 is a multipurpose project that offers dedicated office spaces, a retail floor, a food court, and a shopping mall. Citadel 7 is a signature project by Chakor Ventures, which is committed to developing a luxury high-rise project featuring all the amenities of the modern age.


Citadel 7 is a unique and modern vertical structure in Islamabad that is planned and designed to fulfill the ever-increasing requirements of the urban sector. This state-of-the-art project by Chakor Ventures will be a fine addition to Islamabad which offers contemporary facilities. Citadel 7 is a comprehensive commercial project that conjoins luxury, the latest infrastructure, and multiple businesses and corporate options.

It has a total of 20 floors that are divided into different categories as discussed later on the page. Citadel 7 sprawls over a highly demanded location adjacent to the famous Centaurus Mall of Islamabad and near the Pakistan Monuments. The inhabitants of Citadel 7 will enjoy the serenity of Islamabad along with different business and corporate opportunities. Chakor Ventures, the developers of this project are confident that they will make it a fully equipped commercial high-rise tower in Islamabad.

Citadel 7 Location

Location is one of the most attractive features of Citadel 7 Islamabad. It is located in the most demanded business central of Islamabad i.e. Blue Area in front of Centaurus Mall. Going further out, it is present in the sector G-8, Islamabad. It lies just one block away from the Jinnah Avenue underpass and Faisal Avenue flyover.

Citadel 7 Location Map

Furthermore, PIMS hospital is located on the back side of the project adjacent to Ibn-e-Sina Road. You can easily reach Citadel 7 from different sectors and areas of Islamabad and also Rawalpindi. Many different buildings are located in the neighborhood of this commercial building which improves the location importance.

Total Land Area

A total of 345,000 sq. ft. or 63.360 Kanal of land is specified for this project, most of the land area will be covered by the building itself in addition to front and back lawn and entrances.


Citadel 7 is highly accessible from different sectors, roads, and areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is the accessibility of this project that makes it stand out from other commercial high-rise projects.

It is accessible in the following ways:

  • 4 minutes (1.3 Km) from Sector G-8 Islamabad
  • 8 minutes (3.3 Km) from Sector G-7 Islamabad
  • 4 minutes (1.9 Km) from Sector F-8 Islamabad
  • 1 minute (500 m) from NADRA Mega Center
  • 15 minutes (9 Km) from Pakistan Monument
  • 13 minutes (8 Km) from Faizabad Rawalpindi

Nearby Projects

Following are some of the other leading projects near Citadel 7 Islamabad:

  • Centaurus Mall
  • Crown Plaza
  • Park Lane Tower (Mall of Islamabad)

Citadel 7 NOC

Citadel 7 NOC (No Objection Certificate) is duly approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). This makes the project completely reliable and safe for investments; keep in mind that every building project in Islamabad needs to get approval from CDA before starting the development. Citadel 7 Islamabad is completely approved by the concerned authority and presents a variety of options for investors and end-users


Chakor Ventures is the developer of Citadel 7 Islamabad. The company specializes in developing state-of-the-art vertical buildings for multiple uses. Chakor Ventures jumped into the real estate sector of Pakistan to innovate the ideas of vertical heights. It is a relatively new company that aims to deliver multiple high-rise projects in different cities of Pakistan. Chakor Ventures is also introducing another apartment project in Lahore that will be launched soon.

Meinhardt is the design consultant of Citadel 7; it is one of the leading design consultancies housed in Singapore. Meinhardt designed multiple different projects in Pakistan like Mivida City, Ravi Waterfront, Eighteen Islamabad, and Oil Pier 2 Karachi. Now, they are bringing their expertise to design Citadel 7.

Development Status

Master Plan

As discussed earlier, the master plan of this project is designed by Meinhardt group. The building comprises 20 floors in total including the office spaces floor, service floor, retail mall and food court, and basement parking.  The left side of Citadel 7 building faces the F-9 Park view, right side faces Constitution Avenue, whereas the front side faces Srinagar Highway, and back side faces the magnificent Margalla Hills View.

Tower Plan

Following is the division of 20 floors:

  • Basement parking spans to 4 Levels
  • 4 Levels (Ground) are reserved for a retail mall and food court
  • 6th floor will be the service floor
  • 7th to 20th floor is specified for office spaces
Tower Plan

Mall Layout

Basement Parking

4 levels of the ground floor are reserved for spacious parking for inhabitants as well as the visitors of Citadel 7 Islamabad.

Ground Level

Ground level of Citadel 7 is a reception floor; it consists of 2 entrances, one from the rear (Margalla View) and one from the front side (Srinagar Highway) of the building followed by a central escalator, atrium, and lift lobby. Moreover, this floor also has a reception lobby with 2 sets of elevators. Furthermore, the corridor also leads to the staircase as well as restrooms.

Citadel 7 Ground Floor Layout

First Floor

The first floor follows an approach similar to the ground level with a central atrium, lift lobby, and escalators for easy commutation. Furthermore, there is an office lobby with 2 sets of separate elevators, restrooms, corridors, and a staircase.

First Floor Layout Plan

Second and Third Floors

Second and Third Floors of the building also have a similar layout as the ground and first floor as mentioned above.

Citadel 7 Second Floor Layout

Citadel 7 Food Court

The 4rth level is reserved for the food court; it consists of a central atrium with escalators. The Margalla view facing side has 2 café restaurants with a middle sitting area, followed by lift lobby and open café on F-9 Park side and Constitution Avenue side. Coming further there are 4 food booths with a sitting area in the center followed by service corridors on both sides.

Food Court, Fourth Floor

Citadel 7 Offices

The upper 14 floors are reserved for fully equipped office spaces of different sizes and types to facilitate the corporate sector. The office floors provide top-notch amenities and state-of-the-art design and infrastructure to support the smooth functioning of offices. The 7th to 20th floors are reserved for office spaces and 6th floor will be the service area.

Offices Layout Plans

7th to 10th floors follow a same layout; there are a total of 13 office units of different sizes. Moreover, an elevator lobby is also a part of each floor with 2 sets of elevators, a passage area, a staircase, and restrooms for inhabitants.

Citadel 7 Seventh to Tenth Floor Layout Plans

11th to 20th floors house a total of 10 office spaces, but there is another perk to these floors, a central open sky space is installed here. Moreover, there is an elevator lobby along with star cases and restrooms.

eleventh to twentieth floor layout


Citadel 7 Islamabad offers all the basic and modern amenities that are required for the smooth functioning of corporate offices and a shopping mall.

Dedicated and Monitored Entrances

There are 2 dedicated entrances to Citadel 7, one from Srinagar end and the other from Margalla Hills end. Security personnel will be present at both entrances along with CCTV Surveillance and a scanning machine. This will ensure the safety and security of inhabitants and their property in the building.

Spacious Parking

4-level spacious parking will be available for the visitors as well as office and business personnel. They won’t have to worry about finding safe spots for their vehicles. Moreover, the parking will also be attended by security guards and it will operate through a reliable mechanism.

High-Speed Lifts and Elevators

Lifts and elevators will ensure convenient commutation within the building. Moreover, the elevators can also be used for furniture and other essentials in shopping mall, food court, and office spaces. Aside from this, escalators are also installed in the building in case lifts and elevators are busy.

Extravagant Lobbies and Centralized Atriums

All the floors of the building will have dedicated lobbies and centralized atriums to ease the visitors as well as inhabitants. Ground, first and second floor have bigger sized lobbies and atriums where 24/7 support staff will be available to assist people.

Separate Waiting Areas

Separate fully furnished waiting areas are also a part of Citadel 7 where the inhabitants or visitors.

Convenient Access to Food Court

A complete floor is dedicated to food court; it will house different cafes and restaurants that will act as an attractive eating point for visitors to shopping malls. Moreover, people from offices will get in-house supply of snacks, food, and an entertainment spot.

Shopping Mall

Citadel 7 shopping mall will be home to outlets of famous national and international brands of different categories. It will provide the ultimate shopping experience to the residents of Islamabad and other surrounding areas.

Marvelous Views and Location

One of the most attractive features of Citadel 7 is that it is surrounded by breathtaking views of Islamabad and Margalla Hills. Office inhabitants will enjoy working with a view.

Citadel 7 Payment Plans

Following are the payment plans for all floors of Citadel 7 Islamabad:

Booking Details

Contact Manahil Estate today to book your office or shop in Citadel 7 with convenience! Bookings are already open, and now is the best time to invest in this landmark for maximum profits!

You can contact us via phone at +92-345-5222253, email us at marketing@manahilestate.com or send your inquiry through our website form! You can easily book your office space by paying 25% booking charges. Rest of the amount can be paid in 15 quarterly installments. Moreover, you can also avail 5% discount by clearing lump-sum payment.

Why invest in Citadel 7 Islamabad?

There are plenty of reasons to invest in Citadel 7, first and foremost reason is the location of the project. Citadel 7 is ideally located in the Blue Area of Islamabad, which is becoming the central business district. Moreover, Blue Area is already extended by CDA, hence adding more to its location value. Furthermore, the project is surrounded by different landmarks like Centaurus Mall and breathtaking views of the capital and Margalla Hills.

Furthermore, Citadel 7 offers all the basic and modern facilities that make a commercial building fit for use. The architecture is top-notch and designed by one of the leading firms named Meinhardt. The exterior and interior are mesmerizing and so are the amenities

Moreover, the developers have also provided a convenient installment plan. You can book your shop or office space by 25% and rest can be cleared in installments. The prices are also somewhat affordable for projects of the same nature. Citadel 7 possesses all the quality that makes your investment profitable and guarantees the success of your business/corporate office.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Citadel 7 take the lead over its cons. Following is a comparison of Pros and Cons of Citadel 7:


  • Very demanded and attractive location
  • Different office sizes
  • Full of latest amenities
  • Premium safety and security
  • Ample parking space
  • In-house food court and shopping mall


  • Perception of high prices


Citadel 7 is a commercial high-rise located in the highly demanded Blue Area of Islamabad. The project is brought to you by Chakor Ventures, which specializes in developing mixed-use buildings. Meinhardt is the design consultant for Citadel 7. It offers a food court, shopping mall, and comprehensive office spaces. The building features a unique and eye-catching infrastructure along with all the amenities that make a commercial project worth investing in!

Contact Manahil Estate today and book your office or shop in Citadel 7! We will help you identify the best units as per your requirements and help you through the booking process. We also deal in other tower projects like KMK Towers, Ideas Tower B-17 and Ideas One Tower. Also, check them out and let us know if you are interested!