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Rafi Block – Safari Valley – Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Rafi Block is one of the most attractive blocks in Safari Valley Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It is planned on the beautiful hilly area of Bahria Town with natural gradients. It is adjacent to overseas enclave, safari homes, lake view block and defence villas dha phase 1 sector f, where thousands of families are already living.

Google maps image of Rafi block is attached below:

Bahria Town Rafi Block Google Maps Image

Rafi block consists of 5 and 8 marla residential plots and 5 marla commercial plots. Commercial market of rafi block is well planned and quite large in Safari Valley where many commercial plazas have been built already and many businesses are operating.

Rafi block is a bit different from Safari Valley due to its planning, as its streets are 46 feet wide while streets in Safari Valley are 30 feet. Main boulevard of 160 feet leads across the block connecting to all link roads having footpaths alongside them. Since Rafi block is located at height, there are certain locations where you get to have a proper view of entire Bahria Town Phase 8 and Safari Valley.

Many houses are already built and many families are already living in Rafi block, and it is also considered as one of the best blocks for residence in Bahria Town due to location and inherent features of the block.

Plot prices in Rafi block are a bit higher than Safari Valley i.e. 5 marla in rafi block normally costs from 28 to 35 lac rupees whereas same size plot in Ali block costs from 25 to 30 lacs. Other size in rafi block is 30×60, which is a bit larger than 30×55 size found in safari valley, therefore 8 marla plots are also a bit more expensive which range from 40 lacs up to 50 lacs.

Rafi block map can be downloaded from the following link: (click to enlarge)


If you are looking to find residence in Bahria Town, you must keep Rafi block in your priority list since you won’t find such luxurious residence at affordable price anywhere else in Bahria Town. If you require further details on Rafi block or you need to buy something, feel free to contact us using the information given on contact us page.