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Choosing the Right Floor for Apartment on a High-Rise: Top 11 Factors to Consider

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The concept of vertical cities is proposed to support sustainable urban development. This plays a major role in preserving the surrounding greenery as well as buildings occupying smaller spaces in our increasingly over-populated country. Choosing the right floor for an apartment in any high rise is crucial for balanced living.

All three major cities of Pakistan are currently developing high-rise infrastructure and for customers, it begs the question: if you are buying an apartment which floor provides the ideal living experience in these skyscrapers?


Generally higher floors provide a better view whether it’s the beautiful Margalla Hills of Islamabad or the city skyline in Lahore and Karachi. On the ground floors, there is not much to see out of your window unless you prefer the view of the street or a park surrounding the building. If beautiful scenic views are a factor that is highly important to you, the right floor for an Apartment for you would be the higher ones.

Rental Returns

Many people in Pakistan prefer living near the ground floor because of the hot and humid temperature of the country. Living on higher floors would result in higher electricity bills to maintain a cool temperature.

Moreover, since apartment buildings have been introduced in Pakistan in recent years, people generally prefer to live on the ground floors as it most closely imitates a house.

People in this country also usually tend to live with their families and the presence of elderly or impaired family members and children might be another factor to consider. This is why renters favor ground floors more than higher floors.


If your apartment building is located in a busy part of the city, street noise might become an issue for people who live on lower floors. Noise from other residents in the common lobby area or elevators and hallways might also become an issue. People with children also generally tend to prefer lower floors hence if noise is a major deciding factor for you, higher floors are a better option.


If you are someone who prefers solitude, less social interaction and more privacy higher floors are a great option. This is because upper floors are less populated and also prevent intrusion from neighboring buildings. You can easily enjoy sitting on your balcony without anyone disturbing you.

Energy consumption

As discussed above, higher floors in Pakistan tend to be hotter and more humid because of the climate of the country. This would require the resident to keep the air conditioning on for long hours resulting in higher electricity bills. Similarly, in winters the higher floors are colder and would require more heating using gas or inverters.


Higher floors are generally more costly than lower floors mainly because of higher electricity and gas bills. Moreover, the higher floors are usually converted into penthouses and are the most luxurious option. Hence, if you are looking for more budget-friendly options that won’t break the bank, lower floors are your best bet.


Lower floor apartments pose a higher risk of crime such as break-ins and theft. However, this factor also depends on whether your building has tight security and 24/7 surveillance.


People generally prefer to live on the ground floor because they are more easily accessible. Even though most apartment buildings offer multiple high-speed elevators and backup power, there are many factors to consider.

The elevators might be crowded during rush hours especially if there’s a limited number of elevators in the building. Moreover, in case the backup power is not functional climbing stairs to higher floors will be a hassle.

If one of your family members is disabled, climbing the stairs would be impossible and limited space in the elevator for a wheelchair might become an issue at crowded times.

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If you have children or elderly or physically impaired family members, lower floors would be a more suitable option for you. For children, balconies and windows pose a safety risk and it would become a constant hassle for parents. For elderly and physically impaired family members, mobility and ease of access will become a problem on higher floors.

Natural Light and Ventilation

Since apartment buildings are usually developed in densely populated areas of cities, natural light and ventilation are more accessible to people living on higher floors. Moreover, intrusion from mosquitos is also an issue on lower floors.

Water seepage

The top floor and the ground floor are the most prone to drainage problems and water seepage. This can become a constant issue for the resident; however, this factor also depends on the drainage system installed by the developers.

Final Remarks

So, these were the top 11 factors to choose the right floor for an apartment in a high-rise. There are multiple options like Ideas One, Hyde Park One, Faisal Jewel, Lakeshore Tower, Metropole Arcade, and Veranda 2 for apartments in the twin cities.

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