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Government Finalizes New Master Plan of Gwadar

GWADAR Master Plan

The revised master plan of Gwadar Port City has been finalized and approved after a thorough process spanning over 2 years. The work on the revised master plan of Gwadar started in August 2017, however it took about 2 years for the local and Chinese consultants to comprehend all aspects of the task, and work out the exhaustive details of the master plan.

The master plan of Gwadar is very important, as this city is destined to become an international hub of future commercial activities in this region. It will set the direction of future developments in the city, which includes residential and industrial developments. It shows the currently built-up areas, as well as the areas earmarked for residential, commercial and industrial developments in the city. 

Master Plan Legends

Urban development area is approximately 352.9 Km2, while three different categories of industrial areas have been defined in the master plan. Population density per square kilo meters is planned to be 6000 persons. 

Gwadar master plan is meant for long term planning of the city, i.e. from 2017 till 2050. Therefore, the planners have taken into account all important aspects which may come into play in far future.

The final draft of Gwadar master plan was sent to China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), a subsidiary of the First Harbour Engineering Company (FHEC) for review. After the review, the final draft was presented before the governing body of GDA and the Cabinet for approval.

You may download Gwadar Master Plan in high quality pdf format below:


You can watch a short briefing on Gwadar Master Plan below:

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