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Ideas Tower B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad

Main Image ideas tower b17 multi gardens islamabad

After the great success of Aimal Tower and Mellow Multi-Mart, Ideas Tower is a brand new residential project of Ideas Real Estate Marketing in CDA Sector B-17, Multi Gardens Islamabad.


Ideas Tower is the newest project in MPCHS B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad by Ideas Real Estate near the main entrance of the society. Generally, the project holds high success potential as a comprehensive residential building. It is approved by MPCHS and aims to become an icon of Multi Gardens Housing Scheme, Islamabad.

B-17 Multi Gardens is a rapidly progressing society, and Ideas Tower is the latest addition to it. Ideas Tower is approved by MPCHS and is on its way to becoming an icon of the B-17 housing society. Ideas Tower offers residential apartments of different sizes to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

The location of Ideas Tower near the gate of society makes it highly accessible from many areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The project design ensures the fulfillment of the ever-increasing comfort requirements of the anticipants.

This page is all about the details of Ideas Tower B-17 Islamabad so that you get all the necessary information in one place for better investment and residence decisions.


Ideas Tower occupies an ideal location right next to the main gate of B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad, which features direct access from the main GT Road, Motorway M-2 Exchange. Moreover, the Islamabad International Airport lies nearby the society.

Location perspective this project makes it powerful, and it is one of the many reasons for its future success. You can easily spot Ideas Tower as soon as you enter B-17 Multi Gardens through gate-1. It is present on MR 1A Road, at the first right turn from the main gate and a few steps from Aimal Tower.

Down below is the location map for better understanding:

Ideas Tower b17 multi gardens islamabad

Total Land Area

Ideas Tower spans over 2 Kanal (10,000 square feet) of pre-developed land and stands tall with 13 stories in total. The floors are dispersed into different apartment units.

Nearest Landmarks

Ideas Tower features an ideal surrounding, the neighborhood inside and outside the society is rather attractive with all the important places present nearby. All necessities of life such as banks, parks, pharmacies, schools, and markets are present within walking distance. Moreover, major landmarks are located kilometers outside of B-17 Islamabad.

Easy accessibility to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and closure to the Airport increase the value of Ideas Tower.


Following is the accessibility of Ideas Tower from major landmarks:

  • GT Road is 25 Km from the society.
  • New Islamabad International Airport lies 31.3 Km from Ideas Tower.
  • Sangjani is only 4.9 Km away.
  • Margalla City is just 2.5 Km from the project.
  • Faisal Hills is approximately 8 Km from its location.
  • WAPDA Town is almost 10 Km away from Ideas Tower.

Places Nearest to the Ideas Tower

  • Aimal Tower
  • Islamabad Square
  • Safa Café
  • Islamabad Diagnostic B-17 Branch
  • Markazi Jamia Masjid Abu Bakr
  • The Smart School
  • Dr. Ruth Fao Family Park
  • Market
  • Children Park

 Legal Status

Ideas Tower is already approved by MPCHS, and construction is in progress.

Owner and Developer

Ownership of Ideas Tower B-17 Multi Gardens belongs to Ideas Real Estate Marketing, and Banu Hashim Builders and Developers are in charge of construction. Keeping the requirements in view, Banu Hashim is developing the project inclusive of the latest amenities, features, and extraordinary luxury.

Ideas’ marketing delivered multiple residential projects under their name. On the other hand, Banu Hashim is a team of professional architects and engineers who collaborate to deliver world-class projects.

Past Projects

Following are the two widely known past projects of Ideas Real Estate Marketing:

Development Status

The construction is progressing rapidly, and the 4-floor structure of the building is already complete. Rests of the floors are expected to complete soon. However, apartments are already available for booking.

Following is the latest structure development picture of Ideas Tower

Ideas tower development update


It is a high-end project of B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad, offering an excellent lifestyle available for those who desire it. It is developed according to the latest living needs according to international standards. Ideas Tower combines aspects like peaceful living, entertainment, health, dining, and more to create a comprehensive residential project.

Here are some of the extensive amenities at Ideas Tower:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Car Parking
  • Earthquake Proof Structure
  • Garden
  • Backup Generator
  • Gym
  • Kids Play Area
  • Masjid
  • Restaurants
  • Roof Top Café and Grill
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance
  • State-of-the-art Architecture
  • Ample Parking
  • Recreational Options
  • Elevators
  • Beautiful Views of Islamabad City

Ideas Tower is an exceptional addition to Islamabad’s Real Estate market, presenting an exclusive living opportunity to local and overseas Pakistani.

Master Plan

Ideas Tower building humbly stands 13 floors tall with 2 basements and 1 ground floor and offers residential units on each floor. Apartment units are full of modern amenities and everlasting comfort. The building stands on 2 Kanal, right next to the main gate.

Each floor offers 1-bed, 2-bed, 3, and 4-bed apartments, accessible through high-speed elevators for easy conveyance in the building.  The building represents fantastic urban architecture and fulfills all residential requirements.

Floor Plan

The building stands tall with 13 floors, and 2 basement floors offering 1, 2, 3, and 4-bed apartments.

Here are the floor plans to better understand the layout:

Apartment Plan

This vast residential project offers apartments of different sizes to fulfill the residential needs of today’s consumers. All the apartments offer the latest facilities in addition to heartwarming views of the city. Ideas Tower is developed according to the international standard, and 5 types of apartment units are available.

Following are the apartment plans for a better understanding of the layout:

Ideas Tower offers a vast range of amenities, state-of-the-art architecture, and customer-friendly payment plans. Customers can book their apartments with a down payment and pay the rest in convenient 4 years quarterly installments.

Introductory Video

Check out this introductory video to learn more about Ideas Tower:

Payment Plan

The payment plan is given below for you to have a look at:

Installment plan ideas tower

Booking Details

Contact Manahil Estate to book the best luxury apartment according to your requirements. We will not only check the availability of the apartment and make the process easier. So, you can book the apartment with minimum effort and less time.

The initial payment includes a 25% down payment, 10% charges payable for ownership, and 65% remaining dues paid in installments.

Terms and Conditions

  • All the extra charges are payable within 180 days of booking.
  • Documentation, gas, and electricity charges are applicable on demand.
  • Extra charges are applicable on the category plots (mentioned in the payment plan).


Ideas Tower offers affordable residence for a broad niche of people and excellent investment potential, mainly due to easy accessibility and closure to all necessities. It is a unique and exclusive apartment project with a beautiful city and high-end facilities. The project offers a fulfilled life free from worries.

Book your apartment here today for peaceful living or high-end investments returns in B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad. Contact us today to get the best apartment for your requirements.

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