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Bahria Town Karachi Conducts Balloting of Old Commercial Plots

Bahria Town Karachi has reportedly conducted balloting of its old commercial plots after its 23rd March event where possessions were given to a couple of completed apartment blocks i.e. 3,5,7,9 and great show of dancing fountain was on display.

There was no announcement from Bahria Town for commercial balloting, neither publicly nor privately to registered members, so majority didn't know until some people checked their latest statements this week.

We cannot say for sure as to how many commercial plots have been balloted and what locations are given. However, some numbers quoted in the market pertain to Precinct 10-A. We have managed to get an unclear and unverified copy of its map and this will be updated once some clear copy is shared with us.

Bahria Town Karachi Old Commercial Map Precinct 10AB

There are some other reported blocks where commercials have been allotted through balloting but we cannot confirm anything until some relevant plots come up in the market or bahria town discloses all blocks with new commercial plots.

If we see the map of precinct 10, we will come to know that these commercials are located in the central commercial area of Precinct 10 which is shown as institution zone, commercial buildings and apartments etc. If the map of commercial plots given above is authentic, Bahria Town has made changes to its previous plans to adjust old commercial plots.

Bahria Town Karachi Precinct 10 Map

This location is surrounded by villas, and close to Grand Jamia Masjid, Bahria Heights Apartments and Midway Commercial. So, expected price of these commercial plots will be much better. This area is a bit off the Main Jinnah Avenue, but it is going to be populated sooner due to hundreds of villas currently near completion, and bahria heights apartments in finishing stage. Headoffice of bahria town is also located in midway commercial area where some plazas are already under construction, so this can also be considered as an alternative to midway commercial area.

We will update this page if some important information about old commercials balloting is received from the sources.

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