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CDA Plans to launch a Pakistan Movement Park

Pakistan Movement Park Cover Image


Capital Development Authority is planning to develop a Pakistan Movement Park in Islamabad. The park will be themed as providing useful information on the Pakistan Movement in a public park. It would be one of its kind themed parks that would add to the beauty and tourist attraction of the capital city.  


The proposed location of the park is along Islamabad Expressway in the H-8 sector. It would be developed at a place where CDA has already installed a tall national flag.


As the planning suggests, the park will open soon in the capital of Pakistan in a few months. The park will serve as a great tourist attraction. It is part of the PC-1 of the two new projects approved by the Capital Development Authority by the end of last year.

Pakistan has a rich history where many people have given their lives for independence. It is time that the younger population is given a chance to understand the struggle behind the creation of Pakistan.

The park will not only be an informative place but it will be a great recreational spot for families as well. People can come to this park to spend quality time with their loved ones while getting a lesson from Pakistan’s movement history.

CDA is actively pursuing the idea of a Pakistan Movement Park in the heart of Islamabad. Newspaper ads are issued to secure the services of painters, calligraphers, and artists.


It will be a pictorial depiction of the entire movement and therefore, different artists are required for this purpose. The artists will provide their services in 2-D and 3-D pictorial art to depict the biggest migration in the history of mankind. In this way, the whole Pakistan Movement would be displayed in the form of 2-D images.

The expected date of the inauguration of this Pakistan Movement Park is 23 March. Stay in touch with Manahil Estate to get the latest real estate news!

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