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Top City-1 Islamabad Development Progress and Plot Prices Update


Top City-1 Housing Scheme is one of the best projects available near New Islamabad Airport near M-1, M-2 Junction on Kashmir Highway Extension.  The society has gone through major developments over the past few months, so we will discuss those developments briefly in this article and share current status.

Top City-1 has gone through some positive developments as well as few negative developments which made people reluctant to invest here. A major blow was the rangers raid at Top City-1 offices which caused its rising prices to stagnate and reverse. Some criminal cases are being investigated against the top officials of the society which are reported in newspapers from time to time, however things at the society office and project site are going on smoothly.

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Another issue that came up is the case filed by the previous owner of the society who claims that she owns the society but the present ceo has produced fake documents to occupy his society. According to the management, she sold this society to them herself long ago but now, due to the value of land in this area, she is desperately trying to build a case of fraud and forgery against society’s ceo Mr. Kunwar Moeez.

Despite being much better developed than its neighboring Mumtaz City, it is priced a bit less due to this negative perception. Still, there are many positive developments which are keeping the property value much higher in this society.

Top City-1 announced possessions of all the developed plots in its blocks A,B,C and D and encouraged plot owners to build their houses and avail the special cost incentive offered the society. Development work on remaining streets of A, C and D blocks as well as E, F and H blocks is going on at good pace.

Kashmir Highway extension project is providing interchange to the society for direct access which is most important feature of this housing project. The development work on the interchange is being carried out by NLC which has gone more than half way through its task.

Following are the current average prices of plots in each block of Top City-1 exclusive of utility charges:

  • Block A 53 to 58 (10 Marla)
  • Block A 70 to 90 (Kanal)
  • Block B 83 to 100 (Kanal)
  • Block C 60 to 80 (Kanal)
  • Block D 48 to 55 (10 Marla)
  • Block D Extension 43-46 (10 Marla)
  • Block E & F 35 to 37 (10 Marla)
  • Block E & F 48 to 52 (Kanal)
  • 5 Marla without number 23-24

A residential project has recently been launched in C block of Top City-1 by the name of Time Square Residence sponsored by EELUM Builders. There are many more projects expected to be launched in Future due to the projected demand for residence and commercial activities in this area. These developments will ultimately ratchet up the property prices, especially after the inauguration of New Islamabad Airport.

Construction work on the metro bus extension project is also in progress that will connect the current metro route to New Islamabad Airport through Kashmir Highway. This development will also have huge impact on the future value of land in this society as public transport is a rare facility for many housing projects in Islamabad.

Overall market is stagnant nowadays in this whole area, so top city-1 is also going through that stagnation phase due to least activity in the market. As New Islamabad Airport inauguration has been delayed again by March 2018, new investors are watching the market closely for the right time to enter in order to gain maximum benefit.

We are sharing some videos below which show the development work in Top City-1 as well as on Kashmir Highway Extension and Top City-1 Interchange on Kashmir Highway:

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