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Capital Smart City Futuristic Parks for the Residents

Capital Smart City Futuristic Parks Banner


Capital Smart City Futuristic Parks improve the aesthetics of the society. Capital Smart City has yet again proven its dedication to providing a premium living experience to its residents. They have recently added futuristic parks to their long list of luxurious features of the housing society.

Capital Smart City is the first-ever smart city in Pakistan. They are not compromising on the features that are being given to the people of the housing society as an additional value. In any modern housing society, necessary features are expected by the people but they are greeted with the premium luxurious features by the Capital Smart City without any additional cost.

People crave a modern and luxurious living experience and Capital Smart City promises to deliver these features. This is the reason that Capital Smart City has introduced futuristic parks for its residents.

The residents of Capital Smart City will not only enjoy the smart city features but will also enjoy the beautiful greenery all around them. The sheer amount of investment being put in the futuristic parks shows the level of concern of the Capital Smart City developers.

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Capital Smart City Futuristic Parks

The recent completion of Linear Park in Overseas Block is a marvel of its own. It is a first-of-its-kind park that is uniquely designed for the residents of the Overseas Block. Similarly, different parks are being designed for different residential blocks in society. Capital Hills Golf Club is also a great park and 18-Hole PGA SIG.

Golf Course that will bring the residents a space to come and relax. Capital Smart City holds the motto of spreading the colors of spring and they have been working hard to bring more green spaces into the society to lighten the overall environment of the housing society.

Following are some development of Capital Smart City Futuristic Parks:

Linear Park Overseas Block is a beautiful park in the heart of Overseas Block that features a life-size plane sculpture that is a welcoming sight for overseas Pakistanis. A beautiful heart-shaped walkthrough that will be lined with flowers is also pleasing to the eye.

Fountains, green spaces, jogging, walking tracks, and children’s play areas are going to be part of every park in the housing society. They can spend quality time with their families and children can easily play in their designated areas, giving more space for the adults to spend their leisure time as well. All these defined luxurious and green parks are part of Capital Smart City.

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Why Capital Smart City Is the Best Housing Scheme to Invest

The list of features offered by Capital Smart City is extensive. It offers parks, smart city features, 24/7 security, and all the necessities of life. Capital Smart City has recently got its Interchange approved by the authorities and the entire development of the project is also going in full swing.

After various consultations with WAPDA, the 1 MW feeders are now completely operational as well. Capital Smart City is the only housing society in the region with a complete backup plan in case of a power outage which includes, windmills, solar, and generators for continuous backup. Capital Smart City is a choice of a smart city as there is no other housing society like this in the entire city.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Capital Smart City Islamabad

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