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Revised Airport Link Road Plan & Best Societies for Investment


Since the revision of airport link road plan, investors are again having high hopes that investment in housing schemes near Islamabad Airport is going to have maximum benefit. Since, so many housing schemes have emerged especially on Fateh Jang Road which are taking benefit of this development, you should be aware of the housing scheme which take maximum benefit from the airport link road plan.

Earlier we had discussed some benefits of making investment in housing schemes near new Islamabad Airport which still stand firm but you should know where to invest in order to make a sound decision.

According to revised plan, the planned Kashmir highway is no longer making a fork which was given in the earlier plan as can be seen in the image attached below:


This image shows that the Kashmir Highway splits and one arm leads directly into the current gate of Airport which is close to parking area, while the second arm curves and goes directly into the highways built in the airport that lead to the parking area (shown in blue).

According to the revised plan, the curved road leading to Airport Avenue is not included and only a single road will be constructed which leads directly into the parking area. This revised plan will save extra cost and distance.

If we consider the single road plan, there are only three housing schemes which will get access through this approved plan of Kashmir Highway, i.e. Mumtaz City, Top City-1, and PECHS.

Top City-1 and Mumtaz City, despite being private schemes, take advantage of their location and get direct access from proposed Kashmir Highway. Therefore, these can be considered as good for investment for maximum benefit.

PECHS being the third in line, gets advantage of Kashmir Highway too as its phase 2 (K & M blocks) are located close to entrance area of new Islamabad Airport. They already have a main access gate planned on its Jinnah Avenue which will be adjusted after the Kashmir Highway link is materialized. Thus, it becomes the first society you encounter when coming from the airport and the last society when going to the airport. Therefore, it can be considered as the best investment option for maximum benefit.

Thus, Top City-1 and Mumtaz City get direct approach through Kashmir Highway and PECHS gets two approaches i.e. first one from Fateh Jang Road, and second one from Kashmir Highway.

This whole argument does not mean that societies lying on the other side of Airport and on Fateh Jang Road will not get any benefit. As there is a plan in the pipeline to widen the Fateh Jang Road leading up to Kohat in order to resolve the traffic issues. As soon as some progress starts on Fateh Jang Road, all societies lying on this road will benefit.

Another alternate route to access the airport is also in the pipeline that will give access to Airport from Fateh Jang Road through Margalla Avenue, that plan can take from 3 to 5 years to mature but temporary access could be given through PECHS for all the traffic moving to and from Kohat & other neighboring areas on Fateh Jang Road.

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  1. Sweetnsour123 says:

    Anyone to guide me about investment in top city? Block B…. I visited top city today , it’s a nice place but I saw one road was blocked from motorway towards that city.

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