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Investment Benefits In Housing Societies Near New Islamabad Airport

New Islamabad Airport

New Islamabad International Airport is No Doubt a Mega Project which has charmed the small to medium as well as big investors & builders and they have invested much of their capital into the land nearby the airport territory.

Enlarge the following image to see the number of societies which lie around the new islamabad airport.


It is not necessary that all societies will benefit from the airport. We need to see what benefits do they expect and why should they get the benefits.

Road Access To The New Islamabad Airport

Road Network plays a vital role as without good access network, nobody is going to even enter these societies. As it has been decided that road network finalized by NHA earlier will be considered as the final one. The approved road network can be seen on this given map.


Here you can see, that main Kashmir Highway is further extended and it passes through the motorway interchage and then it splits. One road goes straight to the airport gate which is currently in use, another one curves and gives another route for entrance to the airport. This shows that the airport is going to have 2 gates. If we see closely, the fork is coming just before touching the PECHS society, so one arm is toucing the PECHS and then using the passage which is currently in use, while the second arm gives passage for another gate. The second arm further extends and goes on to the back side gate which will be used for Cargo traffic. This could mean that the road coming from Thallian Interchange to the Cargo Gate will be merged with Kashmir Highway when it reaches near the Airport Boundary.

The sectors nearest to the airport are h19,h20 and g19,g20. So, as per road network, societies lying in these sectors are the hottest options for investments and they are expected to get major benefits if there are any, and we will discuss the expected benefits too.

Here is another map of societies lying in above mentioned sectors which are important for investment near new islamabad airport.


If you check closely, there are only three societies which lie in these sectors, i.e. Mumtaz City in G-19, Top City 1 in H-19 and PECHS in G-20.

If you check the road network map, Top City 1 areas are coming closer to the boundary of the airport, and its blocks near the proposed second gate have been seized by CAA for security concerns.

And despite lying closer, its entrance point will be from the motorway interchange. Mumtaz City is also going to get access point from motorway interchange, while pechs is going to get access from that Fork where Kashmir Highway splits.

Other societies which surround the airport are not expected to get any benefits in near future due to their location as they lie even farther from the airport and they are not linked with the main access road network.

These societies, i.e. Fatima Town, Asad Town, ICHS Town, Swan Garden Phase 2 etc may get little attention after the rise of societies like PECHS, Top City 1 & Mumtaz City.

Benefits of Investment Near New Islamabad Airport

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and it has the most number of people entering the city daily. Most of the population living in the twin city are not locals, they belong to other cities of Pakistan as well as Pakistanis living abroad. Also a large numbers of foreigners also live in Islamabad working at different federal projects as well as embassies.

New Islamabad International Airport is designed to meet the massive requirements of foreign & local travelers, and it has capacity to serve millions of passengers daily.

Commercial Needs

Islamabad Airport will serve not only passengers to & from Islamabad, but also people living in nearby cities. So expected traffic is very high. Large number of people traveling to & from this area attracts investors & businessmen to open up their business franchises in order to get their share from the potential buyers. Commercial corridors may be developed in order to serve the purpose.

It is not only about commercial activities, since Islamabad is a capital city with majority of population from other cities of Pakistan and abroad, the concept of guest houses is much popular in Islamabad. Many people visit here for just a few days so they stay at guest houses or hotels. So the societies near the airport are ideal for guesthouses & rental business too.

Residential Needs

Since New Islamabad Airport is going to serve millions of passengers, and it is going to be the largest airport of Pakistan, staff of local & international airline companies as well as thousands of people working for civil aviation including engineers and professionals will be working there. So the ideal residence will be any better developed society closer to the airport.

With this much demand of residence, the prices in this area will be too high. Those who won’t be able to afford to buy a property nearby, they will prefer to rent out a house for them. So residence of thousands of people is expected to give boost to prices of nearby societies, also their expected necessities will encourage commercial investors & businessmen to open up their franchises etc. Those businessmen may also need residence here too.

In order to serve these needs of potential residents & travelers, many new housing societies have cropped up as shown in first map but without good access routes, or they lie much farther. Still the potential is too high that it may benefit other housing societies as well after PECHS, Mumtaz City & Topcity 1 become out of reach for a small investor.

As soon as the project completes next year, this area will see immense activity and a little investment today has potential to give manifold return.