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RDA to Start 11 Mega Projects worth Billions in 2023

RDA mega projects

News: Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has hinted to start 11 Mega projects that are worth Billions for the betterment of Rawalpindi City.

In the latest news, RDA mega projects in Rawalpindi in efforts for the betterment of Rawalpindi. According to officials of RDA, funds for these mega projects will be provided by Asian Development Bank (ADB). Moreover, the Federal and Punjab governments will also contribute to the development of these projects.

Originally, these RDA mega development projects were to start from the beginning of 2022, but due to the government change in Punjab and Federal, they face continuous delay. Chairman RDA has ensured that the work on these development projects will start in February 2023. He further stated that due to delays, the total costs have risen by PKR 10 Billion. The chairman called 2023 the development year for Rawalpindi City.

Priority RDA Mega Projects

The details of the projects are as follows:

  • The first project that will be initiated is for making the city environment friendly, for this purpose, artificial forests, trees, and greenery will be planted in open areas of the city to a large extent. The total cost of this project is around PKR 30 Billion.
  • The other most noticeable project is the Lai Expressway, which is also facing continuous delays due to several reasons. The Lai Expressway project requires funds of PKR 25 Billion.
  • The third project is “Rawalpindi Ring Road”; the development of Rawalpindi Ring Road is likely to start between February and August of 2023. The budget is not yet finalized due to layout changes.
  • Kacheri Chowk Double Overhead Bridge and Underpass project will also start in February and will be completed with a total cost of PKR 6 Billion.

Other Projects

  • Other project includes the Rawalpindi Vegetable, Fruit, and Flower market in the Rawat area of the Rawalpindi district.
  • The Children Bearing Hospital of Rawalpindi will also be completed in 2023.
  • A dialysis Hospital will be established in Rawalpindi, and its deadline is 6 months.

Dams and Water Supply Projects

The construction of 4 new dams will start in Rawalpindi named:

  • Mujahid Dam
  • Dadu Chatta Dam
  • Papain Dam
  • Chahan Dam

Moreover, the work on the water supply to different areas of Rawalpindi will be provided in 2023.

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