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Rawalpindi Ring Road: Rawat to Thalian Interchange Route to be Finalized

Rawalpindi Ring Road

Rawalpindi Ring Road has literally become a difficult conundrum for the residents of twin cities as well as real estate investors. The government has reportedly reserved funds for construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road in the provincial budget for the fiscal budget year 2021-2022. However, the route will be quite different from the last approved alignment.

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According to latest news reports, the Government is committed to inaugurating this mega development project soon this year. The last approved alignment from GT road to Murat and beyond in District Attock will not be followed, instead the plan prepared by NESPAK in 2018 is more likely to be finalized.

Following is the old route map of Rawalpindi Ring Road:

Rawalpindi Ring Road Route Map

As you can see on the map above, the alignment connects GT road at RAWAT to Motorway M-2 at Thalian Interchange. Route from Rawat up to Adyala Road is almost same as revised one, but then it turns towards Thalian instead of Murat.

So this is a good news for those who have invested in housing projects close to the old alignment as they can hold their investment for good return. Those who invested near new Airport mainly due to Ring Road Access can lose money as that area falls under district Attock and Ring Road is unlikely to connect that area.

We will be updating some official information regarding the ring road alignment and inauguration as soon as the plan is finalized officially and things move on. So, stay tuned for more updates !

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