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Best Housing Schemes for Investment near Rawalpindi Ring Road

Housing Schemes near Rawalpindi Ring Road

Accessibility and connectivity are the most important factors which determine the value of a land mass. When it comes to real estate, we are very well aware of the fact that access of a society makes all the difference, hence it drives all major investment decisions.

We often hear examples of some areas where government planned a road or a project, and property prices rose more than 10 times within days. Therefore, it is important that you go through the official plan of the project and make some investment in land near this project for maximum gain.

If we take the example of Mumtaz City and PECHS, both societies lie near New Islamabad Airport close to each other. The former has direct access through Kashmir Highway Extension Interchange, while the later has not been able to get direct access from Kashmir Highway, hence it has its entrance from Fateh Jang Road. Mumtaz City had low value until it got direct access from Kahsmir Highway, whereas PECHS prices dropped when it couldn’t get access.

Taking another example of Gulberg Residencia and OPF Valley, we know that both societies lie next to each other. The difference is the access road, because Gulberg has direct access from Islamabad Highway, while OPF has access from Japan Road. Access road has made all the difference, hence prices of Gulberg are almost double of OPF Valley.

Similarly, housing schemes on GT road have higher value due to easier access, while societies on Chakri road have lower value due to difficult access. Once the access issue is resolved, this area has all the good features and resources to rise high in value.

Rawalpindi Ring Road is one of the most important and most awaited projects of Punjab Government. It will not only divert heavy traffic from downtown Rawalpindi, but also provide easy and direct access to Motorway M2 and New Islamabad Airport. This major highway will also bring new business opportunities, hence increasing the value of land all along its route.

As an individual investor, one can capitalize on this massive opportunity by making investment in those housing projects which get access through or lie close to Rawalpindi Ring Road. All we need to do is know the exact route of the project, and determine which societies will benefit the most.

We have taken up this task to explain the exact route of finalized Ring Road, and list down housing projects where you can invest for better gain.

As per the latest information we have on RRR project, its route till New Islamabad Airport has been finalized and funds have been released for land acquisition. There is also the extension plan which leads from Mouza Murat to Mouza Sangjani and beyond, however that plan is under survey at present, so we cannot confirm the route.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Alignment Plan

The current Ring Road plan starts from Radio Pakistan Tower near Rawat, passes through Losar, Chakbeli Road, Adyala Road, Chakri Road, Murat and connects Motorway M-2 at Thalian Interchange.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Interchanges

Rawalpindi Ring Road Route & Interchanges

If we look closely at the given map, we can easily mark the housing projects which are likely to gain maximum benefit from the Ring Road. The starting point near Rawat will be beneficial for DHA Phase 3, and even DHA Phase 2, DHA Valley, and Bahria Town. People coming from motorway will be able to reach directly near Rawat within few minutes through this Ring Road without having to suffer from the heavy traffic in downtown Rawalpindi.

GT Road RRR Societies Link

If we measure distance of these housing schemes from the Ring Road, we get the following information:

  • DHA Phase 3 lies at about 8 KM
  • DHA Phase 2 lies at about 14 KM
  • DHA Valley lies at about 14 KM
  • Bahria Phase 7 lies at about 20 KM

First major link will be on Chak Beli Road at Maira Mohra. There are no specific housing projects in this area, however land prices will increase progressively. Normally people buy land in this area for farm houses, agriculture, warehouses or even small factories. After this road is connected to RRR, this area would have many more developments.

RRR Chakbeli Link

Second major link will be at Adyala Road, therefore we have to look at the housing projects which are likely to benefit the most. Here we have PIA Officers Cooperative Housing Scheme and Rudn Enclave that will take advantage of the Ring Road.

Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension can also be considered as it has access from Adyala Road through a small link road which may be widened in future. Adyala Road, however, is going to be widened as per Government’s plan.

Adyala Road Societies RRR

If we measure distance of these housing schemes from Adyala Road Interchange, we get the following information:

  • Rudn Enclave lies within 1 KM distance from the Interchange
  • PIA Officers Housing Scheme lies at about 5.5 KM
  • Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension lies at about 12 KM

Third Major Link will be at Chakri Road. Here we have a host of options including PIA Enclave, Al Haram City, Capital Smart City, Mivida, and Blue World City. These mega housing developments will take maximum benefit of this link road, as there is no direct access currently available to this location from Rawalpindi/Islamabad. 

Chakri Road RRR Societies

If we measure distance of these housing schemes from Chakri Road Interchange, we get the following information:

  • Al Haram City lies at about 3 KM
  • PIA Enclave (PIAEWT) lies at about 6 KM
  • Capital Smart City lies at about 5 KM
  • Khanial Homes lies at about 17 KM
  • Blue World City lies at about 17 KM

Fourth major link is at Thalian, and here we have options like CBR Town Phase 2Up Country Enclosures, Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme, Sector I-16, Kohsar View, Taj Residencia, Sector I-15 and Sector I-14. Rawalpindi Ring Road will connect these housing projects to Motorway M-2 at Thalian Interchange.

Thalian Interchange RRR Societies

Some of the projects will be connected indirectly through other schemes, however overall access issue for all of these projects will be resolved.

If we measure distance of these housing schemes from Thalian Interchange, we get the following information:

  • CBR Town Phase 2 lies at about 3 KM
  • Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (FOECHS) lies at about 5 KM
  • Up Country Enclosures lies at about 4 KM
  • Kohsar View lies at about 10 KM
  • Taj Residencia lies at about 11 KM
  • Sector I-16 lies at about 7 KM
  • Sector I-15 lies at about 9 KM
  • Sector I-14 lies at about 11 KM

After Thalian, we do not have the official plan of the road. However, as per the plan, the Ring Road will reach at the back of New Islamabad International Airport, and here it will give access to ICHS Town and Motorway City and then turn towards Fateh Jang Road.

New Airport Societies Link RRR

If we measure distance of these housing schemes from Thalian Interchange, we get the following information:

  • New Islamabad Airport lies at about 3 KM
  • ICHS Town lies at about 13 KM
  • Motorway City lies at about 15 KM
  • Fateh Jang Road lies at about 20 KM

From here onward, it will connect to Fateh Jang Road and lead up to Sangjani and beyond. There are many housing projects on Fateh Jang Road including PECHS, Ministry of Commerce, Graceland Housing Scheme, PAF Tarnol, Shalimar Town, and Faisal Town etc. So, we hope that the extension plan will provide easier access to all of these housing projects.

Our topic ends here, as we have shared all the important information which you need to know in order to list down your future investment options with respect to Rawalpindi Ring Road. A safe investment decision, however, still requires you to visit the area and societies yourself and shortlist your investment options. Gather as much information as possible about the projects and you will be able to make a better decision.

Here are some hints as to what information your should seek regarding a project after you have selected a location:

  • Legal Status/NOC
  • Plot Prices/Affordability
  • Developer’s Background
  • Development Plan/Master Plan
  • Pace of Development
  • Planned Features
  • Development Standards
  • Total Land of the Society
  • General Perception of the Project
  • Resale/Secondary Market Value

Each of the above-listed points are worth consideration, but legal status, land ownership and developer’s background are the most important points which you should never ignore as you will be able to gauge your risk based on these factors. Normally property investments are long term, so if the society is legally correct and has a reputable developer/institution/sponsor, you can invest safely for better gain.

Should you require more information on your investment options near Rawalpindi Ring Road or you want to inquire about specific projects and seek our assistance in making your investments, feel free to contact us via email at marketing@manahilestate.com or call/whatsapp at 03455222253.

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