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10 Features of Mega Shopping Malls in Islamabad


Every consumer has the opportunity to go to a shopping mall. In Pakistan, there are countless shopping malls in Islamabad and the number is growing every day.

People in Pakistan are not accustomed to online shopping yet and they prefer to go to a shopping place. Big shopping centers are also in vogue due to their environment and the availability of all brands under one roof. 

The success of a shopping center is measured in terms of sales. The most successful shopping center in this country benefits from affluent customers, a unique location in the truest sense of the word, and a mix of shops that are not available in nearby locations.

Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad

The trend is heating up in the capital city Islamabad as well. Shopping malls in Islamabad are known for their modern infrastructure, exceptional shopping experience, and a variety of brand outlets. There are a few prominent names which include Centaurus Mall, Safa Gold Mall, and Giga Mall.

Shopping malls in Islamabad are also in great demand because they are few when we compare them with other cities like Karachi and Lahore. Secondly, tourists love to come to northern areas and Islamabad comes in the route where they shop and dine.

10 Features of Best Shopping Malls

Shopping malls should have a balanced mix of shops, a distinctive experience, and a special family service. In addition to optimally meeting local supply needs, it is important to have an appropriate ambiance and focus on specific public needs.

Some shopping centers are aimed at an upscale shopping class, others at a targeted clientele. Many customers come to a shopping mall to spend a pleasant time and spend their day. Some just roam around to kill time before going to a movie theatre. Some come to a shopping mall for quick shopping.

If a shopping mall caters to the needs of its customers then it is successful. Ther are some other factors as well:

The Size of a Shopping Mall

The size of the shopping mall must match its function (local, regional or international). The market potential must not be exhausted; the competition must not be too close. It should not be near other megastores and must have unique features.

The Location

Where a shopping center is located is also very important. The visibility and the connection to existing buyers flow (in the inner city area) must not be missed. The transport must be easily available and accessible to buyers. For example, in Islamabad, the shopping malls, which are near the metro stations, are doing better business than other shopping centers.

The Parking Availability

The existence of parking spaces alone is not sufficient. These must also be easy to reach, broad and clear. If parking becomes difficult, the customers would go shopping right in some other place. The annoyance about the lack of parking space, or about the parking lot that is far too away, can ruin the desire to buy even before entering the shopping center. In the worst case, the potential customers turn away and drive home again.


The architecture must primarily be well designed for the function. However, the environment must suit the requirements of buyers. The architectural and the planned areas can bring about a significant improvement in the success of a shopping mall. The possible expansion of the building in a later phase must also be taken into account.

The Building Floor Plan

A successful shopping mall will never be built in long, narrow, or winding buildings. The floor plan must meet the modern requirements of a shopping center, whereby various basic shapes are possible.

The Customer Journey

Any disintegration of the paths in a shopping center weakens the flow of customers. The pedestrian flow has a positive effect on buying behavior. Dead ends or blind spots should be avoided as much as possible, as these reduce sales.

The Business Arrangement

Megastores should be placed at the respective ends of the shopping center so that the shops in between can benefit from the wanderings of the shoppers. Successful shopping malls in Islamabad are known for flagship stores under one roof.

The Business Floor Plan

To encourage buying power, advertising is needed – in the form of large displays. They encourage commuters to stop, look, and buy. Narrow, deep shops with a small display area have fewer sales opportunities.

The Number Of Floors

Floors only make sense if the sales area is large enough to make each floor interesting. Going from one floor to another floor is cumbersome and must be facilitated with escalators.

Perfect Mix of Shopping Experience

Flagship stores are essential components of a successful shopping center because they primarily attract customers to the shopping center. The balance between the industries, brand stores, and other shops should also be guaranteed.

Many shopping malls are famous due to the presence of flagship stores. Flagship stores give a unique shopping experience that customers do not get in small market areas.

Good shopping must have a perfect mix of shops, industries, flagship stores, food courts, and entertainment options.

What is your favorite Shopping Mall in Islamabad, mention it in the comments.

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