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CDA to Resume Construction Work on Margalla Avenue

Margalla Avenue Islamabad News

After a long halt of about 7 years, CDA has finally settled its dispute with the contractor of Margalla Avenue. This extremely important project was set to be completed in 2013, but the contractor couldn’t complete Margalla Avenue due to certain issues. 

Both the parties, i.e. CDA and the Contractor went into litigation over this project and hence it couldn’t be resumed for past many years. Both parties have now agreed on out of court settlement, therefore CDA is free to hire another consultant to complete the remaining work.

Margalla Avenue is part of CDA Master Plan which runs along Margalla Hills and provide direct access to GT road from Sector D-12. Current length of the project is over 8 Kilometers, however it will be expanded further till Bhara Kahu in the next phase. Part of this road is already built, however some part is still unacquired. Especially, about 2 KM area after D-12 is yet to be re-planned due to existing villages and a century old graveyard at the previously planned route. 

Following is the route map of Margalla Avenue:

Margalla Avenue Islamabad

Newly launched CDA sectors i.e C-13, C-14, C-15 and C-16 will only be accessible once Margalla Avenue is completed, so a major price jump is expected in these sectors due to resumption of construction work.

Additionally, Zone 2 housing schemes like B-17 and D-17 will have direct access from Sector D-12 through this road, hence shortening the distance and saving travel time for the residents of Islamabad Zone 2. This development is likely to push property prices further up in these housing schemes in the coming days and months, so you can either invest now or hold your investments till you realize better gains.

If you have been following the news and updates of Rawalpindi Ring Road, you might already be aware of the next phase of Ring Road, that lies in the Capital Territory. It is called Islamabad Ring Road. This Margalla Avenue starts right from the point on GT Road where Rawalpindi Ring Road ends. Hence, we can call it starting point of Islamabad Ring Road that will extend further toward Bara Kahu and then finally end up at Rawat to complete the Ring.

You can find attached the news clipping taken from Dawn News below:

Margalla Avenue News

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