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CDA To Build Gandhara Triangle Project opposite Sector B-17 Islamabad

Gandhara Triangle Project is soon to be launched near G.T. Road and its revenue will be utilized in the acquisition of land in Zone-III. All the details of this project were shared with Federal Commission which is responsible for analyzing and revising Islamabad’s master plan.

The idea behind starting this project was to collect revenue that can be used in acquiring land in the Zone III of Islamabad. Zone III of Islamabad comprises 51,000 acres of land and out of which 20,000 is the property of the locals.

Many proposals were put forth before tabling the idea of the Gandhara Triangle Project. There have been proposals for making new bylaws for Zone-IV (Sub-zone D).

CDA is not going to force the locals to sell out their land; however, they will be stopped from selling their land in the open market. The land will be purchased at the rates that will be set by Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).

Federal Commission is not in favor of forcing the people to sell their land to CDA. They can either keep their land or not sell it to the CDA, but they agreed that they will not be allowed to sell it in the open market.

The site of the Gandhara Triangle Project locates opposite the B17 Sector, and it is going to be built on 74 Acres of land. This project is going to bring in huge sums of investment as it includes apartment buildings, farmhouses, residential plots, a shopping mall, and a cinema.

There is construction in the area and the fate of these houses was not finalized. Various things are yet to be finalized which include land acquisition in the first phase. Being on the start of  Margalla Avenue the Gandhara Triangle Project is going to be a huge success.

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