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Capital Smart City Announces Villa Allocation, Balloting of Overseas East

Capital Smart City Announces Villa Allocation, Balloting of Overseas East

News: Capital Smart City is a progressing housing society in Islamabad, Recently the management of Capital Smart City announced the Allocation of Harmony Park Overseas East Villa Apartments.

Capital Smart City is one of the most successful and most-profitable housing societies at a remarkable location in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Capital Smart City is undergoing rapid development and developers are delivering ahead of the given time frames. The development of Overseas East is almost finished therefore the management has announced the allocation for Villa Apartments in Harmony Park, Overseas East Block of Capital Smart City.

Furthermore, the society is also offering selective Villa Allocation to specific members based on some conditions. Following are the terms and conditions for Harmony Park Overseas East Villa Apartment Allocation:

  • Members who have already cleared either 25%, 50%, or 100% of the payment, will be given priority over other members of the society. Such members will be given the opportunity of selecting the Apartment Villas of their choice after clearing due installments.
  • Members who are still paying the installment are required to clear at least 50% of payment or installment whichever is higher by 20th February 2023.
  • It is important to note that the selection of Apartment Villas has started from 1st February to 20th February 2023.

Capital Smart City Overseas Central, Overseas Prime 1 Balloting

Capital Smart City has announced the balloting of Overseas Central and Overseas Prime 1, furthermore, the society will also announce the allocation of residential and commercial plots in the mentioned blocks. This is the chance for members to get their plots balloted, who were left out in the previous ballots due to non-payment.

Overseas Central, Overseas Prime 1 Balloting Dates

The balloting of both these sectors of Capital Smart City will be held soon after the closing date of funds clearance which is 22nd February 2023.

Balloting Criteria of Residential and Commercial Plots

The criteria for Overseas Central and Overseas Prime 1 balloting are given below:

Balloting Criteria for Overseas Prime 1 Residential and Commercial Plots

  • Members who want to become part of this upcoming balloting should clear at least 80% of the total value of the plots and clear their installment and surcharge (if any). They should submit the mentioned payments before 22nd February 2023.
  • Furthermore, members who have cleared 80% of the total value of the plot by 17th February 2023 will be given the benefit of selecting choice plots.

Note: Members should collect the balloting slips from the head office before 22nd February 2023 after clearing the dues.

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Balloting Criteria for Overseas Central Residential and Commercial Plots

3.5 Marla and 2.66 Marla Commercial Balloting Criteria

  • Members, who succeed in submitting at least 80% of payments including surcharge and installments till 22nd February 2022, can become a part of this future balloting of Overseas Central, Capital Smart City.
  • Furthermore, members who will submit the 80% payments for their plots inclusive of Installments/surcharge till 17th February 2023 will be allowed to select the commercial plots in the society.

For Residential and Commercial Plots (other than 3.5 and 2.66 Marla)

Members who can submit 100% payments till 17th February 2023, against their residential and commercial category plots may select the plots of their choice. This criterion is implemented on residential plots of 5 Marla and above and commercial plots of 4 Marla and above.

The last date for submission of dues for all categories of Overseas Central, Overseas Prime 1 is 22nd February and no late payments will be entertained. Furthermore, the selection opportunity will be given on a first come first serve basis. Moreover, this is the last chance for the members of the mentioned blocks to get involved in the balloting. Members who fail to submit their dues will be adjusted in other blocks of the society and included in future balloting of Capital Smart City. It is also worth mentioning that the balloting criteria do not apply to the canceled files.

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