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Best Property Investment Options in Bahria Town Karachi


Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi has launched multiple projects over a period of one year since the inception of its Karachi chapter. These projects are normally dubbed as old bookings and new bookings. Old bookings are those which were launched initially at very reasonable prices and sold in bulk to the general public, whereas New bookings are those which were launched later on through dealers at higher prices with the commitment to handover possessions within a year or two.

It is true that a property always increases in value, and such increase can be rapid and manifold especially in the giant housing schemes like Bahria Town and DHA. Since Bahria Town has bombarded the market by launching various projects one after another in a short span of time, one should know which property options can be considered as the best ones to invest amongst the host of options available in the market today as many have proven to be a disaster for many investors especially 5 marla plot from old bookings and new bookings, and also Golf City project which caused heavy losses to investors.

Master Plan map of Bahria Town Karachi is attached below for your quick reference as to which property types lie where in the master plan.

Bahria Town Karachi Master Plan

Bahria Town Karachi Master Plan

We will  list down the properties available in Bahria Town Karachi and categorize them according to old and new bookings so that you can draw clear distinction. We will discuss the profitability of each of the options available in order to draw our conclusions as to which properties can render high returns in future.

New Bookings

Residential and commercial projects launched later on periodically at high prices are listed below:

Quaid Block Villas 8 marla homes

Ali Block 5 marla residential plots

Bahria Heights 2 bedroom apartments

Midway Commercial 5 Marla Plots

Golf City 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal and 4 Kanal Plots

Golf City Overseas Block and Exclusive Villas

As a general investor, one may normally go for options which are currently negative i.e Ali Block, Bahria Heights and Golf City Plots but we do not know if these prices are justified in a newly launched housing scheme. For instance, golf city 1 kanal plot was launched at 85 lac rupees, and it never saw profits. It kept spiraling down due to lack of demand as not many people can afford to buy 1 kanal plots at such high prices. Living beside a golf course is an unfamiliar concept for majority of Pakistanis and only a small number of people from upper stratum of society or overseas Pakistanis could buy this concept, therefore general demand remained low for this option.

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Ali Block and Quaid Block in Bahria Town Karachi

Ali Block and Quaid Block in Bahria Town Karachi

Ali block has not much attraction since booking price was 30 lacs with 2 year installment plan but old bookings of same 5 marla plot sizes were launched at 17.25 lac rupees. Ali block holds one of the precincts reserved for 5 marla plots in the master plan so only advantage could be early possessions which may not attract much for a newly launched housing scheme as people may not rush to bahria town to build their houses within 2 years.

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Quaid Villas have some attraction in them. These 8 marla homes are located in precinct 2 next to overseas block precinct 1. These homes were launched at 75 lac rupees with 2 year installment plan and have high demand in the market especially due to location. These villas are always short in the market but these are worth buying due to the potential.

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Bahria Heights are 2 bedroom apartments of 950 sq.ft.  We don’t see any special attraction in these apartments as booking price was 50 lac rupees and once it had gone up to 18 lac profit when market was booming. It is either at level or negative since then as demand went down. These apartments came with 3 year installment plan and it is about 6 months since this project was launched.

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Midway Commercial has been developed, its balloting has been done and plot numbers have been allotted to all commercial plots. Commercial plot prices are quite high which normally depend on the location of plots on ground. These commercials may not render good return in short term but have high potential in the long run when some further developments will have taken place. If your budget allows you to put away some money for a year or two, then you should definitely go for it.

Old Bookings

Following is the list of initial launches of Bahria Town Karachi:

Residential plots of 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal, 2 kanal and 4 kanal.

Commercial plots of 5 marla and 8 marla

Bahria Homes of 5 marla and 8 marla

Apartments of 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms

Overseas Blocks of Plots, Homes and Apartments for Overseas Pakistanis

Regarding old bookings, there are couple of things which attract in terms of investment. Since prices of initial launches were kept quite reasonable and installment plans were quite flexible, they still attract majority of genuine buyers. There are also some concerns as to when balloting will be conducted for old bookings, where those blocks will be located and when those blocks will be developed. We hope this master plan will have ample space to accommodate all bookings launched so far.

If we have to choose a residential plot from old bookings, we would recommend either 1 kanal or 2 kanal residential plots which are currently available at very reasonable prices. Since prices have dropped badly, these options must be picked up as the intrinsic value of these properties is still the same. It requires limited upfront amount to invest and you will have ample time to pay remaining installments so bigger plots seem more profitable.

Old Commercial is one of the best investment options available in the market today. Currently its prices are down but we know for sure that this commercial plot can go up to more than double of the current price after some developments. And as a general rule, commercials are always expensive and always have higher return, normally it is up to 1:5 when compared with that of residential plots.

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Old Apartments still have some attraction in them but normally such apartments do not pay off much in bahria town projects. Only one factor that can determine its worth is the demand since normally people in Punjab do not choose apartments when they have other options available but it is a popular property type in Karachi so demand factor can impact on prices. Still, considering the features and location, it is not expected to pay off much as per our opinion.

Old bookings of 5 and 8 marla bahria homes are much better investment options if compared against apartments. The intrinsic value of these 5 and 8 marla homes is much higher, especially 8 marla homes which are a bit expensive but it is worth investing in these homes.

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Regarding Overseas bookings, these are normally not found in the market as only Overseas Pakistanis were eligible to apply in that project and payment currency was set as USD. Property prices were set a bit higher in Overseas blocks but location and features peculiar to them are also outstanding. As a general investor, you might not be able to find any such option in the market, but if you do, it is worth investing in Overseas blocks, especially plots. One negative aspect of overseas blocks is that it doesn’t get much appreciation from local public due to already high booking prices, payment currency in USD, and high profit demands, so you may not get buyers for overseas block properties easily.


If we summarize the arguments given above, we come down to the conclusion that you can choose bigger residential plots, 8 marla bahria home and 5 marla commercial plot from old bookings including Overseas blocks, and you can choose Quaid Villas and Midway Commercial from new bookings as best investment options.  Likewise, bad investment options which should be avoided in short term are 5 marla residential plots from old bookings, Ali block, Bahria Heights and Golf City.

All the opinions mentioned above are based on our observation of genuine market demand for particular properties in Bahria Town Karachi, general real estate market experience and a bit of common sense. If you do not agree to our arguments, we will appreciate if you can share your opinion in the comment box below so that end users can benefit from the information.

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