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Possessions Announced in Multi Residencia & Orchards Scheme


Congratulations to all plot holders in Multi Residencia & Orchards Scheme (R.O.S) located at Bahatar Interchange on Motorway M-2. MPCHS has announced possessions of A,B & C blocks of R.O.S and a formal ceremony will be conducted on Monday the 27th of October 2014 in R.O.S.

A commercial market and a filtration plan is also ready and formal inauguration will be conducted during the ceremony.

Possession of plots will be handed over to those who have cleared all outstanding dues. Defaulters won’t get possession of plots.

R.O.S scheme basically consisted of 4 blocks. Blocks A and B consists of small residential plots whereas blocks C and D consists of Farm Houses. MPCHS has announced possessions of A, B and C blocks while the D block is also much developed and close to possession.

This development might solace investors who have been waiting throughout this year for some positive news which might shake up the stagnant market of R.O.S.

We expect that MPCHS management will also bring about some major development in Multi-Gardens project located in B-17 which is also awaiting some good news regarding land development & possessions.


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