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Studio vs One Bedroom Apartment

One Bed Apartment vs Studio Apartment main image

There are different types of apartments on sale now in the Pakistani real estate market. It can be confusing to many. One can find apartments in Islamabad like one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and studios. Talking about one-bedroom or studio apartments can be puzzling. Realtors often mention in place of another.

One Bedroom Flat or Apartment

You will find a one-bedroom apartment also with names of single bed flats. A one-bedroom apartment will have a single bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Some one-bedroom apartments can also have a balcony, storage space, and even a garden. One-bedroom apartments sizes and features vary according to design.

Studio Apartment

Unlike a one-bedroom apartment, a studio apartment is different in design and area. A studio is only a large single room, which has a kitchen and a bathroom. In a studio, each room of the large single room has different purposes. You can design a corner as a living room, and another as a kitchen, and another as a bedroom. Usually, there would be dividers or partial walls between each area.

One Bedroom vs. Studio

There are big differences between studio and single bedroom apartments. The main ones are the area, the rental price and the number of rooms.

In a one-bedroom apartment, there are different spaces. Mostly single bedroom apartments in Islamabad come with a space for the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. In the case of studios, there are no separate spaces. In one living space, there is a kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Partitions or partial walls separate them all.

The studio only has a multipurpose room. In size, the one-bedroom apartment is larger. In the price tag too, there is a considerable difference between the two. As the one-bedroom apartment is larger than the studio, and its price is higher than the other one.

What are the advantages of a studio apartment?

The studio apartment is more like a hotel room but with more amenities. You get a cooking area, washing space, and small partitions.

Studio apartments can be in a building where you get other amenities. It includes separate parking, community room, and gym, and nearby parks. This can have a positive effect on the budget, without compromising the quality of life.

What are the disadvantages of a studio apartment?

The rental value of studio apartments in Islamabad is usually lower. You get higher rents for apartments with several rooms.

All activities in the studio apartment take place in the same room, i.e. cooking, sleeping, and watching TV. This can be a bit exhausting during longer stays. Especially, it is not suitable for families with children. Some prefer to play around, but others prefer to sleep or read a book.

The smells of food from cooking or roasting can linger in the air for a long time. You go to bed and smell the scent of fresh laundry. Many studio residents also appreciate not having to cook during a short stay. They instead use the services of the restaurants.

Being in the same space all the time is not easy. One would like to sleep; the other would like to watch television.

Advantages of a one-bedroom apartment

One-bedroom apartments in Islamabad yield higher rentals if we compare them with Studio Apartment. One-bedroom apartments have more space. You get closets and shelves to store things and a washing area.

You get more space to roam around and to maintain privacy. For guests, you have a separate space at least for dining or watching TV. A one-bedroom apartment has more living space to do all those activities. This would keep your bedroom neat.

One bedroom can be a bit expensive but comes with various benefits.

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