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Gulberg Greens Islamabad: Project Relying on Massive Advertisements


Gulberg Islamabad, A project by IBECHS and Marketed by Star Marketing (pvt) Limited is undoubtedly the most advertised housing project in Islamabad.
The booking of 4 kanal, 5 kanal and 10 kanal farm houses is open and only 12 days are remaining till the booking closes on 31st January. The Star Marketing (pvt) Limited is using all the resources on massive advertisements.

This image is from the today’s Daily Jang dated 19th Janurary 2014, where front page is reserved for the marketing and news of Gulberg Greens Society. Extensive use of advertisements may also create doubts as any good project in Islamabad doesn’t usually rely on massive advertisements, and Gulberg Islamabad is not a new project which people do not know about.

Star Marketing (pvt) Limited has, no doubt, created a big buzz in the property market regarding this Gulberg Greens project and many overseas Pakistanis are taking interest in this project without even knowing what is actually on ground in Gulberg Greens. Development of this project will take much time and the prices set for this project are too much for a non-developed patch of land which IBECHS acquired for development.

The newspaper today is full of information about Gulberg Greens plans, current achievements, Future of this investment, News and Events etc on the project. So, this will help people understand the project and its developers and their investment decision will be quite easier.

The booking of Gulberg Greens is going to close on 31st January, so we will keep an eye on the development work of the project and share latest updates in our blog.

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