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PC-1 Approved for Development of Kurri Model Village Islamabad

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has finally decided to develop its New Model Village Kurri located on Kurri Road near Park Enclave in Zone 4 Islamabad.

Estimated cost for this project is 5 billion rupees and the PC-1 has been approved for infrastructural development of this project.  1.30 billion rupees will be given to affectees against their land and houses. 400 million rupees will be paid to Sui Northern Company for gas supply and 150 million rupees will be paid to IESCO for electricity supply. Remaining amount will be spent on roads, footpaths, drainage and water supply lines.

The project started many years ago but it was halted due to many illegal allotments to undeserving people. FIA was given the task to probe into the matter and the preliminary reports revealed that more than 3000 plots were allotted to undeserving people. As a result, CDA cancelled all allotment letters and transfers were halted.

CDA has now started re-allotment of plots to the affectees of Kurri Model Village with consent of FIA and a committee has been formulated to probe into the subject plots.

The project is estimated to get completed in 2 years and the model village will consist of 4500 plots which will be allotted to affectees.


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